star wars problems

Three days ago we wrote an article about a new Giveaway in Epic Game Store. If you were lucky enough to get Battlefront 2 for free, you may face the same problem as millions of people all over the world.

What Happened?

A recent giveaway has crashed EA servers. Gamers see error messages 721, 918, and 623 because the wave of new blood is too much for Battlefront II servers and they just stop working. The team of EA has tweeted on their official page on Twitter that they know about this problem, lightly blaming Epic Games Store. To fix it EA is building new servers right now.

Let me remind you that Epic’s current giveaway is the Celebration Edition of Battlefront II that includes the Rise of Skywalker update and other post-launch additions for free!

EA wished to all their big community “may the Force be with you” but still this problem is not fixed. We guess the team wasn’t ready to face so many players so fast. Do you want to know more about the massive way of gamers after the Epic Games Store Giveaway? Follow this link to read the previous article.

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