The theme of World War II is very widely covered in various entertainment areas. A lot of films were made, a lot of books were written and songs were invented. No wonder, because the war left its terrible imprint on almost every nation. The game industry as one of the mass entertainment spheres of our time also did not ignore this global and very significant theme in history. Many computer games developed on the events of WW2 today.

As you have already guessed, today’s review is dedicated to the best online and offline games about World War II on PC and other gaming platforms. We have selected the 5 best games about World War II for you.

Call of Duty Series

Call of Duty 2 (2005) and Call of Duty: WWII (2017) get to our top from the legendary Call of Duty series. Call of Duty 2 is a military shooter from Infinity Ward which was a sequel to the first Call of Duty game, released in 2003. This computer game immerses the player in the main military events that took place during World War II. You have the right to choose a fighter from among the allies: the Soviet army, the U.S. army, or Britain. Accordingly, you will be opposed by soldiers of the German army among the events in which you will take an active part. The Battle of Stalingrad (if you play for a Soviet soldier in the Great Patriotic War), fighting in the northern part of the African continent (if you play for Britain), and the landing in Normandy (if you fight for the Americans).

The second part of Call of Duty is very similar to the first in many ways, the only significant difference is that there is no health indicator in the continuation. That’s why in Call of Duty 2 it’s very difficult to understand how much your fighter has suffered during the active battle. You can see it only when your character starts to have problems with breathing, and the screen is filled with blood. There are no first-aid kits in this part as well, so you need to wait a little bit for full health recovery.

Call of Duty: WWII military shooter also tells about the events of World War II, namely the landing in Normandy, an operation called Market Garden, and a trip across Europe to Berlin. There is also a corporate mode with a unique story. It should be noted that the multiplayer mode has changed. For example, the game has a so-called “hub” in which the fighters can take a break after the battle and get to know each other. There is also a zombie mode which is already a business card for the series.

Medal of Honor Series

Shooter Medal of Honor: Airborne from EA Los Angeles developer was released in 2007. This war game won’t take much time to pass. It consists of only six missions that are hard to call long. What makes this shooter special and why it can be called one of the best games about World War II? First, excellent graphics and exciting gameplay keep in constant tension. And secondly the ability to land on the location of the battle by jumping with a parachute. Otherwise, Airborne is not different from the previously released games of the series, and the story is the same – the U.S. army confrontation with the Germans.

The Saboteur

The Saboteur is a good military shooter developed by Pandemic Studios and published by EA in 2009. The game takes place during World War II in Nazi-occupied Paris. The main character is a racer Sean Devlin who comes to the French capital to participate in the race Grand Prix. The main opponent on the track for Sean is a German racer Kurt Direkt. Kurt violates the rules in every way, cuts Sean, and unfairly pulls the victory from the hands of the main character. Sean’s little grudge against Kurt grows into a huge lump of hatred on the whole German nation. And the protagonist decides to take revenge on all the Nazis and expel the occupiers from the streets of Paris.

Battlefield Series

The first-person Battlefield 1942 World War II shooter was developed by Digital Illusions studio and published by EA in far 2002. This is the first part of the legendary Battlefield series and it showed the world what a military shooter can be. The game world had never seen anything like it before it appeared.

Battlefield 1942 – a huge scale map of battles, more than 50 real people on the server, the most important historical events, including the Kursk Bulge, the Battle of Stalingrad, Market Garden, and, of course, the assault of Berlin and the defeat of German troops. In addition, you can use absolutely different equipment for movement and fighting in Battlefield 1942, from a small military vehicle to a huge aircraft carrier.

Sniper Elite Series

Sniper Elite V2 is not just a good military shooter but also a great sniper simulator. The game was developed by Rebellion Developments in 2012. Events are developing in military Germany. The player in the story becomes a lonely sniper whose task is to penetrate into the half-destroyed secret military facilities and destroy as many enemies as possible and change the course of World War II.

Sniper Elite 3 is a shooter which appeared in 2014 and became the third part of a fascinating series about sniper fighting against the enemy forces of Nazi Germany. In the story the main character of the game, Carl Fairburn should find and kill the German army general Franz Wallen. Wallen is a huge threat to the Allies, as he is engaged in a secret development of a super-powerful fighting machine the tank “Ratte”. In Sniper Elite 3 you will have to fight with a lot of enemies in close battles and in distant sniper shootings.

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