tiger air pods

A special edition of AirPods Pro in the style of the coming Year of the Tiger according to the Eastern calendar has appeared in the Chinese online store Apple. AirPods Pro Tiger Edition features a unique engraving on the charging case and a similar logo on the packaging of the earbuds. There are no other differences from the base model.

The price is the same as the regular AirPods Pro – 1999 Yuan or $ 249. Free personal engraving for AirPods and AirPods Pro is also available in other countries, including Russia, but only when purchased through the official online store. The buyer can specify a phrase or choose one of the emoji – the engraving would appear on the headphone case. There are no tiger images among the publicly available emojis.

If you do not have the opportunity to buy headphones with the tiger emblem, symbolizing the mood of 2022, then you can do it yourself. Contact your nearest specialty store that has an engraving device and ask for a copy of the original tiger pattern on your AirPods charging case.

The symbol of the tiger in 2022 would bring good luck and protection from troubles to those who would carry it with them. Also, a water tiger can stir up your emotions, but this is not critical. If you believe in symbols and their power, then drawing a tiger on headphones would become a real mascot for 2022.

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