Did you see Vampire Lady, also known as Lady Dimitrescu from the upcoming Resident Evil Village? What do you know about her? Continue reading to know recent facts about the new antagonist of one of the most popular Capcom games.

How Tall the Vampire Lady Is? Official Confirmation from Capcom

lady dimitrescu

Yesterday, on the official page of Capcom’s Resident Evil on Twitter, the officials shared a massage made by Tomonori Takano (art director of Resident Evil Village) that the team of game developers that are making new AAA horror-action game are very happy to hear how wild RE-community become because of a new character.

Women are cosplaying Lady Vampire, men are trying to imagine how happy they would be if they had such a wife or evil monster-girlfriend.

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So, how tall is Lady Dimitrescu? Officially, she is 2.9m tall (9’6). Wow! That is a really tall woman with big massive… legs, huh? No wonder that she became a new trend of fanarts and cosplays.

That passion hasn’t reduced, even though we won’t know what she’s up to or why she’s hunting Ethan until Village appearances in May. If you need to see more, a free, single-player demo is open on PlayStation 5 for free, and it offers a no-combat journey by Castle Dimitrescu for meddlesome players.

Resident Evil Village (RE:8) Latest Trailer

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