List of Sims 4 Mods

Over time, any game gets bored and then content additions from developers, or custom popular Sims 4 mods, come into play. Today we will talk about the latter. Mods allow you to transform the game beyond recognition, expand interaction with sims, add new features, and also change existing game mechanics. In this article, we have collected the best mods for Sims 4, which won’t only make the game more interesting, but also allow you to discover the Sims 4 from a completely different side!

List of Sims 4 Mods

Faster Integrations

One of the most boring mechanics of the game is the regular household needs of the Sims, which have to be constantly distracted. Either you want to go to the toilet, then you need to wash urgently, wash your hands, change clothes, swim, and there isn’t enough time for all these activities. If you don’t like to deal with everyday problems, and you want to devote more time to the development of your sim, communication with characters and the study of the virtual world, and not the regular needs, which are enough in life, then of all the recommended Sims 4 mods you will definitely like this one.

Roommates Maximum 999

Roommates Maximum 999

This modification increases the number of tenants in one apartment from 20 to 999. That is why such an improvement can be considered the most unusual of the newest Sims 4 mods. The modification also expands the number of families on one site. Now you can start a family with an unlimited number of characters. So you want to fill the house with large families – everything is in your hands, just don’t forget that everyone needs to be raised, so our advice to you is better to combine this mod with Faster Integrations, which will remove a lot of problems from your shoulders.

Age Matters

Have you ever wondered how old your Sim or pet is? With this one of the must-have Sims 4 mods, you no longer have to torment yourself with these questions, because now you can find out exactly the age of your sim, friend, or even pet at any time! Moreover, this mod will allow you to directly ask others how old they are. Along with this, the mod adds an age correction for the selected target using the “testingcheats true” code.

Of course, the stages of growing up are tied not only to time but also to the type of the chosen goal. People are considered adults from 30 years old, and dogs and cats – from 1-year-old. The phases of pregnancy also received their own numerical designations, which can be adjusted if necessary.

Meaningful Stories

Meaningful Stories

This single modification includes a whole set of other fun Sims 4 mods that affect the system of mood and emotions of the game. In real life, it takes a huge amount of time to recover from a difficult life event. Thanks to this helper, your Sim can become depressed for a long time, which will require communication and some help from friends to overcome. Alternatively, your Sim’s creative nature can fill them with inspiration, but this requires a truly enjoyable event. Perhaps for a certain Sim, it will be a kiss or a gift, while for another it will be a visit to a favorite place or communication with a loved one.

Simba Dating App

Getting to know each other in the real world is romantic, but in our time, this way of getting to know each other is farther and farther into the background. Online dating has taken over our world, so why not break into the virtual world of sims? Best of all cute Sims 4 mods, it adds online dating to the game in a dedicated app where sims can exchange information, fall in love, and schedule meetings. Yes, just like in the real world, you can schedule a fun one-time date.

100 Traits

Despite the variety of content and features in The Sims 4, the low trait count raises questions for many players, myself included. The modification adds a hundred new character traits to the game for your wards. The kit is divided into five categories, each of which you can install separately. You should definitely own this mod from our cool mods for Sims 4 list.

The first pack of 30 character traits includes emotional reactions to various game events. The second set focuses on extroversion, social image, and social behavior of the sim. The third pack focuses on the expression of emotions by characters in romantic and intimate relationships. Part 4 focuses on the subjective qualities of a Sim’s physical appearance that affect their chances of romantic success. And the last, fifth, is dedicated to the talents and weaknesses with which characters are born in the world.

Get a Job

Get a Job

Another of the most awesome Sims 4 mods, including many new jobs available for all Sims. The modification boasts a variety of professions. For example, a tattoo artist, a stock painter, a hunter, a priest, and even an esportsman! Now you can make your dream come true in the game by becoming a specialist in completely new professions that were previously unavailable in the game.

Odd Jobs Pack

The choice of jobs in The Sims 4 is extremely limited. The developers are gradually fixing this with add-ons, but modders are doing it much faster and more interesting. The modification adds twenty part-time jobs to the game with your furry friends. Now you will have something to do with your Sim in your free time.

The job starts as soon as you accept the offer from the employer. Each of the twenty part-time jobs requires a certain level of scholarship, so leaving school and waiting for a good job at home is clearly not worth it. It is the only one of all good mods for Sims 4 that will allow you to walk dogs, keep an eye on various animals and solve sudden situations. If you want to have an animal in your life, thanks to the modification, you can experience all the pros and cons in advance.

Of course, we will recommend using all Sims 4 mods to make the most of the changes and new colors in the game. We are sure that you and your friends will find it even more interesting to play this game when you install mods for Sims 4 PC. Are you already looking forward to it? Then install faster and start playing!

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