The Last of Us 2 is a big game, in many ways different from the first part. Check this article before you jump into the new story of Ellie and Joel. You will get maximum from the game with our few hints! In this linear game, there are a lot of large locations, and in one of the levels, there is a miniature open world. Stealth and pumping are now much more important, and there are also new mechanics.

There Are No Plot Spoilers in the Text!

The Chosen Level of Difficulty Is Very Important

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“Last of Us: Part II” will offer to choose one of the difficulty levels. “Minimal” and “Low” practically turn TLOU 2 into a 30-hour interactive movie. It’s better to choose the level of difficulty “Medium” for those who haven’t played the first part of The Last of Us or don’t want to die often.

“Part II” is a bit simpler than the original, so for more immersion and disclosure of all mechanics choose “High” or even “Survival”. There will be fewer resources for craft and enemies will be dangerous enough to force you to act carefully.

You can also create your own difficulty by configuring each modifier individually: the number of health, the level of aggression of enemies, the usefulness of allies in combat, vigilance of enemies, and the number of resources on the levels. This option allows you to create your own Last of Us 2 gameplay.

Difficulty can be changed at any time, for which there is no penalty. You won’t miss trophies either, they are not tied to the difficulty.

The Control Is Fully Customizable

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Last of Us controls have become one of the most affordable and thoughtful in history. Developers have added dozens of options for people with physical features. For example, there is a high-contrast mode with tinting heroine and enemies, and you can also include pointers to navigate the area, voice guidance for surrounding objects, and so on.

But even if you don’t need such special features, a useful feature of the control settings can be useful. It is allowed to reassign each gamepad button at your discretion.

The Game Has a Lot of Non-refundability Points

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For all the passes you are likely to see a single loading screen at the beginning of the game. The rest of the downloads are disguised with cutscenes and special animations, 30-hour campaign is interrupted only by a few black screens with the names of chapters. Anything distracts from the story, which is great overall.

But perfectionists can get in trouble. When you study locations in search of collectibles and resources, you can accidentally activate the plot trigger: the heroine will advance to the next part of the location, and you can not go back. So, if you fundamentally immediately pass the game on 100%, it makes sense to do manual saving between battles, then you can load and finish collecting items in extreme cases.

Part of the triggers are well camouflaged, but there are also the obvious like a closed door, which you need to open by holding down the button, and the cliff from which to jump. Sometimes the heroine’s partners advise to “look for supplies first” before moving on, this is also a clue.

It Is Enough to Pass the Game Once for “Platinum”, There Are No Missed Trophies

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You can get the cherished icon of the collector even on the minimum difficulty. Some trophies are plot, the rest are related to the search for collectibles, the use of workbenches, opening safes, and so on. There will also be a couple of mini-games in which you need to take first place.

If you miss something as you go along, after the credits you can see a list of all the chapters with detailed statistics on items and replay those where something is missing.

But the Unique Weapons and Equipment Are Easy to Miss

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Naughty Dog is even more motivated to explore locations this time, search oncoming buildings, and look for passages to locked rooms. Some objects will not meet anywhere else: for example, on arrival in Seattle, Ellie can climb into a collapsed skyscraper with a bank, where there is a shotgun. Or find a holster that lets you carry both a gun and a revolver at the same time. Or find a trap bomb, thus opening the recipe for its manufacture.

Of course, you will not miss the most important items like a bow, but the arsenal of attentive players will be much richer and more diverse.

Escape Is One of the Most Effective Strategy in the Last of Us 2

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Locations are almost always lined up in such a way that there are no unambiguously reliable shelters. If you sit down somewhere for a long time, someone will flank Ellie, throw a Molotov cocktail at her, or set the dogs.

As soon as you lose the initiative in battle, it is better to run away from the enemy’s sight: squeeze through a slot in the wall of the nearest shop, crawl under the truck, just run around the corner. Enemies will be looking for the heroine at the last point of her appearance – it’s a chance to make a powerful attack, coming from the other side.

