Mods for GTA V can create anything with your game, from a complete redesign of the graphics part to adding superheroes, zombies, and more. As with previous games, there is an entire community of players who create mods for GTA V.

More recently, Grand Theft Auto 5 was distributed in the Epic Games Store for free, and we collected 25 mods that will make the world of the game richer, more pleasant, crazier, and much more interesting.

Survive a Zombie Attack on Los Santos

GTA 5 multiplayer zombie mod

The last game about zombies from Rockstar was an addition to the first RDR in the form of RDR: Undead Nightmare. This GTA V zombie mod will also allow you to add a small simulator of zombie survival in the apocalypse, in which players will have to build shelters, keep an eye on health and food, as well as looking for new teammates.

Return to Vice City

GTA: Vice City is rightly at the heart of many fans of this series. And while some people are spreading groundless rumors about this city in the upcoming GTA 6, others are creating a great mod, replacing your GTA V and Los Santos completely with the city from the Vice City game.

In addition to the city and transport, new missions have been added to this mod, which will send you nostalgia for Hawaiian shirts and 80s.

Become the Iron Man

Iron Man Mod for GTA V became very popular because it allows you to play the role of Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. The game adds a suit with equipment and weapons, the player can fly and even try on a Hulkbaster costume model. Sounds and much more are taken directly from the movie.

Turn Los Santos into a Photorealistic City

Many graphic developers want to give gamers the most beautiful and high-quality image. NaturalVision Remastered will make your graphics at the highest level. It will create photorealism for the city and its surroundings. Pass GTA with this mod will give you a sea of new experiences and pleasures.

4K resolution and the complete redesign of the original picture will allow making GTA V photorealistic Southern California, just like in life.

Los-Santos Truck Simulator

If you lack variety, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the right one. You can accomplish a lot of missions by driving a truck. Even the US government will give you important tasks. Simon will not miss the opportunity to earn money with you and will add variety. The first-person view will make your gameplay more unique and impressive. Hurry up and get in the truck and explore the long roads of Los Santos.

Add Mobile Radio to the Game

This simplest mod adds radio from the car directly to your mobile phone, so you can always enjoy your favorite state radio stations wherever you are.

Turn Your Grenades into Explosive Samsung Note 7 of 2016

This mod is a joke and banter, however, these are the things that make GTA the game that we know. With this mod, you will be able to replace all your grenades on the Note 7 phone model. This phone got a bad reputation in 2016 when many users started complaining that their mobile phones simply explode for no reason.

Live in a Huge Luxury Shelter

Live in a huge luxury shelter

Enormous money and luxury life in GTA V were perfectly shown both in the story and online. With this mod, you will not only get a huge and rich house, but also a full-fledged shelter with car parks, helipads, and runways for planes.

You will even have your private bar where you can throw Great Gatsby parties.

Hulk Crash!

Release your rage as an incredibly strong and green monster from the Marvel universe. You will be able to move quickly with strong jumps and destroy all of Los Santos at your pleasure. You will find many places where you can wreak havoc, like Area 51.

Add Enhanced Ragdoll Physics to the Game

Many players were outraged that in GTA V very poor implementation of ragdoll character physics, which was well developed in RDR, Max Payne 3, and GTA IV.

This mod will help to correct this situation by adding realistic animations, reactions, and other visual movements of the characters in the game.



You can transfer the Superhot mechanic to GTA V. The whole point is that time moves only with the movement of the player and you need to make quick decisions to pass the difficult tasks. This mod will make from GTA something like the Matrix.

Take a Walk inside Many Buildings

The mod will open the doors of many buildings that were not in the game before. You will be able to use them for shelter and it will be interesting to explore them all to evaluate the work of the creator.

Arrange a Complete Karmageddon

Everybody loves the GTA series for its excellent explosions, which unfortunately very rarely happen during a quiet trip on the highway or anywhere else. This mod adds a radius to your character, in which all the cars near you will explode instantly, from which you instantly gain 5 stars and a ton of cops around you. Good, all these cops will explode as soon as they get close to you.

