assasins creed ragnarock
  • The game will be released for Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  • The official announcement of the game will be in February at the upcoming PlayStation event. The release date is September 29, 2020.
  • The project involves a cooperative game (up to 4 players). The departing players will be replaced by bots, as in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
  • The player can only play for one character who is called Jora. It is possible to choose between male or female players.
  • Jora leads a small group of 4 people during his adventures. Other players can go into this cooperative and out of it.
  • The strength of the weapon will be added. This should motivate players to intelligently organize their stock of weapons. The size of the inventory will not be large but it can be increased during the game.
  • Combat System. There will be more weapons and special abilities for each group of weapons. Players will be able to apply runes to the weapons, improve weapons, increase durability.
  • The hidden blade will return. Its appearance will be much more customizable. The blade can be improved to kill with a single blow during the game.
  • Assassins are supposed to have a connection to Odin and will be able to use the vision of their crow (Odin’s eye) for observation and spying.
  • The project contains more RPG elements. Classes will be added, the skill tree will be changed for each class. The player will be able to change the class in a special NPS.
  • The skills system will be similar to the system in Skyrim. This should allow players to gain better skills and experience. Blocking areas and content depending on the level of the character will be unnecessary.
  • Some skills will be unlocked once the correct character level is reached. Some skills will be available for skill points. And some of them will be unlocked in the course of the game plot.
  • Players will have a reputation. It will be based on what clothes the character wears and what crimes he committed. And also how many and what quests he performed. Quests will give out the residents of cities, officials. Some quests and story missions will be available only after a set of some reputation with the kingdoms.
  • New animation will appear at parkour and climbing trees will be improved.
  • Adrenaline will be replaced by berserker mode. In this mode you can activate special runes (fire, frost or lightning strike).
  • Stealth will get better. You will be able to disguise yourself in mud, snow, squat in the bushes, hide in bales of hay. Players will also be able to hide among the local population if their appearance (clothing, armor) fits the appearance of the inhabitants. Otherwise, such a disguise will only attract attention.
  • Victory will not depend much on the health of the enemy in battle. More attention should be paid to the time of parry, the health of the player and the reaction time of the enemy.
  • Swimming on ships will be more for reconnaissance and travel than for battle. It will be possible to navigate through narrow rivers and swamps.
  • Battles for territory control will return. It will be possible to take over settlements controlled by the Templars. It will also be possible to capture other settlements for trade and profit. Battles for control of the territory will be able to win in various ways.
  • Users will be able to take part in battles between warring kingdoms which are emerging dynamically around the world.
  • Players can organize large-scale raids on forts and cities from nearby Viking camps. They can join an already formed raid or organize their own.
  • The map of the game world is huge. Mentioned big cities like York, Paris, London, Kyiv. Each territory will be unique.

There is not much time left before Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok release. We are looking forward to seeing it.

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