And the Stealth Is Even Better

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TLOU 2 is not a shooter, so it’s better to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Completely clean up the locations is only worth a quiet search for collectibles, because in general, the battle takes too much ammunition and resources. Ideally, the plan is to explore the routes of patrols, carefully remove enemies on the chosen path, and get to the right point without raising an alarm.

Ellie has plenty of tools for stealth: people and the infected can be distracted by throwing a bottle or brick, someone to take off with a shot from a bow or a gun with a silencer, others just cut off from the back. As a last resort, try to run the location after throwing a light-noise bomb.

Always Prepare for the Worst

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Obvious, but critical advice. Always make sure that each weapon is loaded with ammo at its maximum, the right items are created and the health level remains high or maximum.

It is also worth spending resources wisely: for example, modifying a close combat weapon with a blade not only increases its damage but also completely restores its strength. So it’s more profitable to reel scissors in your machete, pipe, or jack on the brink of breaking.

Take Your Time with Spare Parts and Additives

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Both resources for weapon upgrades and character pumping are found in fairly limited quantities even in the medium complexity. So, it’s better to save them for really useful or suitable for your style of play upgrades, rather than spending on everything.

Remember that there are more than ten types of weapons in the game, and the skills are divided into four branches. Three of them are opened by special guides that are hidden in the levels.

Most Puzzles Are Solved by Throwing

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The environment of TLOU 2 is noticeably more interactive than the first game, which is reflected in the resulting mini puzzles. There are several places where the heroine needs to activate some mechanism or climb somewhere, and it is not possible to do it the usual way. Typically, in such cases, you need to throw something. Throw the power cable through the gate, throw the cable on the beam to overcome the abyss. Either breaking a showcase or a window by throwing a brick is the first thing that should come to your mind when you see a locked door.

Look in Ellie’s Diary More Often

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A lot of people will play mostly for the story, so it would be a shame to miss out on a part of it. Every time the heroine writes something in her diary, you should not just open it, but also look through the previous pages – they are often filled in between the episodes. And don’t forget, that Ellie also keeps a diary in flash-backs, and there you can see unique entries.

Few Words about Listen Mode

Last, of Us 2 listen mode is almost useless. First, there are too large locations to detect most enemies. Second, enemies are more likely to be very quiet – especially when sitting in hiding. Third, a whole faction of people, the Seraphims (aka Scars) are specialized in silence. So, you will most often see only noisy enemies (for example, those who run to you with a scream with an axe), which you would already see.

It is more effective to look for enemies in the fire points with the naked eye and use your own hearing, preferably playing in headphones.

Fighting System and Pumping the Last of Us 2

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The enemies now have small talk and are painfully shouting out the names of their comrades who have just been murdered in front of them and do not seem to be faceless idiots. Especially when they do not die of wounds immediately, but with heartbreaking screams. To quietly search the location in search of resources and collectibles, it is necessary to organize a genocide. It will depend on your impression if you will mourn all the enemies in your way. You’ll notice the bloody trail behind the heroine. The narrative of the game supports such remorse.

Animations strongly add dynamics to what is happening. In any Uncharted shootings are like a shooting gallery, and in TLOU 2 they resemble reality. Each bullet not only shoots down Ellie’s scope but also pushes her body. The most epic is when someone’s shot pushes Ellie on her back and right out of that position you take revenge on the shooter who came for the control shot. Accordingly, if your bullet flies near the enemy, he will recoil and lose his vigilance for a second.

After a few hours you start to catch a flight of battles and what’s happening becomes like a cinematic scene with perfect choreography, but although in fact, it’s a fully controlled gameplay.

The infected have become scarier and more interesting. They often bypass the player from the flanks, from the view of clicks squeezing to the heroine through a crack in the wall, while you are already fighting with runners who want to throw the console out the window. Battles with zombies have become more varied because of a much wider arsenal of weapons and a couple of moments that we won’t spoil. Battles with zombies have become more varied because of a much wider arsenal of weapons and a couple of moments that we won’t spoil.

The best illustration of the inhuman attention to detail is that the game has a full simulator of guitar playing.

Earlier we wrote that Sony removed the Last of Us Part II pre-order from the PS Store.

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