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We are to make your life more interesting and tell you about one of the dark horses in the game industry. We have collected all facts about the following game and are ready to share them with you.

The Game Awards may honor the industry’s incredible accomplishments every year. But the 2015 show reached the concentration of fans for different goals, and it kicked off with an amazing trailer. We were shown the Psychonauts 2 trailer! What has happened after it? When it will be released? What are real facts and news about the game?

All That You Should Know about the Game

psychonauts 2 trailer

What Do We Know about the Game from Steam?

Razputin Aquato, a professional acrobat and strong young psychic, has achieved his lifelong goal of joining the global psychic espionage system known as the Psychonauts!

But these psychic mega spies are in a struggle. Their head hasn’t been the same since he was removed, and what’s more serious, there’s a mole planting in headquarters. Raz must exercise his powers to stop the mole before they perform their secret plan to bring the deadly psychic villain, Maligula, back from the dead!

We have seen Psychonauts 2 demo on E3 2019 made by gamers that were lucky enough to visit it and play during the event.

You can read about this information on the Steam Store.

Psychonauts 2 Trailer

Also, here you can watch the game’s trailer, available on Steam, official pages of Double Fine Productions, and other resources.

Psychonauts 2 News

What do we know about the game? It is made by the same studio (Double Fine Productions), it also has the same heading, is a single-player action game with a unique style. Originally, the creators launched the Kickstarter campaign to get some money to build a game. After it, Xbox Studio and others supported a project as well. Also, on Steam Psychonauts 2 announcement date is somewhere in 2021. So it is coming this year!

Psychonauts 2 Platforms

You can see on gaming stores that the Xbox console is highlighted (most probably, the previous and a new generation), and also it will be on PC (like all Xbox’s games).

You can visit the official website of the game to know more about it from the first hands.

Psychonauts 2 Gameplay

We can judge gameplay from those videos made on E3 in 2019. From 5 to 10 minutes to see how it looks.

Psychonauts 2 Cast:

  • Jack Black – Mote of Light (voice)
  • Alexis Lezin – Milla Vodello (voice)
  • David Kayle – Ford Cruller (voice)
  • James Willems – Toilet #4 (voice)
  • Nikki Rapp – Lili Zanotto (voice)
  • Richard Steven Horvitz – Raz (voice)
  • Stephen Stanton – Sasha Nein (voice)
  • Nick Jameson – Coach Oleander / Dr. Loboto (voice)

We hope to see Psychonauts 2 release very soon! All large games are also coming to hit us in the gaming-season storm! We think that Corona and quarantine spoiled the life of the team of a game studio as well.

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