Parkour is a very interesting and dynamic mechanic in games. This is especially loved by those who do parkour themselves and perceive it as a lifestyle. In many games, the developers have built the plot around the mechanics of parkour, or simply added it as an element of movement and jumping on walls. This top is dedicated to the best parkour games, as well as games in which parkour plays an important role!

Assassin’s Creed

best parkour games

Assassin’s Creed has become one of the most realistic parkour games of our generation – the developers have relied on it after the success of the Prince of Persia because these games are so similar! No other game has ever featured such friendly and intuitive parkour. In the second part, everything became even bigger. There are even more opportunities to use the tracer skills of the hero. Wading through the intricate strings of dungeons or climbing the domes of majestic cathedrals, one could fully appreciate the dexterity and grace of the protagonist. Such beautiful parkour is not found in any other series of games. If you don’t know what is the best parkour video game, then try playing Assassin’s Creed.


fun parkour game

When creating the fun parkour game, the developers were guided by the idea that the player should be given a feeling of great power. We are assigned the role of a warrior-space ninja, capable of creating incredible things thanks to exoskeletons. The characters of this outstanding online game have the coolest parkour with tackles, jumping shots, somersaults, and other acrobatic stunts in the image and likeness of the Assassin.

Warframe has taken a little bit from many fun games, but it is impossible to compare it with anything. This is an amazing multifaceted and incredibly dynamic session-based online third-person shooter that you can play alone or in co-op with friends – in this case, you’ll get incomparably more fun. There is a wide variety of missions to choose from.

Mirror’s Edge

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Unlike all other projects in our top parkour games, Mirror’s Edge is a good first-person parkour game. The new perspective completely changed the feel of virtual parkour. Here we dive headlong into it. We can jump, roll over, kick the opponent who has turned up, instantly change direction, jump to the next roof and continue the crazy race. Of the playable characters, it is Fade that helps to best feel what real parkour is. If you are interested in what game has the best parkour, then this is Mirror’s Edge.

Prince of Persia

good parkour games

At the beginning of the 21st century, Ubisoft acquired the rights to the name and set about rebooting the series. As a result, the parkour game PC Prince of Persia saw the light. The main components of the gameplay, as before, were battles and acrobatics. In the battles, we were helped not only by the magic dagger but also by the gymnastic abilities of the prince. To slip between the enemies, forcing them to collide with each other, or to do a somersault, pushing off the wall and attacking the enemy – was in the order of things for the hero.

To free the princess from captivity, she had to run along sheer walls, climb high-rise buildings, and balance on narrow ledges, risking falling into the abyss at any moment.


epic parkour games

InFamous is a much more solid epic parkour game. There is a rich plot in the best traditions of comics, an enviable variety of missions, and an interesting karma system that allows us to turn our character into a hero or a villain. Our actions not only open access to abilities but also change the face of the city. If we are conscientiously clearing the city of bandits, passers-by would welcome us. If you kill passers-by in the heat of battle, then when you appear, people simply scatter.

Two years later, the second part about Kol’s adventures came out. The authors moved the action to another city, set new enemies on the hero, and seriously expanded the list of abilities.

Prototype 2

awesome parkour games

Perhaps the title of best parkour game in the world deserves Prototype. The main character of the first part, Alex Mercer, in the blink of an eye ran up the steep walls and rushed across the rooftops of New York. His jumping ability would be the envy of any grasshopper. When it came to a fight, the guy swept away everyone who was in his way. It’s worth playing Prototype if only for this feeling of incredible power.

And although the first part did not quite reach the level of its ambitions – the plot and the study of the world were pumped up, in the second awesome parkour game everything turned out as it should. The main character has changed – now this role was assigned to the former soldier James Keller. He became the epitome of drive and destruction, and Prototype 2 is one of the most brutal action films of 2012.

Sleeping Dogs

popular running games

This top parkour game has confirmed and denied the concerns of publishers Activision. Of course, the project did not reach the level of GTA, but it had a bright personality and fully justified the trust of new publishers.

The charm of the new action movie is based on its style and atmosphere, borrowed from Hong Kong cinema. The main character, policeman Wei Shen, was taught not only kung fu but also newfangled parkour. However, Shen did not master It perfectly. Jumping from great heights, jogging on walls, or lightning-fast changes of direction turned out to be within his power, but more complex tricks.

Dying Light

best parkour video games

Spectacular and action-packed popular running survival game with unique mechanic that makes it possible to feel like a tracer in a huge open city during a zombie apocalypse. In addition to exciting parkour, the combat system with the use of melee weapons, which you can craft yourself, plays a significant role in the gameplay of Dying Light.

Seven: The Days Long Gone

top parkour games

An isometric role-playing best parkour video game with stealth, dedicated to the adventures of an unusual thief Teriel, who ended up on a convict island. Unusual, because Teriel made a deal with an ancient demon who endowed him with special skills. Players can find a well-developed post-apocalyptic setting, a huge island full of traps and enemies, variable gameplay, a hero leveling system, as well as an exciting combination of stealth and parkour.


realistic parkour games

The rogue Styx, the protagonist of the stealth-action series named after him, is natural parkour, which, given his craft as a thief and a crook, turned out to be very useful. With the help of his extraordinary abilities, he easily penetrates the most impregnable strongholds of people and elves, after taking out everything valuable from there. Perhaps it was the curious parkour system and hardcore stealth, non-linear levels, and an excellent fantasy atmosphere in parkour game first person that brought Styx unexpected popularity and recognition. The creators of the blog highly recommend that you play at least the top five multiplayer parkour games from our top. It is in these projects that you can experience the mechanics of parkour, climb walls and do incredible stunts.

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