To date, the most prominent series of games about the post-apocalypse and alternative history has ten parts, and they are all different.

Over the past twenty years, Fallout has had several changes in its owners, who put some vision into what seemed to be the ideal formula. The howl that fans and sympathizers accompanied the release of Fallout 76 can still be heard in the heathlands. It is worth remembering that dubious decisions began to haunt the series even before the birth of many of today’s Internet truths. The history of Fallout has never been smooth.

We present Fallout games ranked, ranging from the best to the worst. If you suddenly decide to start exploring it, we recommend that you follow our plan because we are going to talk about the best Fallout games.

Fallout 2

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Fallout 2 – the continuation of the original game, and a completely independent story. The action takes place in the north of California. After the events of the first part, many years have passed, and you can know nothing about them to understand the essence of what is happening. Of course, there are references and old characters of the original, but you won’t feel that you miss something.

Incredibly brave in the text, deep in the system, and bottomless in the volume of content. Absolutely one of the best Fallout games. You can pass Fallout 2 three times with different characters, and each time discovers a lot of new. And in general, we can not forcefully exaggerate, saying that this is almost the only RPG that is worth passing repeatedly, not only out of unrestrained love but also out of curiosity.

Fallout 3

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Defenders of the classics gave Fallout 3 an offensive nickname – “Oblivion with guns. It is because the new owner of the rights too carelessly transferred his series to the technical base of The Elder Scrolls. But in reality, Fallout 3 has enough depth, absorbing moments, and unexpected creative discoveries. Despite the fact that the tactical fight was sacrificed to the three-dimensional view in the first person, Fallout 3 is not worse than the classic parts of the series. Actually, this is the best Fallout game to start with.

Yes, it does not have that text and the old impertinence, but there are many engaging quests and fascinating options for passing. Unfortunately, in parts of Fallout from Bethesda, accents began to shift more and more visibly in the direction of adventure in a dumpster, which in its own way is also fascinating but, we love this game for other things.


best fallout games

In the mid-nineties, the genre of role-playing games was in decline. All tired of the same type of games under license D&D and the swamp needed a shake.

Before Fallout, it was believed that role-playing games are necessarily the adventures of warriors and wizards in dungeons with skeletons and dragons. The first part of the series broke this canon of the knee and presented to the public an interestingly written world of alternative history, which fell on nuclear bombs. The game definitely deserves a place in the best fallout games ranked.

Fallout: New Vegas

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In the community of conservative fans, New Vegas is considered the best Fallout game, but this position can be argued. The volume of references to the first two games sometimes reaches such an unhealthy level that it seems that instead of developing a completely independent game, Obsidian set itself the task to please the militant retrograde.

The text is much more than in Fallout 3, but it is not clear why it is so much. Moreover, the abundance of lengthy dialogues seriously damages the game dynamics. Fallout 1 and 2 were leisurely turn-based games of an absolutely different kind, and Bethesda realized that it was a bad idea to make another book game from a three-dimensional adventure. But Obsidian forgot about these new circumstances.

However, against the background of everything that came out in the series, New Vegas remains one of the best Fallout.

Fallout 76

worst fallout games

Everything connected with it was as strange as possible. We mean developers’ strange decisions inside, curious situations outside. Here we see an incredible number of bugs, the absence of any characters, an inexpressive PvP-system, and the enormous sacrifice in the history of the series, or even in video games in general.

There was a full-fledged multiplayer mode but lost a decent plot, exciting quests, the overall quality of the product. At one point, it seemed that this game is cursed: every scandal that was associated with it looked fantastic.

One of the few strengths of Fallout 76 was the visual range. The game had the cost of a full-fledged project, but it turned out to be the worst Fallout game.

It’s up to everyone to decide which Fallout is the best, but we recommend that you follow our list to fully experience this incredible legendary series.

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