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Happy Star Wars Day! Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the best Star Wars game of the last ten years, and also one of the best games from EA in the same period. This game is a perfect way to give respect and all your love to one of the biggest universes. A lot of fans already played this game but we have some interesting facts that will surprise you and you will feel a lot of desire to play this game again.

Race of Grizz

Grizz is the pilot of the D5-Mantis Patrol Craft. His full name is Grizz Dritus. And previously, his race did not appear in the SW universe, Respawn invented it to the game.

A Battle System

A battle system replicates a battle system from one of the famous Soul series. Respawn wanted to make a Jedi character that wasn’t a killing machine. The creators wanted players to study their enemies, look for their weaknesses, and think about battle tactics. They also wanted the players to always actively use the Force in conjunction with sword attacks.

Darth Sidious

At the very beginning of the game, you can meet Darth Sidious. Well, not exactly meeting him, more like just hearing him. At the beginning of the game when Cal rides the train he passes out and if you interact with one of the doors 66 times during sleep you can hear the voice of Palpatine, who says – “Follow the order 66”.


Respawn are fans of this universe. When journalists came to the studio office they saw that almost all rooms contain attributes from Star Wars. In addition to various frescoes, the studio had a full-length figure of Darth Mola, as well as a full-size speeder.

Cartoons and Movies

The developers used cartoon series across the universe: “Clone Wars” and “Rebels” as a source of inspiration. Also, they transferred some droids from “Rogue One” to the game.


The developers wanted the players to explore the game locations. They placed secrets in all locations to do this but players do not know that hidden secret in some areas because these secrets are not displayed on the map.

Six Writers

Six scriptwriters worked on the game, including Chris Avellon (Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, KOTOR 2, Fallout: NV), who noted that this number of scriptwriters shows the attention that Respawn Entertainment pays to the story of the game. As an example, he cited Prey 2017 which he was also working on and noted that Prey had about three writers where the story was mostly narrated with the help of the environment.


The game can really boast of the detail of the environment. The game is full of detailed objects which can be considered only with the help of third-party programs. The details of some objects or locations, in general, are quite high such as the detail of a dragon-like creature on Bogano.


You can find on top of the temple Jedi Mar Ti Kam’ron memorial on Planet Illum where Cal goes in search of a sword crystal. Also, you can find a cowboy hat near this memorial. This memorial was added by Nicholas Cameron, one of the designers of the game, in honor of his father, Martin Cameron, who worked at LucasArts on games such as Monkey Island and Star Wars: X-Wing TIE Fighter, as well as he worked a little on the Jedi Fallen Order but died before the game was released.

Mongolian – Alien

The game starts with singing in some language but this language is not exactly alien, just Mongolian. The song “Sugaan Essena” from Mongolian rock band “The Hu” is played in the arena at the very beginning of the game.

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