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Surely most people around the world actively use the Internet for various purposes, for example, to find out the weather, read the news, work, play games and much more. If you are worried about securing your internet connection or accessing content that is blocked in your area or country, you’ve probably heard about the use of DNS. Despite the fact that all providers supply their own DNS server by default, you can use an alternative one, which can be completely free and work much better.

DNS service is used to determine the IP addresses of sites by their domain. Nothing complicated here, and you can quickly figure it out here. In fact, there are no letter addresses on the Internet like, all communication between PCs communicates by IP address. This is necessary to determine the name that these servers are used for, which has a huge table with correspondences between domain names and their IP. Free secure DNS servers can provide you:

  1. The closer you are to the DNS server, the faster the address name resolution will be.
  2. If the DNS providers aren’t very reliable, and you are not entirely sure about their work, an alternative DNS will improve stability.
  3. You no longer have to face access restrictions in any region of the world.

Perhaps at least one of their reasons interest you, especially while playing, it’s time to set up a good DNS server for gaming on your system. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top free DNS. You can choose the best one according to your needs and use it safely. Before adding each of the destination servers, we carefully studied the information about them, which we will also share with you. These criteria will help you make your choice even faster, but you can try each one and then choose the one that suits you best. Let’s now take a look at what is the best DNS server for gaming.

Top 10 DNS Servers

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Google Public DNS – Best DNS Server for Gaming

This service is quite simple and very convenient to use, especially for beginners in this field. Here you can quickly and well change the names of your provider without fear that the data will leak out into the network somewhere. The privacy of this best free DNS server is excellent. All data in the summary log is veiled, and the user’s location is reduced simply to the name of the city. In addition, the log data is permanently deleted every 2 weeks. Another plus is the absolute transparency of the developers, they are always honest with their users, and they also describe everything they can exactly as it is without exaggeration.


best dns server for gaming

An excellent and fairly popular server that has the highest rating among all good DNS servers for gaming. This is partly due to the name Here, most of the focus is on the basics, so the service works perfectly and without interruption. Developers are actively working with quality performance, conducting numerous tests on other helper sites. Considering this, this best DNS to use for gaming can be called the fastest of all, according to its thousands of users. In addition, one of the advantages is complete confidentiality, as well as the availability of a place where you can contact technical support if you have any questions.


gaming dns servers

This best free secure DNS appeared on the network only in 2016, but this doesn’t mean at all that the manufacturers have no experience, and their product is not of high quality. It is this server that is able to do something that is practically not found anywhere else. Here, the developers have tried to create the ability to block malicious domains that can somehow affect the computer or introduce a lot of spam. This also includes blocking sites 18+. It may not yet be clear to you what it is about, but the owners of the DNS server gaming were able to describe everything as accurately as possible in the information about “various public and private sources”. And as you already understood, they aren’t trying to work on the amount of information, but on its quality.


gaming dns

We have already mentioned it above. Yes, the site management here is practically the same as in Google Public DNS, but even so, it is here that the explanations are indicated more clearly and in detail. This free ipv6 DNS server opened back in 2005 which indicates its expertise. It is now owned by Cisco and continues to grow rapidly, increasing its capabilities and scale. Other advantages also include blocking phishing sites by default, as well as additional web filtering, which will be directly important when using this DNS for gaming. In addition, you can see the history of your Internet activity, which no one else has the right to see and use.

Comodo Secure DNS

best free dns server

You probably know Comodo Group and their excellent quality products, among which there is also the best gaming DNS, which shows the same excellent performance. And here it is immediately clear that the focus is on the safety of users and their information. That is, if you go to any sites with viruses and spam, parked domains, spyware, and other problems, you will immediately know about these problems. That is why it will be important for every gamer to use this best DNS for Fortnite. Also, if you are interested in reading and using information about setting up a server on Windows PCs, Macs, routers, and Chromebooks.

DNS Verisign

good dns servers for gaming

If you were looking for a suitable server, you may have heard of it. When you visit their website, you can see what they offer you. In DNS free Internet, they talk about stability and uninterrupted work with the server, as well as excellent security and safety. Also, their big plus is that user data won’t be used anywhere else and won’t be transferred to third-party companies for the possibility of further sale or distribution of advertising. It’s also worth noting that you can now find this gaming DNS under the name Neustar UltraDNS Public. This is due to the fact that the assets were sold. But still, all functions and rules remain the same.


Server offers you a great way to get rid of censorship while browsing the Internet or playing games. It is worth noting that the developers and managers of this server are volunteers who have been doing their job perfectly for several years. It is unlikely that you will see this in other DNS servers for gaming. Furthermore, it is this feature that makes this product generally available and completely free. It is also important that during development the ability was added to block a possible “DNS hijacking” that can occur during an erroneous URL. Therefore, here you don’t have to worry at all about security and the possibility of any errors.


Representatives and developers of this DNS server for gaming are based in Denmark under the leadership of Thomas Steen Rasmussen. And as you understand, this means a high level of confidentiality of all data of each user. In addition, the server has excellent performance, reliability, and a user-friendly interface that will be easy for new users to understand. And all the information about the use of each function is described in a very detailed and understandable way. So if you are a beginner and want to already work with FreeDNS, you can safely use this particular server for your future work on the Internet.


dns server for gaming

A very reliable and secure server for every Internet user, as well as those new to this field. It’s worth noting that you can use both the free version of CleanBrowsing and the paid ones. In the free one, you get complete confidentiality of your data, which is increased for users/families with children. That is, you can use special filters to prevent users from going to adult sites while using the Internet. It is clear that in the paid version these functions are slightly better, and the number of possibilities is increased. But if you don’t need a lot of features, you can opt for a free service without any problems.

AdGuard DNS

best gaming dns

This server will adequately close our top best gaming DNS servers. The best feature of the server is the complete blocking of ads and other spam on various sites (this is probably one of the most common problems that you encounter, perhaps even while playing games). In addition, additional functions include blocking counters, sites with viruses that can harm your computer and its system, and also block content and sites for adults if children can also use your computer. Thus, young users of the worldwide network will not be able to go to “forbidden” sites and harm the system.

We believe that of all the best DNS servers in my area that we have just told you about, you should choose exactly Cloudflare. Surely you think so too, thanks to the opportunities that it opens up. And indeed it is! There are many pleasant reviews on the net from users who have been using this server for years. And during all this time, many of them have not been able to see any problems and shortcomings that may be encountered in other paid versions of gaming DNS servers. If you still like another free open DNS, then choose it. So don’t be afraid to try and use them yourself. Good luck!

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