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Many users underestimate how important a motherboard is when assembling a computer. But why pay a lot of attention to it – it doesn’t affect performance at all? This isn’t entirely true. The maximum overclocking level of the processor and sometimes the maximum amount of RAM depends on the parameters of the motherboard. Motherboards bring all the components together and tie all the components into a single system – don’t underestimate its importance. However, a motherboard doesn’t have to be the most expensive part of a PC – and in the budget segment there are decent models that will last a decade. But true connoisseurs of the computer pay attention to the fact that their device has a high-quality part from the best motherboards brands, and it works in the best possible way. Only under this condition will you be as sure as possible in the smooth and fast operation of the computer, and the rest of its components work smoothly and flawlessly to perform all their functions. Roughly speaking, a motherboard is almost the “heart” of any computer. Therefore, if you use a defective part, the whole operation of your personal computer will be the same, or it will fail altogether.

If you are going to buy a new or replace an old motherboard, then it is understandable that you need to invest money to buy a quality motherboard brand. This will give the chance that the computer will perform much better than before. In addition, all parts will accelerate better, which is why all functions will be performed many times faster. Now the market for motherboard manufacturers is very wide, so finding the best part is much more difficult. Therefore, you need to be vigilant when choosing, as well as directly at the time of purchase. If you still don’t know which motherboard brands you need to choose, then this article will be excellent and useful advice for you. Here you can find many useful details that can be key when choosing a part for your device. Therefore, read carefully and make the right choice.

The Best Motherboard Manufacturer

motherboard manufacturers

Asus Motherboard Review

Now we will make a small Asus motherboard review 2021 for you, in which we will show the best motherboards from this manufacturer. They are the most popular, popular and high-quality products that are definitely worth paying attention to. So, let’s start the Asus motherboard review with the ROG Maximus XIII Hero, because it really can be considered one of the best motherboards on the market. The main characteristics include:

  • the presence of the ATX factor (the newest and most advanced computers have it);
  • installed chipset from Intel Z590;
  • dual channel memory mode;
  • there is an LGA1200 socket;
  • “special” part for flashing ASUS computers.

In addition, there are several ports with Thunderbolt 4, which opens up more options. It is also worth noting that the size of the heatsink here is much larger than in ordinary motherboards, which directly affects the operation. In addition, we asked the users of this board about the cons. In the end, some indicated only a high cost (it really is), but still for that kind of money, you will get an excellent part from the best motherboard maker. Also in the kit you will receive excellent computer functioning, good performance, special four connectors that are designed for solid-state drives, support for Wi-Fi 6 and PCIe 4.0, and also has RGB backlighting, which makes it stand out from the bulk of ordinary boards and parts. This is the part you must purchase if you want to build a truly high-quality PC yourself using the best premium parts. Another position in our Asus motherboard review is the X570 TUF Gaming Plus. She can be considered the personification of art among all the usual gray pieces of iron. Yes, this line has been on the market and on sale for a long time, but even after so much time it continues to hold the brand of an excellent motherboard. Many gamers love it very much, because it allows much more than mainboards from the regular segment. The AMD X570 chipset is installed here, the same form factor as in the previous model, there are also 2 channels and a wireless 802.11 b/g/n/ac interface. And that’s not all of their advantages.

MSI Motherboard Review 2021

motherboards brands

Let’s start the MSI motherboard review with the MEG Z490 Godlike. If you are a gamer, developer, or just want the very best parts in your computer, then you should start by purchasing this board. There is an E-ATX factor here, which is slightly different from ATX in size and installation method. In addition, there is an Intel Z490 chipset (it also differs from the 590 series, but basically the characteristics are quite similar). You can also insert 128 GB into each of the 4 memory slots, which further enhances the capabilities of your device. Also, installed is the LGA1200 socket, which is found in the best and newest PCs. Of the other advantages, when compiling the msi motherboard review, we highlighted high-quality and easy assembly of the entire system, the presence of a thunderbolt video output, which is certainly important for high-quality playback, high-quality, easy and fast BIOS overclocking.

The only one downside that users noticed is the presence of only two power connectors for the processor with eight pins.

