What level of difficulty do you choose when you start a new game? In this article, we will tell you the secrets that developers hide for lazy players. What happens if a modern gamer changes the difficulty to an easy one? Opponents will not see him even at close range, medical kits and supplies will fall almost from the sky, and the bosses will look more like pears to beat. Everything is a little different in retro games. Rest assured we have something to surprise you.

Valkyrie Profile (1999)

Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile is a game inspired by Norwegian mythology about a Valkyrie named Lenneth who collects dead warriors and trains them to be sent to Valhalla where Ragnarok will take place. It was the most advantageous game to play on hard difficulty. It opened more than half of the content, and this mode was not the most difficult because the developers were harsh with casuals and idlers, so the easy mode dishonest. Those who played at an easy level of difficulty received bad warriors and loot while the rest quietly went through the game without a hitch.

Spider-Man for PS1 (2000)

Spider Man

Spider-Man, Scorpion, Venom, Mysterio, and other familiar comic book characters appeared on the PS1 in 2000. This is a children’s game, and the developers touched those who could not pass it. In addition to the three difficulty modes, there was also a “children’s mode. The gamer could do nothing at all in this mode while the game was literally playing itself. It’s like watching the passage on YouTube, but in those days there was no YouTube.

Devil May Cry (2001)

Devil May Cry

There’s a kind of children mode in the iconic Japanese slasher too. If you use the treatment in the first mission and die in the next, the game will offer to switch to “easy automatic” mode or stay on normal. But when you choose an automatic mode, you will not unlock anything at the final of the game and will be able to start “New Game +” only with this level of difficulty.

The player gets into a dead end! You can not boot from previous saves. The mode is a view of the plot with the press of a single button attack, all combos and hits will be applied automatically.

Castlevania 64 (1999)

Castlevania 64

This part was the first 3D game in the series, which caused a debate about which way the franchise should develop (some wanted the whole Castlevania series to be exclusively in 2D). The game didn’t spare any casuals at all. You have only one life (but you can “save” it through crystals found at the level), the control is hard, the camera periodically jumped.

When choosing the easy level of difficulty, the player was in the center of the palace without the opportunity to go somewhere. After that, the game ended, and offered to choose the normal level of difficulty, so continue on the easy level was impossible. Well, or to cross the location in the palace again.

Twisted Metal 2 (1996)

Twisted Metal

If you’ve ever had Playstation, you’re probably familiar with the Twisted Metal series. It’s a survival race in which was a story about a deadly tournament. The most fun is a game with friends, but if you had to play alone against the computer, the game became quite unfunny: the computer almost always won. And if you put an easy level, then after the victory over the boss, you will see a sign: “No losers allowed beyond this point. You must switch to medium or hard to continue.” That’s tough.

50 Cent: Blood In The Sand

Blood In The Sand

The main character 50 Cent and his friends depart on a journey to recover the stolen crystal skull of 50 Cent. They’re making their way to the Middle East. The game seemed too complicated and some players chose life in easy mode. It`s a big mistake because enemies will be easier to fight, but the players will get the “Not Bulletproof” mark. This will not be the most desired achievement that you want to unlock because the player will no longer get points. Will it be worth it?

Crash Bandicoot 2: Wrath of Cortex

Crash Bandicoot

Crash`s best friend and savior Aku Aku help him throughout the game. The strength and power of the mask will help Crash cope with all the difficulties on the way to the next checkpoint to keep the game going. So far, everything looks like it’s not a mockery. The point is that if you don’t keep on playing and progressing, the game simply indicates a lack of skill and transforming the closest box into a checkpoint. Humbling, isn’t it?

Dark Souls 2

dark souls 2

Fans love the Dark Souls series for its game difficulty, just like Bloodborne or Sekiro. Instead of choosing game levels of difficulty, players are offered various items that facilitate the adventure, such as “Simple Gem”.

The main feature of this gemstone is Mana Regeneration, but the description of the course is quite provocative. “Simple Gem said to be an object of passion for the slow-motion.

Five Night at Freddy’s World

Five Night at Freddy’s World

Players have the opportunity to look into the world of characters, as well as to get acquainted with other worlds around them. Many people were disappointed with Normal Ending and the fans didn’t take the game too well. The ending, which offers this level of difficulty is really bad and unbelievable. You beat an imaginary monster in an imaginary game, without taking any risks, and without finding anything interesting. Most likely, it is done to encourage players to choose Hard Mode in which it is possible to know the true end, but you will have to pull out the big guns.

Streets of Rage 3

streets of rage 3

It’s time to take a look at the Street of Rage and remember it. The cult series about action platforms – it’s a joy and challenge with which any player will want to cope and pull out. However, the game can be a lot of trouble to defeat a difficult boss for someone. In Easy mode, the player can reach only the 5th stage, and after that Robot X will say “You play this game like a beginner. To finish the game, you will need to play it in Normal or Hard difficulty.

Resident Evil HD Remaster

Resident Evil HD Remaster

Resident Evil series is really hard to even for people who play it all their life. Previously, players were rewarded for passing a game in three hours or less, which was incredibly difficult because of the hardcore battles with the bosses. HD Remaster got an easier difficulty. In this mode, you can relax and enjoy, with fewer enemies that do low damage and die on a single blow. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to feel some of the experience that Resident Evil has to offer in this mode. We strongly recommend that you choose a harder mode. What does difficulty mean for a real zombie killer?



The legendary first-person shooter is known for its difficulty and dynamic. In this case, some players may think it’s a game that punishes you for playing on easy. The developers have anticipated this and pleased such players, but not without easy mode mockery.

In the DOOM series, the easy modes range from “Thou needeth a wet-nurse,” “Be Gentle!,” or “I Am A Wimp.” Despite the names and ridicule, the easy modes offer twice the amount of ammo and half the damage. In the SNES version, if you choose an easy mode, you will be taken back to the starting screen after defeating the “Phobos Anomaly” level.

Ninja Gaiden Black

Ninja Gaiden Black

Fans of Ninja Gaiden grew up to love and admire games that are known for their cruelty. Therefore, to see the easy mode in these games is very rare. However, some players were happy to find the “Ninja Dog” mode in Ninja Gaiden Black. This mode was made especially for those who couldn’t handle tough combos of games.

The developers put a bright pink bow on the main character Ryu over his dark ninja clothes throughout the game and his student Ayane becomes a master instead. A particularly annoying factor is that your student will mock your failures from start to finish, scolding you even when you come as a winner out of the battle.

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