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Again, the new part of Hitman gamers has waiting for has server problems even on its release day. Continue reading to know the truth!

Last week, there was the day of launch day of the third (next-gen) game from The Hitman game series. But, as usual, nothing goes well with AAA games… IO Interactive’s new release faced the same problem.

Why Did Fans Go Wild?

The mechanic of the game was supposed to be a dominant close to a story arc that began with the 2016 Hitman game. So, as in Hitman 2, you could transfer your saved data from the previous two games. This should be made to continue the progress in one platform family (Xbox, PC, PS) of a story arc. The syncing data from Hitman 2 via the IOI Profile website. There is even a detailed pre-launch guide to help players do so.

Unfortunately, the sequence carryover site has been delayed or unavailable as every day one buyer attempted to use it at the same time. If players weren’t achieving this goal in bringing over their data, they couldn’t play a game they have bought. All that remained for them was waiting and waiting, and waiting. Nice game playing in 2021, huh?

But some lucky ones managed to transfer saved data from the previous two games, and they are playing this game right now without serious problems.

IO Interactive promised to fix it. There was even a queue for those who failed to launch it!

What about you? Have you tried to play Hitman 3? Did you play at least one of the Hitman games? Share your thoughts with us here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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