Use the Vehicle as a Bullet

This mod has become very popular lately, and there’s not much to tell here. You just get a gun that shoots traffic. It sounds crazy, and it is, but why not?

Answer for Your Crimes Right in Prison

Speaking of police, it is necessary to mention the topic of punishment for all their criminal acts, which the player can only commit in the world of GTA V. The game itself is deprived of a fairly exemplary system of justice and punishment, except for the death of the character, however, with this mod you will add the most complete prison to the game.

Here you can walk on a full prison location, interact with the NPS, and even make an escape. A Way Out on minimums.

Become an LSPD Police Officer

gta 5 cop mod

Many fans of such a game are hardly too fond of law enforcement, but for those who honor police, activity is a great opportunity. You will get a uniform and a police car. Mod is filled with thematic missions and complete customization of your main character.

Become Rico Rodriguez from Just Cause 2

With this mod, you can add the main character from Just Cause. Explore the open world from GTA with a cat hook and parachutes. Rico Rodriguez will be the new gangster in Los Santos and players will be able to diversify their activities in the city.

Create a Tsunami That Will Flood Los Santos Completely

A unique opportunity to make an underwater trip to Los Santos. The city is going to be flooded with a huge tsunami. Only the tops of the tallest houses will stick out of the water, and the player will be able to explore everything with a submarine.

Turn All the Pilots into Madmen

This mod turns all air transport pilots into madmen who will try to direct the steering wheel straight to you like a kamikaze. This mod is reminiscent of the cheat codes that force all pedestrians and motorists to attack you.

Add More Realism to the Game

With this mod, you can slightly change the logic of the game, adding a few interesting and lively details. Pedestrians can lose wallets, weapons need to be raised from the ground, police are more strategic, punctured tires can be replaced separately in the workshop, bullets have dropped damage at range, etc. All this makes the game an even more realistic criminal world.

Imagine Playing Blade Runner with This Neon Mode for Los Santos

Blade Runner 2049 has long been in cinema, and all fans of cyberpunk have to wait only for Cyberpunk 2077. However, with this mod, you will be able to change your Los Santos into a stunning neon style for a little more enjoyment of all this great futuristic theme.

Niko Bellic

Yes, Niko is back. One of the most favorite protagonists from GTA 4 can be added to the current GTA 5, and why not? Together with the model of the character, you can add his voice, new clothes, and much more. And even his brother Roman will not call!

Welcome to Los Angeles!

gta 5 police car mods

Los Santos is made just wonderful in GTA V, but it will be as much like the real city of Los Angeles with this mod. This mod includes the almost complete city of Los Angeles, including such places as Hollywood inscription, Hollywood Wax Museum, Compton City Hall building, Beverly Hills Hotel, etc.

Improved Deformation of Transport in an Accident

Accidents in GTA V happen very often, and with this mod, they will be also beautiful. So, accelerate to the limit and test the wrap around a tree.

Home Robberies

In the story and online mode, you can easily rob a large bank, but do not have the opportunity to break into any house. And so this mod will allow you to break into certain houses by stealth, along with the hostage-taking. Some tenants will fight you back. The houses have 7 types, including even mansions.

We hope that you can refill your GTA V mod menu. There are all names of modes in order:

  • Simple Zombies
  • Vice Cry: Remastered
  • Iron Man Script 2.0
  • NaturalVision Remastered
  • Trucking Missions
  • Mobile Radio
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [Bomb]
  • Marlowe Valley Safehouse/Airport
  • Hulk script mod
  • Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul
  • Open All Interiors
  • Mayhem/Carmageddon mod
  • Vehicle Cannon 2.0
  • Prison Mod
  • LSPD First Response
  • Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters, Just Cause 2 grappling hook mod
  • No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis
  • Angry Planes (cleaned)
  • GTA Realism
  • Intensity ENB
  • Niko Bellic
  • Real California Architecture
  • Better Deformation + More Durable Cars
  • Home Invasion
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