MiHoYo have announced two new characters that the community of Genshin Impact has been waiting for. They turned out to be two incredibly attractive girls – Shenhe and Yun Jin. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Shenhe is supposed to be a five-star character. She has a Cryo vision. As you can see from the art posted by MiHoYo, she is a polearm. We want to clarify that initially she was planned as a claymore user, and the community assumed that she could be a catalyst, since there is any cryo-catalyst in the game yet. Shenhe is a descendant of one of the branches of the exorcist clan, who, by the will of fate, became a student of the Guardian of the Clouds. Official announcement of Shenhe in update 2.4.

Yun Jin is datamined as a four-star character that uses polearm. Her vision is the element of Geo. Despite the fact that patch 2.3 will be filled with three Geo characters (Gorou, Albedo and Itto) MiHoYo still decided to add a girl with the same element. Earlier, according to unofficial data-mine, the slivers said that Geo-element was remade into Anemo-element, but this turned out to be a fake. Yun Jin is the director of the Yun Han Opera Company and the star of the opera stage in Li Yue. Yun Jin’s official announcement in 2.4.

Have you already chosen in which banner to make wishes and for whom to save up your precious primogems?

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