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For those who do not know: Among Us is a game in which the crew members of the spacecraft are trying hard to maintain its performance in order to survive. However, there is a traitor among the workers, who kills the crew members.

At the beginning of the game, you get your role. If you play for the astronaut, then you have to comb out the traitor and save yourself and your comrades to prevent the spaceship from destroying. You must complete all the tasks before the traitor will destroy all the members of the ship.

If you fall for the role of a traitor (finally), then you need to destroy the entire crew and stay in the shadows. Be on your guard because every player can be a traitor as the game automatically selects him. We have created a game guide among us to make it easier for players to understand the essence of the game and win faster and more often.

Among Us Impostor Tips

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Obviously, all players are interested to try themselves as a traitor. If you get it, the first thing you need to do is to determine the cohesion of the team. If the players are playing for themselves, the victory won’t take long. However, if you have already played, you have noticed that the role of the traitor is not as often as you would like it to be. The fact is that in a game for 10 people, the chance to get the role of a traitor is only 10 percent. While in a 4-player game this chance is 25 percent. If you still haven’t got the role, use it to learn all the mechanics of the game and be ready to attack.

Like other crew members, the traitor must perform tasks. Not to fix the ship, but to gain the trust of other players and not to reveal himself.

Experienced impostors say that the traitor must perform fake tasks that do not have an animation (shooting at asteroids, removal of debris, etc.).

The Traitor Has Two Main Tasks on the Ship:

  • Sabotage (disabling elements of the ship)
  • Murder of workers.

Killing crew members is really fun because when you play skillfully (when you are not burned and you have a good reputation), the crew can get rid of an innocent worker, and you will continue to plague ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Among Us Game Tips

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Stay Calm and Confident

Even if you are caught by someone, he has to prove to others that you are a traitor. Therefore, always be confident in yourself, inventing a few excuses in advance to make people trust you.

For example, if you were accused of fake destruction of an asteroid, say that the impostor sabotaged the gun, and they were blocked.

If someone saw you near the ventilation? Your answer – you noticed some activity there and decided to check everything.

Well, in general – you are white and fluffy, and someone bad set you up all the time.

Accuse in Response

Someone claims that you locked the doors but does not give direct evidence – answer that on the contrary, the accused was doing these shenanigans and is trying to set you up. The main thing here is to lie skillfully!

Everything Is in Your Hands!

Sabotage the work of the ship in remote compartments to prevent the crew to gather in a large group. Take the initiative in your hands as much as possible to separate the group of workers. This is the main among us tip to increase the chance of victory.

This will give the opportunity to be alone with another worker in a one-on-one room. When you see the hatch, do your wet work and run to the ventilation before you are spotted.

In this game, it is important for you to think ahead and about the steps that your opponents can take. Do not repeat the same tactics in each game, try to go different ways, and then you will be invincible. Here, as in any role-playing game, you need to wait for the right moment to act and think about what you say and do.

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