Every traveler needs companions who will help him to cope with the difficulties of the game world. Outer Worlds companions have unique abilities and skills which you can find through the passage of the game. In this article, we will walk through each of them so that you can add them to your team. You’ll learn where to find them and how to unlock each of them.

How to Unlock Vicar Max?

vicar max

This character will be the first Outer Worlds companion that you can meet on your journey. Max is in Emerald Vale Church inside Edgewater. If you will be in contact with people around the city, they will mention it in a dialogue with you. Once you find Max, he will give you a quest for the ancient text, which has long been his goal. To take it away, you will need a powerful weapon because it is guarded by a large number of mobs. After completing the task, the first companion will join your team.

He will raise your hacking skill to a new level. Also, Max has abilities that impose control effects on enemies, which will allow you to easily cope with fixed targets.

How to Unlock Parvati?


An incredibly useful character with several skills that will keep you alive in the most dangerous situations. Her main ability Overload is one of the best in the game because she has AoE control and can immediately make a great impact in battle. Pervati is an engineer in Edgewater, who is in the Reed Tompson office in the Edgewater Saltuna facility.

She will join you after taking the quest to find the power regulator and will be on your team indefinitely.

Your engineering skills will be improved, and the skill tree will offer many useful abilities. She will definitely be a great companion on your journey.

How to Unlock Ellie?


The Outer Worlds’ companion Ellie will enhance your medical skills and focus on restoring your health points. Her main ability shoots the enemy with a pistol, which causes periodic damage to the enemy. Also, Quickdraw deprives your enemies of the ability to attack for 15 seconds.

You can find Ellie in a soaring mall on The Groundbreaker. Go to it and get the quest to find Jessie Doyle. Go to the black market and find Gladys. On the left side of her store, you will see garbage cans. Follow them and find a passage that will take you to the medical center. Find the key that will allow you to open the way to Jessie, who is in captivity. After returning to the point where you met Ellie for the first time, she will join your team.

How to Unlock Felix?


Outer World’s companion Felix has debuff mechanics that reduces the enemy’s armor, slow down the attack speed, and hangs a mark from which the enemy gets increased damage. Also, with the help of the character’s ability, you can repel enemies from yourself.

You can find him on The Groundbreaker. After a conversation with Mardet, Felix will wait for you near the ship and will ask you to take him to your team. You just need to agree, and you will get all the benefits from this intriguing character, who has the charisma of a gentleman.

In a certain assembly, it will be a very good bonus to improve the performance of your character.

How to Unlock Sam?


The SAM is a real tank that deals damage to the area. It is very useful to deal with strong enemy robots and other enemies in your path. Its damage imposes an effect that does not allow enemies to attack, which will allow the main character to easily deal with stationary enemies. He also has the skill of intimidating those with whom you talk. In the skill tree, you can study the increased damage on mechanical enemies. You can also increase or decrease the level of his aggressiveness, which will make him a tank that will take incoming damage.

You can find him on The Unreliable. You need to get to the ship. First, you need to talk to the ASA about the robot that will direct you to the computer upstairs. With his help, you will know where is a device that will help to revive SAM. You can easily find it and then go back to the ship and help the robot find life again. After that, he will join you and help you fight the enemies.

How to Unlock Nyoka?


Nyoka will improve your stealth and speech skills because she is an excellent liar. It will make your movement more invisible and will increase the damage to the creatures of wildlife. Her main ability Barrage deals damage and reduces the armor of enemies. Her machine gun has an arson modification, which deals periodic damage to the target.

You can find it after you come to Monarch. She will be in a bar and have a great time. There are two ways to make her a member of your team. You can either talk to her if your skill is high enough or help her with a pill that you can find in the MSI dispensary, which is the opposite way of the bar. Once you help her recover, she will be a member of your team.

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