Compared to other modern motherboard makers, the numbers are slightly lower. It should be borne in mind that the work of this board practically does not differ from them, because all the components are made with high quality. The only thing that distinguishes it from the rest is the price, it is slightly lower. Now we will continue the MSI motherboard review with the B450 Tomahawk. Inside this board there are:

  • high-quality AMD B450 chipset, which will provide a good connection between different systems and parts of the computer;
  • standard ATX form factor for high-end motherboards;
  • support for 4 DDR4 DIMM slots for additional memory up to 128 GB.

It’s also worth noting that this board has been released for several years in a row, and has all the best updates every year. Many users noted that the board has been serving them for a long time without losing its power and basic performance characteristics. The disadvantages include a slow BIOS update and that’s it. This problem isn’t too oversimplified if you can set aside a little more time than it may have taken before.

Gigabyte – Best Brand for Motherboard

motherboard brand

In our Gigabyte motherboard review, we take a look at the Z490 Gaming X and Aorus X570 Master models. Let’s start by looking at the first option in our review of the motherboard Gigabyte. If you are in need of a cheap but high-quality version of the board for a good, long and smooth operation of your PC, then pay attention to this and the second option. They are actually 2 times cheaper than analog devices of the luxury class, but at the same time they have practically the same productivity indicators and other characteristics. Everything is roughly the same here:

  • built-in ATX form factor, as in the expensive options that we considered above;
  • ultra-powerful Intel Z490 chipset;
  • there are four slots for additional memory up to 128 GB;
  • support for Q-Flash, Q-Flash Plus and Xpress Install, which further affects the quality of the part.

In addition, it has a dedicated screen for input and output, as well as a convenient four-pin connector. It is because of these characteristics that the Z490 Gaming X got into our Gigabyte motherboard review. Of the minuses, we were able to notice the lack of USB Type-C connectivity. However, you can use other connection types. It is clear that there are other settings here, which may be weaker than more powerful motherboards, but this isn’t fatal, because the system will work perfectly. Let’s move on to the second part of the Gigabyte motherboard review and consider the Aorus X570 Master. The main characteristics are similar to the previous model of this brand, except improved AMD Socket AM4, support for many useful technologies, such as: AMD Quad-GPU CrossFire, 2-Way AMD, and many others, which directly improve some properties of this part and the computer itself. At the same time, there are other pluses here, which we noted when reviewing the board. This includes the presence of an I/O Shield. The only drawback is the inconvenient placement of some ports. Its price is $100 higher than the previous version, but its functions are already much improved and work even faster and better. It can still be called the budget option, although they correspond to the elite options.

ASRock Motherboard Review

asus motherboard review

So let’s take a look at two excellent models from the best quality motherboard brand. These options are really worthy to install in your computer and run at full capacity. Let’s start the ASRock motherboard review with the X570 Phantom Gaming X. As you already understood from the name, this model is suitable for video game enthusiasts with a lot of weight. This board consists of an AMD AM4 socket (in various comparisons with other variants, it certainly has more advantages), a special AMD AM4 chipset is installed, which is installed only on some models with greater capabilities and functions, and more. As in other similar models from other manufacturers, here you can use 4 AMD AM4 connectors to connect additional memory to your computer. While defining the data for our ASRock motherboard review 2021, we also noticed the presence of a very beautiful design, ease of installation of the part into the computer system, and a sufficiently high quality cooling system. The downside was found to be a complicated process of updating the storage. In the second part of the ASRock motherboard review, we’ll take a look at the X299 Taichi. You should immediately pay attention to the LGA-2066 socket. It is much better than even some expensive versions of the board from other manufacturers. One of the new Intel X299 chipsets is also installed here. In addition, thanks to this board you can insert even more additional memory, because it has four channels of memory support, as well as 8 x DDR4. Isn’t that cool? There is also one very useful feature here, which is the presence of 3 x PCIe M.2, which will directly affect the coherence of all systems and the work of the PC in general.

It is clear that for such an excellent set of parameters, you will have to spend more money. But believe me – it’s worth it and you are unlikely to regret such a purchase.

