Best Fallout 4 Weapons

Fallout 4 developers have proposed a very flexible weapon designer that allows you to turn any barrel for any cartridge into an assault rifle, carbine, or rifle. However, what is the best Fallout 4 weapons? We’ve reviewed all of the weapons in the game and add-ons to answer this question. Be warned, the text contains spoilers about where you can find the best weapons in Fallout 4.

The Best Fallout 4 Gun

Let’s start our Fallout 4 guide with one of the most common and affordable weapons – a pistol. To get the most out of pistols, you need to pump the Duelist perk. At tier 5, non-automatic pistols do 100% more damage and are more likely to disarm and even injure the enemy when fired from them. Nevertheless, pumping this branch is not always rational, since assault rifles and carbines are more effective than pistols in an intense battle.

10mm Pistol

10mm Pistol

Therefore, on the list in the first position is an ordinary 10 mm automatic pistol, very common in the Commonwealth, with the installation of modifications for which a player of level 4–15 can cope.

Alien Blaster Pistol

This weapon is unique, it exists in a single copy, it does not have a legendary property. It fires blue plasma that travels faster than normal green plasma. To obtain a weapon, a character must have a level of 20 or higher, then a falling UFO would appear in the sky over the Commonwealth.

The Gainer

The Gainer

If you urgently need a good pistol, you can take The Gainer. This six-round revolver chambered for the rare .44 round delivers superior damage to 96 points and adds 15 points of fire. The main thing is to cope with the recoil.

Assault Rifles

For close-range combat, the coolest Fallout 4 weapon would be a rapid-fire assault rifle equipped with a collimator sight. For maximum efficiency, it is worth pumping the Commando perk: at the fifth level, all automatic weapons do 100% more damage and increase the chance to stun the enemy.

38 Caliber Assault Rifle

38 Caliber Assault Rifle

Let’s start our category overview with the most affordable .38 caliber. Despite the weak cartridge, such a weapon has the most modifications and can be pumped from the third level of the Survivor. A large magazine and the availability of cartridges would allow you to fill enemies with lead. Even at the end of the game, this weapon is useful for destroying light targets, for which it is a pity to waste good ammo.

45 Caliber Assault Rifle

45 caliber weapons are also best used as assault rifles. By sacrificing recoil in favor of the rate of fire, you can get a very powerful barrel, and a voluminous magazine can come in handy in a fight with several Death Claws.

Spray n’ Pray

Spray n' Pray

This is a unique submachine gun in Fallout 4 that deals explosive damage to 15 points, but the weapon can be fully upgraded to make it a real killing machine.


Another good weapon in Fallout 4 are carbines. Carbines of 5.56 mm, .308, and .45 caliber can help to confidently fight at medium distances due to the better indicators of bullet accuracy and accuracy than those of the submachine guns from the paragraph above. To maximize damage, you need to pump the “Carbine Expert” perk.

Assault Carbine 5.56

Assault Carbine 5.56

This high-tech 5.56mm carbine is ubiquitous among high-tier enemies throughout the Commonwealth. It can be converted into a combat machine, or you can leave it with a carbine – the choice is yours. We would recommend choosing a carbine due to its high accuracy, huge damage, and economy of ammunition consumption.

Carabiner .308

A standard .45 caliber carbine is best converted to a .308 caliber – this way you can get much more firepower, albeit at the cost of a slight loss of accuracy. Both carbines are slow firing and have a lot of recoils, but in our opinion, the .308 is better suited for long-range firefights, especially if the Legendary property is present.

Kiloton Radium Rifle

Kiloton Radium Rifle

Far Harbor add-on required. This is a unique .45 caliber carbine that deals physical, explosive, and radiation damage, and is sold in a modified form. To buy a Kiloton Radium rifle, visit Brother Kane in the Core after completing the Misty Visions quest.


In Fallout 4, there are a lot of all types of weapons, but few shotguns: two types of firearms, three types of energy. However, we won’t consider the latter. They are inferior to the former in power and more difficult to control, also they are expensive to operate since energy ammunition is more expensive than a conventional cartridge.

Combat Shotgun

Any Combat Shotgun would work for your purposes, so get one as soon as possible. Semi-automatic firing mode can save you from constant reloading, and as your character develops (from 3 to 35 levels), you can make a bunch of modifications.

Sniper Rifles

.308 And .50 Sniper Rifle

.308 And .50 Sniper Rifle

You must make your first rifle from the Hunting Carbine, which is available from the first hours of the game. The top weapons at the initial and middle stages of Fallout 4 would be sniper rifles.

Overseer’s Guardian

Despite being a carbine, its legendary double-shot capability and affordability (sold by Alexis from Vault 81 for 3,000 credits) make for an interesting sniper rifle. A .45 caliber is used, but you can change the barrel to a .308 caliber.

Exotic Weapons

Atom’s Judgement

Atom’s Judgement

We consider Atom’s Judgement to be the most powerful Fallout 4 weapon. Far Harbor add-on required. It is given by the Great Zealot Richter as a reward for the quest “The Heretic”. In addition to the base melee weapon damage to 40 points, Atom’s Judgement inflicts up to 400 points of radiation damage to the target, and another 100 points of damage give the legendary radiation property, which makes it the highest damage weapon Fallout 4. Like any hammer, it has a slow attack speed.

Final Judgment

This is a unique Fallout 4 Gatling laser that recharges 15% faster and 25% faster firing than a regular Gatling. The disadvantage of this weapon is the difficulty of obtaining it – you can’t receive it if you end the game as the Brotherhood of Steel.

Kremvh’s Tooth

Kremvh’s Tooth

This melee weapon, in addition to the main physical damage, inflicts 30 units of poison to any target in 10 seconds, and all the possibilities for its modification are preserved (like a regular cleaver). If you like hand-to-hand combat, then this weapon would be the first in your inventory.The authors of the blog have found the best weapons from different categories so that you can choose a comfortable option for yourself and not sag in damage. The exact answer to the question “What is the best weapon in Fallout 4?” simply not, because in this game there are a lot of types of weapons and each is good in its own way, choose which you yourself like best.

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