Gamers are very sensitive to the choice of operating system when they purchase a new gaming computer. The gaming OS they choose should meet some personal requirements, which can vary between people. But some gamers would just get any OS for a gaming package without thinking about it anymore. But you still have plenty to choose from, so it’s better to spend a little time choosing the best gaming OS.

In the virtual world, there are many operating systems, but still, most prefer Windows, since it offers more possibilities. But which version of the gaming operating system is the best? Let’s find out! But first, let’s analyze it for those who still have misconceptions about the designation of the term operating system.

OS is software that must be installed on every computer for its usual functioning. This system controls the entire system, meaning it launches programs, solves assigned tasks, and much more. Let’s take a Mac as an example. Each device has macOS installed, which allows the computer to do its job. Here, we will talk about Microsoft and Windows versions as operating system for gaming.

In addition, the OS is also related to the consumption of memory on the device, processor, and other systems that are essential for the same operation. Of course, if only the appearance of the OS is important to you, then just choose the latest version (Windows 10), since there are more opportunities to customize the interface according to your preferences. But if you are still looking for one of the best-operating systems for gaming and can safely play your favorite video games, it is worth being a little choosy. It has to be more than just standard: it must be powerful enough to handle smooth streaming and running games. So let’s find out about the best options that you should carefully study before installing.

Windows 10 for Gaming

windows 10 pro gaming

This is the latest version of Windows at the moment. It is immediately clear that it is an improvement over the previous few. In addition, unique details have been added in that version that will be important to many users. One of the clear advantages of the Windows 10 gaming edition is that you can effortlessly integrate any game from Xbox Live that you have on your PC. Plus you can connect controllers and other parts for the game. Accordingly, if you aren’t a strong connoisseur of working with a PC, you should already like this option. In addition, as we said, there are many interesting settings here. You can change the Windows 10 gaming backgrounds, icons, and other details so that when you turn on your PC you are already immersed in the atmosphere of games!

As indicated in many sources and by Microsoft itself, it is this version that can hold out as the most relevant for all computer users for at least another 10 years. The last time such a stun was shown was by Windows XP. And even after the official release of version 10, it is installed on billions of devices that support this OS, among which there are, of course, hudrends of thousands and maybe millions of gamers. Surely you agree that this is quite an impressive statistic.

But even so, before installing this version of Windows 10 Pro gaming, make sure that your computer system specifications converge to work together. This is important for the system to work well, provide all the necessary functions and improve the quality of your work and gaming experience. It might seem like a rather expensive pleasure, but if you take into account the capabilities of this OS, which are important for gaming, then this version is be the best choice for you.

Windows 8 for Gaming

windows 8 gaming tablet

This is the previous version of Windows, which is, of course, a little weaker. Immediately, we note that Windows 8 gaming doesn’t have DirectX support, because this is possible only for the latest versions of operating systems. But even in spite of this, many game developers continue to release games that are compatible with version 8 as they understand that there is a huge number of gamers using this OS who, for various reasons, haven’t yet acquired a new one.

But still, if you choose a Windows 8 gaming PC, then keep in mind that with the imminent release of the new version (Windows 11), many games may lose support for version 8. Therefore, don’t panic, there’s still enough time.

As you already understood, for a Windows 8 gaming tablet you don’t need to have the fastest and most powerful processor or video card. The resolution here is quite low, so you can easily install it on any device. Of course, if you have high enough computer performance, then this will undoubtedly be a big plus for the entire computer to work. With version 8, you can also get a lot of features that will definitely come in handy. Your video games will continue to function as they should, even though you may not have high resolution.

This version of Windows 8 gaming computers, of course, has fewer features than 10. But if you care about the cost of the OS and do not have high-level specifications, then you definitely will need this version and not another one. So think critically and choose it!

Is Windows 7 Good for Gaming?

windows 7 gaming edition

This version has been pleasing many users for over 12 years. And imagine, many continue to use it because of a certain comfort! The system itself is quite simple and easy to understand for anyone who has used a computer at least several times. In addition, gamers continue to use the Windows 7 gaming edition. This shows that the system is not too outdated and its preformance is on par with newer versions.

If you are using a Windows 7 gaming computer, you should understand that some games no longer support this format. But don’t be upset. You can find on the Internet an older version of the game or the same reworked game that will be compatible with this version of the OS. Yes, you can imagine, and programmers have already learned this. This opportunity gives you access to many popular games that you yourself probably love to play.

Here, in principle, you don’t need to worry about the technical characteristics of your PC, especially if it is modern and advanced enough. Using a Windows 7 gaming laptop, you can safely play with standard settings and not the highest resolution. Here you can also customize the very design of the OS for yourself, although some features version 10 aren’t available. But it doesn’t really feel like that, especially if you came here to play.

By the way, it is worth noting that this version doesn’t take up much space on your device. So you can calmly instal yourself even more games. Even if you play 2-3 games, not too much load on the storage and on the entire computer in general would give you even better performance due to the fact that there is no unnecessary overload. As an example, you could probably see that the computer or the same phone starts to slow down, work slows down, and so on when you are playing a game and at the same time you can watch a movie, search for something on the Internet or talk to someone on the phone. You feel that the device heats up, and this isn’t very good. But you may not have such problems at all when using the version 7.

Yes, a gaming PC with Windows 7 will have lower performance than subsequent versions, but it isn’t as critical as it seems at first glance. The screen resolution is smaller and the game itself may not be as fast as in 10, but it would still work. So with version 7, you get largely the same quality, although some features won’t be available. So if you need a budget option for a good game, then choose a Windows 7 gaming PC. Believe me, you will be one hundred percent satisfied.

We are sure that you were interested in learning some useful information about the famous OS. Of course, the choice of the right one for you is yours alone, because only you know your needs and capabilities. We do, of course, recommend the latest version, Windows10, because it is here that you will find a wide range of options that you can easily customize for yourself. With that in mind, if you want even better performance and a great PC experience, choose Windows 10 Pro. Believe me, it’s definitely worth it!

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