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No one will argue with the fact that these days new games appear every week, if not more often. But at one time there were quite a few of them. If you are 30 years old or under, you probably know what we mean. And most likely you remember playing for hours on the Sega Genesis, also known as the Mega Drive 2.

Today we are going to take a look at the top 7 best online emulators for Sega Genesis to run games from your childhood. We’ll learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of the programs and at the end we’ll draw a conclusion which emulator is still worth using. Let’s get down to the best Sega Genesis emulators review!

1. Gens32 Surreal 1.69

sega genesis emulator ios

Don’t let the similar name with the Gens emulator mislead you: Gens32 was created by a completely different developer, albeit based on the code of the original Gens. If you’re looking for something like enhanced Gens, be sure to check out Gens32. Compared to the classic Gens, it contains more new (and crazy) features.

The first thing that catches your eye is the image that appears when the emulator is inactive. Unlike the first two reviewed emulators, Gens32 uses a static image as such an image (you can see it in the screenshot), but very nice and suitable. Truly innovative! Thanks to such a move, the program interface already looks somehow fresh, moreover, it is very favorable to the game. Before the main window appears in this best Sega CD emulator, we are greeted by a small, again nicely executed welcome window with the program logo. It can be seen that the appearance was far from the last place for the author.

2. Kega Fusion

Kega Fusion

Is the best online emulator for Sega Genesis. Only the Gens emulator can compete with him for the championship. First of all, I would like to note the simply amazing compatibility of the emulator with games. The presentation of the video / audio settings in the program is also noteworthy: they are changed by the em-gamer not in a separate dialog box, but directly from the program menu. Moreover, the functionality did not suffer from this, as one would expect.

We would like to talk about the system for switching regions. As you know, in order to reduce piracy, Sega introduced regional restrictions for cartridges and the consoles themselves. In Kega Fusion, you can either manually switch regions or put on autodetection, and it is even possible to set a sequence for checking regions. Since not a very large percentage of games have regional protection, the frequency of using this menu is rather low, but still nice.

One can talk about the merits of this program for a very, very long time. For many, Kega Fusion remains the best and most favorite emulator. Impressive functionality, user-friendly interface, and at the same time, the small size of the distribution kit make Kega Fusion 2.51 a leader among the leaders!

3. RetroArch

retro arch

Convenient and stylish Sega Genesis emulator Android – the design of the program resembles the interface of PlayStation 3. RetroArch supports online play, achievements and gamepads. It has built-in modules for recording and streaming gameplay, as well as extensive graphics customization options. The list of game consoles supported by RetroArch is very impressive. But for the developers of RetroArch, this was not enough, and they added the ability to run Doom 1, Doom 2, Ultimate Doom and Final Doom. The reason is simple – you can’t be the king of emulators if you don’t have the ability to run Doom.

It is only worth noting that RetroArch does not contain ROM files for various games. The Sega Genesis emulator for PC is a set of Libretto folders and will need to be downloaded separately from third party sites. RetroArch is by far one of the most powerful emulators out there. Most emulators can offer access to directories of just one or two consoles, while RetroArch can run thousands and thousands of games.

4. Kega Lazarus

Kega Lazarus

Kega Lazarus is a multifunctional C ++/GTK emulator for home game consoles from SEGA (excluding the sixth generation Sega Dreamcast game consoles). It is one of the best emulators for Sega. In March 2002, the source code of the emulator was completely lost due to a hard disk breakdown. However, the release of Lazarus SE proves that the author continues to work on it, together with Gens, this emulator rightfully takes the first place. Kega Fusion is easy to use and flexible in settings, has high compatibility with ROM files (ROM image, copy of the cartridge / game disc) formats of game consoles.

This Sega Genesis emulator IOS can work in windowed and full-screen mode, there are graphic filters that smooth the image when zooming in, it supports saving and loading the game, accelerating and decelerating emulation (game speed), creating screenshots, recording video and sound to a file, there is a command ( network) games. High speed, simplicity, great compatibility, flexibility of settings, this is not a complete list of Kega Lazarus advantages. The only strange thing is that the anti-aliasing modes are still not supported!

5. Gens 1.24 Souvenir

In terms of popularity, Gens can surpass Kega Fusion in some cases. The developer claims compatibility with 93% of games. Autodetection of game regions is implemented no worse than in KF, albeit a little differently. In terms of settings, the two competing emulators are surprisingly interchangeable.

The most interesting feature of this best Sega Genesis emulator for Windows is the Sound menu. It has the ability to record the sound of the game not only in WAV, but also in GYM, which takes up much less space. Other options in this menu include the standard change of the audio sampling rate, as well as the ability to enable / disable emulation of sound chips, which is more common in GYM plugins and Meridian players than in an emulator. In the Option menu, you can find the Misc item, use other items to set up control, write save paths, screenshots and patches. In addition, you can save all the settings in one configuration file so that you don’t have to mess around with them again in the future. Unlike some semblance of TV noise that we saw in Kega Fusion, here the author has done something prettier for the idle mode. Something reminiscent of the northern lights.

6. Megasis

What is the Megasis Sega Genesis emulator? It has many great features like game save, gamepad support and graphics acceleration. The gameplay itself is pretty fast and fluid. The main feature is the ability to virtually overclock the genesis processor – in some toys it helps to get rid of the brakes, but the main thing here is not to overclock, otherwise some games can run faster than necessary. ZIP support, frame skipping, hotkeys and a bunch of other options.

Disadvantages of the emulator: it has not been updated for a long time, the image is dark, there are no special graphic filters and auto-selection of the country, often happens incorrectly, which may cause the program to hang. This Sega free emulator has the lowest system requirements of the Genesis Windows emulators (minimum Pentium 133Mhz).

7. Exodus

And the last program in our top Sega Genesis emulators is Exodus. The developers of this application rely on emulation accuracy, good optimization and minimized latency. Thanks to this, their program is compatible with almost all existing games. All the standard features like saves and the ability to play on gamepads are also in place.

The emulator can independently work with zip files, so you don’t even need to unzip the downloaded game, you just need to specify in the emulator the path to the folder with this game and the file in it. A very user-friendly and incredibly easy-to-use emulator. Its main disadvantage is that it cannot run a very large number of games, so it would be necessary to look for what exactly this program can emulate. The blog authors in this review have brought you a list of 7 best Sega Genesis emulators. Several of these emulators must always be in your arsenal, if only because each of them is a separate legend. These emulators can get you a maximum pleasure from gaming and a feeling of nostalgia. We hope that our selection of emulators was useful to you.

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