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We’ve put together a selection of the best snowboarding video games for you. If you have dreamed of snowboarding for a long time, but you have no time or money, then this is a great opportunity! Also snowboard video games are suitable for all fans of snowboarding and skiing because the landscapes in these projects are simply incredible. This top includes open world snowboard games for PC, PlayStation, and VR mode. Choose the one you like and go to the snowy forests and go snowboarding at your pleasure!


snowboard video games

An exciting sports simulator dedicated to several extreme sports at once. Among the disciplines presented at Steep are snowboarding, slalom (downhill skiing), paragliding, and wingsuit. The entertainment presented can be enhanced by downloadable add-ons, adding base jumping, sledding, high-speed skiing with a parachute and even flying on jet packs (rocket packs). You can play the best snowboarding video game both alone and online with friends.


pc snowboarding game

Free open-world PC snowboarding game for fun gameplay. And not just ride, but also demonstrate excellent technique, performing various dizzying stunts. Also, players would experience very realistic physics, the most accurate imitation of snow cover, and an advanced character customization system, consisting of more than 300 unique items of equipment.

The Snowboard game

snowboard racing games

Realistic snowboarding simulator with advanced physics and the ability to perform various stunts. For skiing, there are many locations available, represented by both specially equipped snow parks and the most rebellious mountain peaks in the world. You can play alone in the career mode, or with other players in various tournaments. There is also a free play mode.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

snowboard game for xbox one

A fun sandbox puzzle game where players build bridges, hoists, and jump across steep mountainous terrain. Engineers have a vast array of tools in their arsenal to subdue and secure even the most recalcitrant terrain. This project was included in the list of snowboard racing games thanks to dedicated athletes who had to test the reliability of the structure on skis, sleds, and snowboards.

Powder VR

best snowboarding game

An exciting adventure for the most courageous owners of virtual reality helmets – skiers and snowboarders would have an almost five-kilometer descent. The immense speed and numerous obstacles would test the strength of the vestibular apparatus of VR athletes. Players can find varied mountainous terrain, several cool snowboarding game modes, and alternative controls that simulate the real behavior of sports equipment.

Horatio Goes Snowboarding

old snowboarding games

An extreme arcade game about snowboarding in which players try to overcome the most dangerous and impassable slopes, and being injured, they go to the hospital, pay for treatment and try to conquer the mountains again. This snowboard game for Xbox One is a tribute to retro winter sports arcade games and the classic cross the road from the Atari console.


best snowboarding game pc

A simple, open-world indie meditative snowboarding simulator with the ability to perform some tricks. For example, slide along the railing and lay simple shapes on the trampolines. The developer presented two maps in the snowboard game for PC: one has ramps and boxes, the other is a solid slope.

Fancy Skiing VR

open world snowboard game

Ski experience for owners of virtual reality helmets. Players would find themselves rushing along a very steep descent into a ravine dotted with trees and stone embankments. To gain speed, you’ll have to actively work with ski poles, and carry out maneuvers by tilting your head. A fun but pretty extreme experience for gamers with a good vestibular system.

Snowtopia: Ski Resort Builder

best snowboarding video game

In Snowtopia, you won’t be skiing down steep slopes. Instead, you’ll create your own dream ski resort by watching other athletes explore your rides, ride funiculars overlooking the snow-capped mountain peaks, and enjoy hot chocolate in cozy coffee shops. The best snowboarding game has excellent track construction mechanics and a fairly extensive development tree.

Infinite Air With Mark Mcmorris

cool snowboarding games

One of the most realistic multiplayer snowboarding games ever created in collaboration with Olympic bronze medalist Mark McMorris. The project boasts huge procedurally generated locations, an advanced physics control model, an abundant set of tricks, multiplayer, and an accessible level editor with tons of customization.

Shaun White Snowboarding

snowboard game for pc

Shaun White Snowboarding is a fun snowboarding game that allows you to play as Shaun White himself, recognized as one of the best snowboarders in the world. Here you can ride with a breeze on steep high-mountain tracks, as well as take part in a variety of prestigious competitions, including the Olympic Games.


fun snowboarding games

A crazy snowboarding game with a variety of animals. It is not even necessary to wait here for the winter, it is enough for the hero to choose a board, or something similar to it, and he’ll rush equally well both along the snow-covered slopes and along with the flowering fields, underwater tunnels, and highways stretching over the futuristic metropolis. No release date for this snowboard arcade game has been announced yet.

Ski Jumping Pro VR

play snowboarding games

Ski Jumping Pro VR is a first-person sports simulator for HTC Vive virtual reality devices. You have to go down the snow jumps, keeping your balance and trying to land like a pro. The game also features a full-fledged single-player career and many championships.

RTL Winter Games 2007

multiplayer snowboarding games

RTL Winter Games 2007 is an old snowboarding game from a third-person perspective with a touch of snowboarding and skiing simulator from the developers from 49Games GmbH. The game is published by RTL Enterprises GmbH.

Mt. Aki

snowboarding games

A small indie extreme snowboarding game in which players would descend an endless procedurally generated slope, performing tricks on jumps and rails. The developers promise that as you gain points, players would be able to unlock new abilities and boards.

That Flipping Mountain

nice snowboarding games

Physics-based 2D platformers would invite players to take part in extreme sports on winter mountain trails. Despite the fact that the main mechanics of the game would be parkour, from time to time the hero would get up on skis in order to accelerate well and pass another obstacle.

Grand Mountain Adventure

snowboarding games for pc

Isometric skier and snowboarder simulator ported to PC from mobile platforms. Players can open the world of ski resorts, participate in numerous challenges, do tricks, and even compete in speed with avalanches and wild animals. The developers promise to add controller support, improve visuals and introduce multiplayer.

Riders Republic

pc snowboarding games play

A new sports simulator from Ubisoft, which is a multiplayer area for cycling, snowboarding, skiing, and wingsuits. The players can have a lot of competitions, such as races without rules for 50 participants and team PVP battles, as well as a career mode for all sports equipment available in the best snowboarding game for PC.

The authors of the blog have made for you a fairly large selection of video games about snowboarding and we hope that you were able to choose the one you like. There are games for all tastes here: some of them are more active and detailed graphics, while others are more like indie games with simplified controls and simple design. Choose what is closest to you and gives you a pleasant feeling during the game, and of course, do not stop at just one option and try several!

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