Battlefield franchise transition

The release of Battlefield 2042 was not entirely successful and Electronic Arts decided to shake up the franchise. Vince Zampella announced that he would start supervising her in the future, and game co-creator Marcus Lehto made it clear to all Battlefield fans that he would make new efforts to create a world and a more engaging storyline. He promises to bring more action to the game, but still pays attention to the plot component, as well as the concept of the universe.

A very high-profile event was the departure of the general manager of DICE. Oscar Gabrielson unexpectedly left the company and noted that for him it was a very difficult and unexpected event, which he hardly decided on. During his departure, he said that a lot of interesting things await all fans and a new era has begun for the game.

Battlefield 2042 was launched without a single-player company from the franchise. Unfortunately the game was not well received by the community. The fact is that the developers decided to focus only on the multiplayer game and did not pay attention to the plot, as well as other details. But interestingly enough, they brought in 128-player battles that look incredibly epic. And just yesterday, DICE released an update that is currently the largest in the game.

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