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Every gamer or an ordinary person who has tried playing computer video games has used a keyboard and mouse. Many people continue to use them for gaming because they consider it a standard and comfortable way to control the game since the early 90s. But still, this also has disadvantages, which are emphasized by many. But what to do, because you want to play as comfortably as possible, and the controls are clear? We can suggest that you consider WASD alternatives that you may like to operate, after which you replace the familiar keys with something more convenient for you.

Mouse With Joystick

Mouse With Joystick

The developers pay special attention to the main keys joystick for movement mouse for gaiming. Button panels can be inserted/removed without additional tools. This may be necessary if you use your PC and other devices for more than just gaming. After that, we get access to the microswitches. Using the supplied tweezers, the starting switches are gently pulled out. Sometimes you get a couple of additional switches with slightly softer travel right in the kit.

In addition to the possibility of self-replacement of switches in the joystick mouse combo, another interesting development is implemented. The main buttons use the original hinge mechanism with springs, which allows to reduce the distance from the panel to the mikrik and provide a good return force.

Additional “forward/backward” buttons are placed on the left panel as standard. It is worth considering that for confident operation it is better to press the buttons directly. Swipes from the top or bottom also pass, but this is more of an auxiliary mode.

Next to the additional buttons, there is a customizable joystick that can operate both in analog mode with tracking the position of the stick along the axes and in discrete mode with fixed positions. In the first case, we have a full-fledged simulation of an analog rotary stick with a change in direction and pressing force. This makes it possible to adapt the joystick for control in auto or air dummies. In discrete mode, the joystick turns into a four-position manipulator. Each of the four positions can be set to a corresponding value. The number of use cases isn’t limited, and the function can be used not only in games but also in applied applications.

Let’s talk about equipping the bottom panel with a mouse with a joystick on the side. Here is the PAIR button for the initial pairing of the mouse with a PC via Bluetooth. The DPI key is used to switch the preset values ​​of the sensor resolution (four modes). A three-position toggle switch is visible between the buttons to select the connection interface. It is these settings and their arrangement that can be found in almost all mice with a joystick. Given such convenience, many people choose the mouse for clearer control, especially if you have only one hand free or you just decided to diversify your gameplay with new super convenient controls.

Keyboard Gamepad

Keyboard Gamepad

As you already understood, a gamepad with a keyboard is a combination of these two devices, which makes the gameplay easier at times. For example, consider the Steelseries keyboard with a gamepad. It has a beautiful and sophisticated exterior design, durable body, comfortable keys, comfortable magnetic palm rest, built-in screen, scroll wheel, and USB pass-through port. Plus onboard memory, intuitive software, and beautiful RGB lighting. Against the background of what the company has been releasing recently, the Apex 7 is a huge step forward towards demanding users.

The possibilities of this keyboard with a gamepad are rather limited without software. But the keyboard can still do something without a driver. Most additional command shortcuts are activated using the Fn button (SteelSeries logo key).

The gamepad keyboard on-screen display is entirely in English and has no localization. To get into it, you need to hold the menu button for more than three seconds. The list of main items includes four tabs: Illumination, Macros, Profiles, Settings.

In the first section, it is already clear that this is where the keyboard backlight settings are located. You can choose several glow modes, which is very convenient to choose to accord to your mood or turn it off altogether. Also, a convenient function is a backlight when pressed, which starts working when you just touch any key.

In the Macros section, there are respectively Record and Delete sub-items. Macros are recorded as follows. Hold Fn + F10 for two seconds, then type the required command, press Fn + F10 again and press the key with which the macro will be executed. That’s all. Macro deletion and recording are also possible via the OSD.

In the Profiles section, you manage the profiles on your PC. You can easily switch, disable and replay other actions with your profiles.

In the Settings section, in the Display item, you can select Timeout (the time it turns off), adjust the Brightness (the slider for adjusting the brightness of the screen backlight), configure the Lock Indicator On / Off (display the lock indicators on the screen on or off). In the About sub-item, you can see the current firmware version of the keyboard and backlight diodes.

Keyboard With Analog Stick

Keyboard With Analog Stick

Another featuring representative of replacing a conventional keyboard is the keypad with the analog stick. It may seem to you that they are the same, but in fact, the range of possibilities of such a keyboard is many times greater. Yes, their appearance is practically the same, because of which the meaning of its use as a whole may disappear. But it’s too early to draw conclusions! Buttons on a conventional keyboard have only two states: pressed or not pressed. In contrast, analog keypads have multiple states, much like gamepad sticks. In other words, the keyboard analog stick determines how hard the key is pressed.

In addition, there is a special backlight that dramatically changes the look of the keyboard. By the way, this can be customized too. Another difference from a regular keyboard is the keystrokes. It happens more clearly, which reduces the possibility of double-clicking. In addition, this makes all movements more controllable and responds better to the depth of your pressing.

The software will help players “customize analog functionality for each game.” In addition, in the development of a gaming keypad with the analog stick, joystick emulation was used with various existing games, which will give you the opportunity to play your favorite games with the keys that are convenient for you. So if you don’t want to deviate far from the standard kind of game control, use this, because you understand what opportunities open up for you while playing different games.

Keyboard Joystick

Keyboard Joystick

Here we also don’t deviate from the familiar keyboard for everyone, but we still make it more convenient to use. This version of the keyboard with joystick mouse is suitable for owners of very cool and expensive devices, which are simply a pity to throw away or sell. It also makes it easier for your fingers to work. You’ve probably noticed how they get tired during a fairly tight and fast game. Here you don’t need complicated connections to anything, charging, and much more, because the joystick only needs a keyboard.

You can find many variations of the keyboard with a joystick on the internet. This will allow you to choose exactly the option that will be most convenient to use. Apart from this, they also come in different keys. Of course, the most popular joystick keyboard is on the WASD keys. But if the location of the buttons you use is similar to this one, you can easily use it with them, for example, on the arrows. By the way, a joystick to keyboard can be considered the cheapest option from all that we have listed, and maybe not only. At least it will be budget-friendly if you already have a keyboard. So if you are in need of something like that, feel free to choose such an addition to your keyboard.

And so, we showed the main alternative devices that will be convenient for gamers to use. Surely they will be able to improve the accuracy of your steps in the game and in general control. We, in turn, want to recommend a mouse with a joystick. After reading all the possibilities, you will definitely want to choose this one. But in any case, you have a lot to choose from. So do it and get started with the “updated version” of video game controls!

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