NZXT Motherboard Review 2021

best motherboard maker

Let’s take a look at two of the best models from our NZXT motherboard review. If you are looking for a not very expensive option for active work and downloading heavy applications on your computer, then pay attention to the model N7 B550. It practically doesn’t differ from the representatives of the more expensive segment. But if he was like everyone else, he would not have made it to the NZXT motherboard review. The quality and best parts are installed here: form factor, chipset, connector, and there is also plenty of room for additional memory. But there is a feature here like AMD 2-Way CrossFireX, which is very rare. This will allow you to use two video cards at once, while getting twice the power for the active work of the computer and its full load. In addition, there is built-in Wi-Fi 6E, which will make your connection to the network much faster and speed up the process of downloading anything. The only drawback is the lack of a rear panel. But this is not important, because you are unlikely to admire the detail.

We will continue our NZXT motherboard review with the N7 Z390 version. You have probably already guessed that this is not the newest Z390 chipset from Intel. It is because of this that its price is much lower, and its performance practically does not differ from other modern versions of the chipset. Here you will also be able to insert additional memory in 4 × DDR4. The LGA 1151v2 processor socket is also not very new. But if you don’t need to use too complicated calculations or programs on your PC, then these characteristics will be more than enough for you, because the computer will work much better anyway. As you understand, this best brand motherboard presents consumers with really high quality parts at a very affordable price. Therefore, feel free to choose them for the stable operation of your PC.

Biostar Motherboard Review

motherboard makers

Let’s continue the trend and start looking at examples in the BIOSTAR motherboard review 2021. And the first model will be the X570GT. Also, inside there are 4 slots for additional memory up to 64 GB. This is certainly not 128 GB, but this amount of memory may be enough for you, even if you actively use heavy programs. Due to this, the price is very low, so you can easily purchase a board. It is this part in the Biostar motherboard review that will be different from other parts from other manufacturers. Still, you probably won’t notice much difference in computer performance. It is also worth noting that the board itself is very beautiful, as it has built-in VIVID LED DJ lighting effects. It’s a small thing, but if you pick up the right parts from the same motherboard makers, then everything will look more aesthetically pleasing, especially at night. Therefore, if you want to have not only a well-working PC, but also a beautiful workplace, then this is exactly what you need. The second model in the Biostar motherboard review will be the B560M. This item consists of:

  • LGA 1200 CPU socket, which will provide you with excellent power supply to the processor;
  • the ability to use 4 x DIMM DDR4 up to 128 GB;
  • Intel B560 chipset for superior memory overclocking and improved PC performance.

Given the presence of these and other high-tech components of the board, the price will be significantly higher (more by $200) than in the previous example. The price can be considered the only drawback of this board, because otherwise it is perfect. But if you are looking for a suitable option, given that you will be very active on your computer and perform several operations at once, then you definitely need to buy this board. And in order for the whole system to work as smoothly as possible, immediately choose other parts from this brand.

Colorful Motherboard Review 2021

best motherboard maker

And so, let’s move on to the last Colorful motherboard review for today. It is worth noting that if you are thinking about assembling a computer yourself, or replacing some of its parts, then this particular manufacturer will be the best motherboard maker from all our previous examples. Consider the Colorful CVN X570M GAMING PRO V14. There are 4 dual-channel slots here for additional memory up to 64 GB. This will be enough if you do not need to install a lot of heavy programs and download large files. In addition, the AMD X570 chipset is installed inside, which shows excellent performance and performance, even taking into account the outdated version. If you carefully study the characteristics of this motherboard, you will realize that it is no less worthy of the options that we considered before the Colorful motherboard review.

Also, the price for this part will be significantly affordable for its luxury counterparts. Now let’s move on to H81A-BTC V20. We decided to add this particular model to the Colorful motherboard review because of some of its features and good price/performance ratio. Here you can see the LGA 1150 socket (as in some expensive motherboards), the Intel H81 chipset, which shows excellent performance in various comparisons and tests from the manufacturers themselves. In addition, you can enjoy dual channel mode with two DDR3 slots. This will allow you to add 16 GB of additional memory to your computer. The parts are not new, but not too old either. It is because of this that the price is so minimal. If you are looking for a simple, but still idle board for daily good/moderate computer load (for example, downloading and uploading large files or playing oversized video games), then pay attention to this one.

And the price for this detail can pleasantly surprise you. Here, you don’t need to be afraid that this will cause some components to work less well, which isn’t at all the case, as the manufacturer has been on the list of good computer parts manufacturers for several years now.

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