7 Days To Die Strategy

7 Days to Die isn’t just a zombie survival game, it’s definitely more than that. This will be confirmed by many fans of this exciting game and this genre in general. It is clear that it will be difficult for beginners to understand everything the first time, which may make it seem that it is simply unrealistic to complete the game. But even so, we will show you a 7 Days to Die strategy guide that will help you successfully complete the game in a fairly short time. So let’s go straight to the most useful tips and tricks for 7 Days to Die, which will certainly be useful to you throughout the game.

In the game, zombies are getting stronger every week. If you are just starting out, individual monsters can be a real problem. Especially if you don’t know what to do at the very beginning of the game. With the next 7 Days to Die tips and tricks, you should be well-prepared.

Gathering: At the beginning of your journey, collect as many plant fibers, stones, wood, clay, various items, spare parts for cars and houses as possible. The more collected, the more crafting materials and the higher the chances of survival in the post-apocalyptic world of the game. The variety of inventory in the game is quite large, so collect everything – it will come in handy.

Stone Ax: After you have collected 4 small stones, 2 wooden sticks, and 2 plant fibers, you can create a stone ax right in the menu. With its help, you can farm faster, attack zombies (always aim for the head), butcher animals, and even strengthen the shelter with the necessary materials. The stone ax for the first hours of the game is the most important tool.

Bow and Arrow: Another weapon is a wooden bow made of 8 pieces of wood and an arrow. With it, you can attack opponents at a safe distance and kill animals. For suitable stone-tipped arrows, you will need 1 spring, 1 stone, and 1 piece of wood for each arrow.

Quests: At the beginning of the game, it is best to keep track of quests. They will be effective tutorials in 7 Days to Die and will reward you with a fair amount of items and experience.

Base: Immediately find your first hideout. Empty buildings are good for this, after you free them from the zombies. You can strengthen your home and thus survive the early days effectively.

One last tip for successful 7 Days to Die strategies: Make a 20 plant fiber sleeping bag as soon as possible and place it in your hideout. This will give you a spawn point in case you get eaten by zombies.

7 Days To Die How To Level Up Fast

7 Days To Die How To Level Up Fast

Another very important and useful aspect is level up fast 7 Days to Die. Character level is the mechanics of character development, his perks, and his attributes. As the level increases, the character is awarded perk points (1 for each level), which can be spent on learning perks or increasing attributes. Here’s what you need to know about 7 Days to Die the fastest way to level up:

  • The maximum level that a player can reach is 300;
  • Reaching level 6 will remove the initial character defense effect;
  • There is a console command giveselfxp “number” which allows you to give the player a certain amount of experience;
  • In the world settings, you can select an experience multiplier if you want to speed up development.

The higher and fastest way to level 7 Days to Die, the more experience you need to get to increase the level, the more difficult it will be for you to survive, since with the growth of the level, the difficulty, the number of zombies encountered, also grows.

Therefore, it is worth pumping perks wisely, otherwise, you simply won’t be able to properly resist this harsh and cruel world. Experience and the fastest way to level in 7 Days to Die can be obtained with:

  • Killing animals and zombies;
  • Crafting items;
  • Reading books and diagrams;
  • Completing quests.

As soon as the bar of experience is completely filled with green, you will receive a new level. Upon death, an additional penalty experience is imposed on the player, which he must work out in order to increase his next level (penalty experience is displayed as a red bar on the experience bar). Also, you can view the current level by pressing the button (B by default). Surely you can watch 7 Days to Die fast travel every day using our chips.

How To Collect Water in 7 Days To Die?

How To Collect Water in 7 Days To Die?

And one more of the most important details is 7 7 Days to Die water. This is directly related to your survival. If you don’t have an adequate supply of water, all of your other resources will also deteriorate. That is why the 7 Days to Die water well has such a high priority.

7 Days to Die bottled water is a drink that quenches thirst and restores strength. Can be obtained from corpses, containers, or cooked. Used in cooking, when creating items. Found almost everywhere. Using a bottle of cloudy water and a pot on a campfire creates a bottle of water.

You can create a Bottle of Water using crafting as follows:

  • Take a glass jar in the belt, collect water using the RMB at any water source (rivers, lakes, puddles created with a bucket of water, etc.).
  • The resulting bottle of cloudy water can be boiled in a saucepan over a fire.

Agree, all the tips about 7 Days to Die collecting water and other aspects will definitely come in handy in this game. So we strongly recommend that you use all this immediately with your subsequent attempts to defeat all evil and survive. And even the first time you try at least something, you will notice a significant improvement in your position in the game. So, start trying the hints now!

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