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Among our readers, some gamers played or remember such a project as Civilization from Sid Meier. Throughout his career, he has released a fairly large number of Civilization parts and many are wondering which of them is the best and most interesting? We’ve prepared Civilization games ranked for you, let’s get down to an overview of the changes.

1. Civilization: Call to Power

civilization games ranked

The basic principles of the best version of Civilization have remained unchanged: we found cities, distributed residents across suburban areas to get food and gears, ennobled this very territory, paved roads, broke farms while some players dug mines, and so on. From century to century, gradually built up the power of the state to lead their people to prosperity, and themselves to world domination.

First, the combat system has been redesigned. Now the warriors do not poke each other one by one and do not die with the whole stack, having lost only one of their comrades. They learned to march across the map in a friendly crowd, and in the battle to line up in three neat lines. And also some troops (cannons, bombers, etc.) received the ability to “bombard” – to attack a neighboring cell without the danger of being destroyed.

2. Civilization II

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“Civilization II” is the best Civilization game to start with, and also one of those cases when the sequel turns out to be an improved version in almost all respects without any radical changes.

The most noticeable change in the gameplay is the equipping of combat units with two new indicators – “firepower” and “health points”, in addition to the remaining “attack”, “defense”, and “movement points”. As a result, battles have become somewhat more predictable: the ratio of attack and defense has remained approximately the same, but the damage is now much more diversified. Accordingly, all units received a visual indicator-health bar, whose color changes from green, first to warning yellow, and then to threatening red.

Despite the lack of radical innovations, and in many ways thanks to this, Sid Meier’s Civilization II remains the greatest Civilization game and the very first and most famous globally epic turn-based strategy.

3. Civilization

best civilization game to start with

So what makes the gameplay of the best Civilization game interesting and addictive? Your combat units are able not only to attack the enemy, but also to sit down in anticipation, settle down in the city, and take up the defense in a pre-prepared fort. The military units themselves are subdivided into land, sea, and air. Some technologies entail the opportunity to engage in others, so you can adjust the entire state solely to your preferences. Ultimately, the most technologically advanced players can win by building a space expedition first and sending their pioneers to another star system.

What makes Civilization even more interesting is its fairly advanced computer opponent. You’ll be allowed to play simultaneously with seven opponents, and, you can believe, at high difficulty levels, these guys won’t let you get bored! Therefore, if you want to see yourself in the list of outstanding historical figures when summing up the results, you’ll have to act quickly and decisively.

4. Civilization III

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The third restart of the great series of all Civilization games. This time, in addition to the obvious improvement in the visual component, the game mechanics itself changed. The new rules are not that much different from the old ones, but they seriously change the very process of building another state.

The second change is the emergence of so-called cultural boundaries and cultural victory. Accordingly, to achieve a cultural victory, you just need to occult so that the name of your nation becomes a household name, and the citizens are well-read, heard, and seen enough.

And finally, the third innovation is the peculiarities characteristic of a particular country. From now on, certain nations are especially given in some areas – for example, in navigation or expansion. Accordingly, this also determines the characteristic style of the best Civilization game.

5. Civilization V

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If you’re wondering which Civ game should you start with, then this is Civilization V. In Civilization, players traditionally take on the role of the leader of one of the world powers, and, starting from ancient times, lead it to victory. On the way to victory, players can form alliances, fight with each other, or pursue a policy of complete isolationism. There are many ways to win in Civilization 5, and only one of them involves a military conflict.

Players have access to a huge technology tree for study, covering the period from the invention of bronze weapons to the construction of spaceships. At the start, players can choose one of more than three dozen unique nations, each of which has its traits and unique units. Compared to the fourth part, Civilization 5 has much better graphics and a more ergonomic interface, which is intuitive even for those players who have never played the games in the series.

6. Civilization VI

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Civilization VI is Sid Meier’s best Civilization and the sixth part of the famous turn-based strategy game, the events of which again cover a huge period – from ancient times to the near future of mankind. Players would take on the role of ruler of one of more than twenty unique powers to lead her through the centuries to victory.

The sixth part of the series offers several seriously changed gameplay features. Cities are now split into districts, which are built on separate cells, workers have “charges”, and roads are laid automatically with the help of caravans. Players can now choose the type of government in their empire, make laws – and much more. However, in general, the gameplay has not changed much, and fans of the series would get involved pretty quickly.

7. Civilization IV

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Closes our top Civilization games – Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. This is the fourth part of the famous turn-based strategy series in which players take complete control over one of several nations. The main task of the player is to lead his nation to victory through the years and centuries, choosing the conquering, scientific or cultural path of victory.

In general, the game can be viewed as an encyclopedia. Absolutely all moments of the game have a description. If you want to read about a religion, a wonder of the world, or a nation – then open the help and study. It is difficult to count on one hundred percent authenticity, but the information is fascinating. The authors of the blog assure you that after reading this top you’ll no longer think what is the best Civilization game. Do not forget that each part, be it the first or the last, is worthy of your attention and has several unique differences.

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