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We all love to “stick” on the phone when we want to relax. Therefore, we need interesting games that can fill this time with vivid emotions. But very often people have problems associated with a small amount of free memory on a smartphone, which causes a certain limitation. Are you looking for great games for your Android device but are limited by a limited data package or meager internal storage? Is your medium or low device not powerful enough to run most of the popular games available on the Play Store? Don’t worry, there are tons of great games and other cool apps on the Google Play store that don’t take up much of your precious internal space and work great on even the most basic Android devices. Today we are just showing you the best games under 20MB, which you should definitely try to play. These low volume games, as some call them, span many genres, from simple puzzles to first person shooters, and we’re sure you’ll find something you really enjoy.

Android Games Under 20MB

And so, now we will look at the most frequently downloaded games, which have many fans who can play it just for hours on end. After all, they are really so interesting! We decided to make it easier for you to find and show you the best 20 MB games that you will definitely love. We tried to play each of them on a smartphone also with limited space to test how the game works. Accordingly, you can immediately mention any of the games under 20MB Android in our list without fear of downloading the game in vain. In addition, we have divided the top into several categories so that you can more easily decide. Be sure to try them!

The Best Android Games Under 20MB: Racing Games

best games under 20mb

Dr. Driving 4

Want to prove to your friends that you are the best at driving a car in games? Then this is one of those games less than 20MB that will perfectly demonstrate your skills. The game is very simple and straightforward to use. It has two modes: racing and parking. The main task is to drive the car as accurately as possible, which will additionally show your driving skills. The better you drive it, the more points (coins) you get. Graphics of the game are very good compared to the usual 20 MB games, which is very good. Management is quite simple and convenient. In addition, you can exchange your current car for a new one for your received coins.

Racing Moto

games under 20mb

Another no less interesting game in our top games under 20MB Android. Here you can show all your riskiness and extremeness to the fullest. You have to ride a bike on the tracks, overtaking other cars in a large stream. The steeper you go around cars, the more points you have to get. With the points you receive, you can buy yourself a new bike and conquer the roads already on it. In addition, the game has several skins. In other words, you can travel on trails in the middle of the desert, city, on bridges, near the sea and in the forest, which adds an interesting atmosphere while traveling. So if you love racing then this is one of the games under 20MB that you will like.

Powerboat Racing 3D

games less than 20mb

This game should definitely be on our games below 20MB free download list, because it definitely deserves it! You can enjoy fast driving through the water in three modes like Career, Multiplayer, and Quick Race. Try each of them, they are addicting. There are over 40 interesting levels here that will not let you get bored. The graphics of the game are simply impressive, and the driving of the water transport is made in such a way that it is convenient for you to hold the phone in your hands. This is a trifle, but it is very important, and is not available in all Android games under 20MB. If you are a fan of the marine theme and unusual vehicles, then this game will surely become your favorite.

The Best Games Under 20mb: Action

Devil Ninja 2

20 mb games free download

This game can certainly be called the most addicting of the 20 MB games free download. Here your task becomes to fight with different enemies and defeat the main one – the king of monsters. During your battles, you need to collect special items, which will then allow you to improve your weapons, which will certainly be useful in future battles. In addition to the fact that there is simply perfect and fast graphics, here the sound quality is at a high, which is also not often found among games below 20MB. If you want to feel like a real warrior and get rid of all the villains, then this is where you can do it as best and coolest as possible.

Counter Terrorist

20 mb games

This game can be called a simple analogue of the well-known Counter Strike game, which has millions of fans. And this game was no exception. This is one of the few games less than 20MB that is as close as possible to that. Here you disarm opponents on your territory, protect bombs from explosions, and much more. She can also be called a long variety of weapons and knives, which have different properties and cause different damage to the enemy. It should also be noted that there are more than 100 interesting missions here. This is what distinguishes it from the rest of the games below 20MB free download, because indeed not all of them have so many interesting things.

Survivor Island

android games under 20mb

It can be attributed to the list of good survival games, and on a par with games that take up more space than it. You need to hold out as long as possible while on a mysterious island. In this case, you must fend off bears and wolves. In addition, zombies and monsters are also common here, which add zest to the game, making it even more fun to play. You also need to keep track of your hunger and living standards to keep them normal. Otherwise, the game will end. To fight all the characters that might get in your way, you have a cool weapon to do it. So try to play this game and defeat all the survivors.

Sky Fighters 3D

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And this game is definitely suitable for fans of air, battles and planes, because it combines all these 3 features. The main task of the game is to eliminate opponents, or enemy planes. There are over 50 missions of varying difficulty here. In addition, you can swap your plane for one of more than 10 different analogs, which makes this game even more interesting. There are quite convenient and simple controls here that will allow you to relax while playing. The graphics are also high. All shots and explosions are smooth and without interruption, even if you consider that this game is one of the games under 20MB Android. Therefore, feel free to install it on your device and fight with other planes!

The Best Android Games Under 20mb: Arcade


You’ve probably heard about this game. Yes, it is the most popular of all Android games under 20MB you can find. Here your main task is to eat as many glowing balls as possible to become the biggest worm in the game. At the same time, you should not bump into your rivals, because if you touch him, you will have to start all over again. And if another worm touches you, then it will disappear, and you continue the game. You can give any interesting name to your character, and also when you reach high levels, you can change his color so that the players can see that you are already an experienced player. Fight in this battle for the longest length with your friends, for sure you will want to play more and more!

Dash Till Puff 2

best android games under 20mb

Many users call this game the best arcade game among games under 20MB. This game has just an unmatched interface and cool tunes, which in general creates the perfect picture of the game. Geometric shapes are made very beautifully, which makes everything look aesthetically beautiful. All actions are smooth, and the colors are bright, which is rarely seen in 20 MB games free download. There are 4 different worlds here with different obstacles that have no end. So you can play this game endlessly. Unfortunately, there is no mode here where you can play with other people online. But just ask your friends to say this game too. You will start competing among yourself who is the best.

Lep’s World

games under 20mb android

This game is unique, because it is one of the few games below 20MB that has such a design and the game itself. By the way, it looks like the mobile version of Super Mario. Accordingly, if you played it on a console, then Lep’s World will be much clearer and more interesting for you to play. There are just a bunch of interesting functions, more than 150 interesting stages with different levels of difficulty of passing, as well as 8 different good and kind characters that you will definitely encounter during the game. In addition, the developers tried to create a cool atmosphere and added many bright themes of the world, which still complements the whole game.

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