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Due to the high bandwidth of modern Internet channels, aplikasi buat streaming has become very popular now. To organize streaming, there are programs for broadcasting video from a computer screen to special portals or remote devices (including televisions).

The process of broadcasting in real-time is called streaming, and the source of the image capture is a streamer. Due to the fact that streaming is very common among gamers, we decided to show you in this article several very popular and convenient aplikasi streaming games that you can use without any problems in order to record your gameplay.

The Best Aplikasi Live Streaming Game PC

All aplikasi live-streaming untuk PC presented in this block combine the ability to capture a picture from a computer screen at the time of passing games. As we can see in the table, most of the programs in the category support the function of broadcasting the stream to popular portals like Twitch and YouTube. During broadcasting, the amount of system resources used depends more on the quality of the final video than on the application itself.

All aplikasi buat streaming programs allow you to set the resolution, bit rate and other picture parameters. If you have a relatively “weak” PC, we recommend not choosing a screen resolution higher than Full HD. The first three programs in the section are originally designed to create online channels. As a source for an aplikasi streaming game, they can use the picture from the connected web cameras.

OBS Studio

aplikasi live streaming game pc

Very popular aplikasi live-streaming untuk PC among many gamers and streamers. It already includes presets for Twitch, YouTube, Dailymotion, and other common resources. The application allows you to transfer video to your own server, supports the interface control function using hotkeys, and can record an image as a local video file. Final formats for saving – FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV and others.

The application interface is made traditionally, while broadcasting, you can quickly switch between signal sources. In this aplikasi live-streaming PC, you can specify the priority of using the program relative to other applications. This allows the studio to be used with little or no impact on the gameplay. Among the advantages, users highlighted the presence of a free utility and installation of plugins. The disadvantages of aplikasi streaming game PC include the inability to stream to several sites at once.

XSplit Broadcaster

aplikasi streaming game pc

Another powerful aplikasi live streaming game PC, its functionality contains all the basic features that OBS Studio has, however, XSplit Broadcaster has a number of features that make it one of the best streaming software. First of all, it is the function of streaming to several resources at the same time, and one of them can be its own server. The application includes many more effects, opens up access to Twitch chat, and subjectively has a more user-friendly interface.

In the free version of XSplit Broadcaster aplikasi live streaming PC, a watermark from the developer is superimposed on all broadcasts, and a number of functions are not available (for example, the same chat). The license cost for the most complete version is $199. Among the main advantages is the transfer of images to several sites at the same time, as well as a built-in Twitch chat. The only downside is the limitation of the free version. This aplikasi live streaming untuk PC will be an excellent and best choice for those who have fans on different sites.


aplikasi streaming game

FF split aplikasi live streaming game PC has a small size, which is quite important if you have large games and other applications, but the functionality of the application is quite good. Presets for popular resources, an integrated recorder, the ability to overlay text and a console for viewing the current broadcast parameters – all these features will help the user to solve most of the problems.

Of the shortcomings of aplikasi streaming PC, we note not too polished usability – in the application, by default, the not most popular format for saving video files (FLV) is used and no hotkeys are assigned. In addition, during the installation process, FFsplit for some reason checks the integrity of all DirectX libraries, this takes a relatively long period. And understandable, you can give him a big plus for the fact that the entire application is completely free. Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent aplikasi streaming PC, you can safely choose it without fear of being unsatisfied.


aplikasi streaming pc

Steam is without exaggeration the largest online game store that every gamer and not only knows about. The service’s launcher allows you to download new applications and keep track of updates to current games. But besides that, there are many more cool things in it. One of these additional features of aplikasi live-streaming untuk PC is the gameplay streaming function, while you can even change audio sources during the broadcast. However, only another computer with the client installed can act as the final source of broadcasting.

That is why an aplikasi streaming game can be used exclusively for broadcasting games from the screen for friends in the service, it is impossible to transfer a picture to the same Twitch or YouTube. This is the main disadvantage of Steam as a streamer. Also, this includes the ability to broadcast only purchased games. But there are also positive things here. Among them, for example, distinguish the ability to manage broadcast access rights and many community members. You should definitely explore all the possibilities of this site, including aplikasi streaming game PC.

As a game streamer, we recommend OBS Studio – aplikasi streaming game PC is completely free, has a pleasant interface, and supports many thematic resources out of the box.

If you are a world-famous gamer and are followed by fans on various sites, take a look at XSplit Broadcaster. For correspondents and video bloggers, we recommend Steam – the possibilities of this program are really endless. However, keep in mind that buying an expensive license should be a deliberate act – you really need an extended set of effects, tables, and stream distribution functions with different broadcast quality. But you can also decide for yourself which aplikasi live streaming PC from our list that you like. Each of them has a lot of satisfied users. We are sure that each of them will be useful for you especially if you shoot blogs and want to share your gaming skills with others. Alternatively, you can try different ones and choose the best. Good luck!

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