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There are a lot of different heroes in Dota, who play different roles in the game. To choose a hero, you need to understand what role you want to play during the battle in Dota 2. The game has 3 main roles – tank, support, and carry. We have collected a list of Dota 2 beginner heroes, where we will tell you in detail about the best heroes to start your way. Each character has an easy to master abilities and small options in the building.

How Many Heroes Are There in Dota 2?

Dota 2 has 119 heroes, and each of them has at least four abilities and several build options that can change the style of play. We recommend that beginners not try to play with all these characters. Better if you take Dota 2 easy heroes, it will bring you more pleasure from the game.

Strategy for Mastering Dota 2 Characters

Choose 2-3 heroes for yourself and play them during the initial period. Then, after you raise your skills to a level where you can play confidently even with one of them, it’s time to add another hero to your personal list. This way, you can continue and expand your arsenal of Dota 2 best heroes.

Dragon Knight

dota2 easy heroes

Dragon Knight is a confident and successful hero. However, players usually take this Dota 2 starter hero because of his skill of passive regeneration, which constantly restores health. Also, the middle position helps to gain more experience than on other lines because players fight alone here.

Depending on the situation, players often make such assemblies (sets) for Dragon Knight:

For more health: Crimson Guard, Heart of Tarrasque;

For more damage: Mjolnir, Silver Edge.


dota2 best heroes

Viper – one of the Dota 2 characters for beginners that you will face in the first games. He has an easy-to-use ability to slow down enemies and deal periodic, but very strong damage. Viper movement speed is high, and the attack animation is convenient.

The Viper does not need a large number of items to kill opponents, so its ability to deal a lot of damage at the beginning of the game. Its slowing down ability prevents enemies from raiding. Zoning is made possible by Viper’s ability to keep enemies away from a certain zone or gather them in one place for more effective collective attacks with allies.

If you have an advantage at an early stage, don’t waste time feeding other characters. Better create a snowball, buy items for killing (Mjolnir, Butterfly), or Aghanim Scepter to improve your final ability.


dota 2 starter heroes

A Lion is a character with four active abilities, and beginners are not so easy to master them. However, those who are brave enough to choose this character at the beginning of their journey through Dota 2 will notice the simplicity and efficiency of Lion. By sucking mana out of enemies and creeps, Lion can always use his abilities.

In most cases, Lion plays as support but depending on the situation, he can become a real killer capable of destroying the entire enemy team with a single click of the mouse. This is one of the best beginner Dota 2 heroes.

Players help to chase the opponents and can start the fight with their first ability Earth Spike. Those enemies, who depend on their mana, will be especially affected by Lion’s activity.

How to attack when you are playing Lion

  • You must combine the first and second abilities to extend the time of inactivity of the opposing hero.
  • First, throw the stun and use Hex at the end of his work.
  • If your team has other fixation abilities, you can keep your enemies in stun and in Hex even before they die.


what dota2 hero should i play?

The Sniper is small and looks harmless, but in some situations, he can cause incredible damage to the enemy team. The Sniper shoots from such a long distance that the enemies must guess who is attacking them.

The ultimatum ability of this Dota 2 new player hero effectively kills enemies with low health, and it happens from a distance. The Shrapnel ability can zonate enemies. Helps to choose the attack direction.

Sniper has no escapes, so the heroes who can quickly get to their victims can easily kill him.

Experienced players never fight in the front rows. The right position for them is the one from where you can attack the enemies without fear of a quick response. Hills and other terrain features are an advantage for this hero.

An effective object for him is Hurricane Pike. This makes it possible to repel close enemies and quickly shoot them four times. The best efficiency can be obtained with items to increase damage (Mjolnir, Daedalus, MKB).


dota 2 characters for beginners

Lich has four active abilities, but all of them are easy to use, with targeted instructions. Each of Lich’s abilities is useful and has a small cooldown. This is a good Dota 2 hero for beginners.

You can play on any line as support. The ability to Frost Shield helps protect allies of characters and buildings. The Frost Blast ability can keep enemies in constant tension. Use the Sinister Gaze’s ability to shoot down the abilities of the enemies or to launch positional attacks.

After the lining phase, Lich should help his allies with protection skills. He can activate the maximum ability with a good position, and inflict enormous damage under certain circumstances.

It is not recommended to use Lich’s maximum ability for only one victim. If you will use it for two or more opponents standing next to each other it will be much more effective.

What Dota 2 Hero Should I Play?

All Dota 2 heroes have their own advantages and disadvantages. It would be nice to learn every hero, all the abilities, and what items you should build for a different hero. This knowledge will help you choose the right hero in the game. A good choice can change the whole situation and create an advantage for your team even before the start.

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