airpods jump

On March 14, Apple shared a new intriguing ad of AirPods Pro named “Jump” on its YouTube channel. They emphasized in a creative and active way the noise canceling and almost invisible features of the headphones.

In the video clip, we can see a man wearing AirPods Pro and jumping rope around the city. The main idea of this video is to turn the world into your playground with the new headphones.

Apple’s AirPods Pro ad came out just after the rumors of third-generation AirPods. They could be released this month. As far as it is known, AirPods 3 will be similar to AirPods Pro but with shorter stems and won’t have the same active noise canceling features.

We will wait for the next news. In the meantime, Apple is also working on a new version of the AirPods Pro that will lack stock. However, it is not clear yet when the new AirPods Pro could be launched.

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