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The Gigabit Ethernet Switch distributes traffic among various devices on the network. It doesn’t connect directly to the internet, it just directs traffic. In a nutshell, an Ethernet switch for gaming takes a signal (such as network packets) from a router that establishes an Internet connection and sends the signal (such as a TV, media receiver, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One) and vice versa. The best network switch for gaming distributes the internet connection to all devices for which it has enough ports, making this connection as reliable as possible.

The gaming Ethernet switch serves as the main network device, whose functions include connecting all connected devices into one local network. Modern switches are multifunctional devices that greatly assist in the work of network administrators. Think of your network as a building: the internet connection is the front door, the internet signal is the person entering the building, and the switch is the elevator. It sends a signal to the desired floor, bypassing all the others, so the signal is not lost or idle.

Most modern DSL routers have 3-4 so-called LAN ports. These ports transmit network data at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps to connected devices and receive data at the same rate in theory. This requires only a LAN cable. For example, if you have a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet at home, you can easily connect them directly to the router (or do so via the Power line module). Smartphones and tablets, as a rule, do not have a built-in LAN port, and data is transmitted over Wi-Fi.

However, those with a gaming console, Smart TV, media receiver, or NAS drives at home may not have enough LAN ports on their router, which means having the best gaming switch. In theory, you can, of course, connect all the devices intended for this via Wi-Fi, but the cable guarantees a more reliable connection and faster speeds. Therefore, especially for game consoles, it is worth using the best network switches for gaming.

It is also necessary to take into account that the performance of the entire local network directly depends on the correct choice of the best gigabit switch for gaming. For a successful purchase of a switch for gaming, it is necessary to take into account several factors, the main of which are: the required number of ports, data transfer speed, and functionality. Unmanaged gaming network switches have found their way into home networks, while in enterprises the priority remains with managed models.

We’ve compiled a list of the best gaming switches based on expert opinions and customer reviews. Our recommendations will help you choose the best switch for gaming, the best for your requirements and desires. There are many competitors on the world market for equipment, but we have selected the best manufacturers and recommend that you pay special attention to them:

  • D-link;
  • TP-LINK.

It was on the basis of them that we made a network switch review. So let’s get started and see some examples of quality home network switch reviews that you can use on your own for gaming.

Best 16 Port Gigabit Switch

Best 16 Port Gigabit Switch

And so, to begin with, we will show you one of the largest switches in terms of the number of slots: TP-LINK TL-SF1016D. Usually, devices with as many connections as possible are required for professional players who simply need these connections. And of course it can be used by office workers as well. But it’s worth noting that your PC or laptop must be ready for such a high load.

The device is designed on the basis of the Plug-and-Play standard, any port can be used as a primary port. To start, the switch just needs to be connected to a server or hub.

The use of innovative energy-saving technology can reduce the cost of electricity consumption by 25%. All ports (16 units) work according to the auto-MDL/MDIX method, which allows you to ignore the type of cable connected.

A modern built-in and certified power supply unit guarantees stable and long-term operation. The innovative technology in the best 16 port switch allows the device to automatically set the power mode, depending on the length of the cable and the status of the connection.

Best 8 Port Gigabit Switch

Best 8 Port Gigabit Switch

Now let’s take a look at the merits of the D-link DES-1210-08P. The best 8 port switch combines operational safety features with broad control capabilities. The easy-to-use device is equipped with 10/100 Mbps ports. The ports support automatic crossover detection for desktop connectivity.

The device is provided with a wide range of functions for productive management of settings; the user has access to change the password or download the necessary software. It is also worth noting that this best 8 port Ethernet switch features protection against dangerous viruses. Also, the authentication system makes it possible to use an external server to authorize the consumer.

The device contains the necessary software that provides protection against network attacks. At the same time, access to unauthorized servers is blocked. With the help of a special utility SmartConsole, the possibility of remote control of ports is realized. The utility also provides a simple initial switch configuration.

Best 5 Port Gigabit Switch

Best 5 Port Gigabit Switch

D-link DGS-1100-05 can be considered the best 5 port switch considering its features, quality and huge number of users. The device uses the D-Link Green methodology, which allows you to reduce energy costs and reduce the investment that is usually spent on cooling. The device can determine the current state for any port, and automatically put inactive units into sleep mode.

A practical interface helps network admins manage the device at the port level. The interface can be controlled via a browser, which allows you to monitor the operation of the switch from a computer connected to the network.

The device is characterized by a fairly large list of functions. The Static MAC option provides the ability to create a “white” list of MAC addresses, and the use of IGMP Snooping reduces multicast traffic. Built-in cable diagnostics in the switch can detect loops and automatically shut down the port if any. If you are not a professional gamer and you do not need a lot of different connections, then this particular switch will suit you best, you will agree.

Best 4 Port Switch

Best 4 Port Switch

And finally, we will show the most compact and frequently used switch among novice gamers: D-LINK 100G5PSW. Its main advantages are high stress resistance. That is, it can and should be used if you work at high temperatures, with a wide range of vibrations and shocks. Compared with the same switches but with a larger number of slots, it is much more economical and has significantly environmental characteristics. It allows you to connect standard industrial applications to your computer without complicated settings. Accordingly, this is a simpler option that is suitable for almost everyone. But even so, if you have more serious applications or a larger number of them, then it is better to choose a larger switch.

Its sleek design, thanks to its metal body, allows the switch to maintain a stable temperature and stay cool to maintain optimal performance at all times, and can also be used on a desk or mounted on a wall. Finally, its operation is very easy for the user. Since this is a Plug & Play device, we only need to connect the switch to a power source and connect the RJ45 network cables to the switch for it to work. If you are looking for a simple, stable and elegant switch, we recommend this best 4 port gigabit switch.

So, we showed some good products that are in high demand among gamers, office workers and general PC users. You do not have to worry about their quality at all, because all our options are of sufficient quality and have long been established in the market, even taking into account the high competition. Also, they will not in any way affect the overall operation of the computer, but will only be able to facilitate sufficiently large and complex operations for it. Depending on your needs, you need to choose the right device. If you have many size applications, you just need to get a switch with a lot of ports. So you can be sure that it can withstand the entire load and will transmit the signal as clearly as possible. If you are a novice gamer, then 4-5 ports for gaming will be enough for you. In turn, we will recommend taking exactly the 8-port switch. This amount will be enough for you. Even if you don’t use all of them, you will still need them someday.

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