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Agree, many players want some kind of variety in order to get away from the constant routine and shooters. In this case, the best CS:GO surf maps will be appropriate. True, finding good ones among thousands will be incredibly difficult. To make you feel better and much more interesting, we will show you the best of all kinds of Counter-Strike surf maps.

How are walkthrough maps different from Surf + RPG? As you most likely understood, the main task here is not to shoot with someone, but simply to go through obstacles and various dangers that were placed on the maps. Without a doubt, each of them will be able to interest you, and then want to visit them right now. So let’s get over it!

The Best CS:GO Surfing Maps

best surf maps


This is an improved version of the surf_utopia_v3 map for CS:GO, made at night. That is why it is one of the tier 1 surf maps. There are not many triggers that are unpleasant for some players, incomprehensible transitions, even weapons (so that you can take a break here from this and the usual game mode), and optimized the map a bit larger and significantly better than in the previous version. Added some columns at the end to add complexity to the walkthrough, but not so much. In addition, for a better game and overall passability of the map, we recommend placing the respawn at the starting point of the quest, as well as blocking old and not quite necessary commands.


best csgo surf maps

Welcome to the sun-drenched bliss which is the most interesting Counter-Strike surf map. Here on the map, you can properly enjoy a hot day in the middle of summer (especially suitable if in reality, the weather is not the warmest and most pleasant). You can go to various interesting parts such as plazas, skate parks, water parks, and even deep diving, the map has it all! This is a map designed for beginner surfers, but there were experienced surfers here as well!


easy surf maps

Favorite map of all players from all the best surf maps CS:GO (we mentioned it above in its newer version). It is known on all servers because when you see this map, the server will immediately be full. The map looks easy, but beginners won’t complain because the map is balanced. Yes, it may have already been done a long time ago, but still be at the top of all the tops, including recognition.


counter strike surf map

An excellent map for passing not only for professionals but also for beginners who are just learning the basics of the game. This unusual map, made in neon colors, belongs to easy surf maps because it is practically the most uncomplicated of all. So if you are looking for a map for regular workouts, then choose it.


best csgo surfing maps

This map contains secret routes, among which there are spilled grenades, which makes the game here much more interesting. We are sure you haven’t seen such CS:GO best surf maps of all time. If your server removes them, you will not be able to purchase them. This is an old map originally made for CS:S. It is worth warning you in advance: this card isn’t recommended for beginners. But if you’re already good enough, you’ll love it immensely.


csgo best surf maps

This map is named exactly so if you are an experienced player, you may have noticed that this is very similar to the card from CS:S. This is why the ending “_GO” was added. We hope everything is in order. There were also some minor texture changes because the mapmaker didn’t have those interesting custom textures before. And yes, the name also shows that it is great for beginners.


good surf maps

It has been in development for 7 months now, and many players are very happy with how it turned out. Therefore, it deserves a place in our top CS:GO best surf maps. It’s not quite as perfect as many originally thought. Quite an interesting and unique map. By the way, take note of it if you want to design your own surf map and surprise your friends with it.


csgo best surf maps

One of the most popular and good surf maps, the map is suitable for both a beginner and a professional. The difficulty of the map increases gradually with each completed stage. It is clear that it will be the most difficult to overcome and go through the last stage. But still, it will be interesting. This way you can practice with your friends and show who is capable of what. Try it!


tier 1 surf maps

There are also several difficulty levels here. It consists of 6 stages, each with a different task. The very first step is simple enough to help you get into the topic. But with the latter, it will be difficult, but interesting at the same time. Many players claim that it is possible and even necessary to go through all the stages because you can develop various strategies and other logical actions that can be useful in this game.

We are sure that our best surf maps have already been able to interest you. If you are new to the game, it is better to try starting with surf_kitsune so that it is easier for you to understand what the point is. If you are already a more experienced player, feel free to go to each map. So what are you waiting for? Turn on the game, look for these maps and start exploring!

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