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Almost all World of Warcraft players considers the warriors transmog to be the most popular of the classes. And it doesn’t even matter if you are playing arms, fury, or protection. Here, the top priority will be to show or pretend that you will stand by until the end. And to do this, you need to have the best warriors in stock. We will show you some great arms warrior transmog. You can set them however you like if you think that this is how they will help you get the best results.

The Best Warrior Transmog Sets

Blackhand’s Battlegear

warrior plate transmog

You won’t be the most creative person in the game using this set. This is because it is used by so many people, which is why it can be safely called the best warrior transmog. Everything here looks quite aesthetically pleasing, even separately. Surely you can make a great set if you use at least part of this set.

Primal Gladiator’s Plate Armor

best warrior transmog

At first glance, it may seem to you that everything looks too rough, heavy, and aggressive. But still, true connoisseurs will notice a special strength here, at least. And the special glow in blue tones of this warrior plate transmog works well with the same special glowing weapon.

Battlegear of Wrath

human warrior transmog

In our opinion, it is worth choosing this one among the classic sets, although Might can be considered just as worthy, which also has enough fans. This is a fairly old set and is no longer as beautiful as newer versions, but still, true connoisseurs of the game continue to choose it. Great recommendation, by the way. Portions of this set work well with newer variations to freshen up a slightly dated look.

Colossal Dragonplate Battlegear

green warrior transmog

What do you think makes it special and sets it apart from the rest? Of course, this is a magical glow. When you see this special color, you will understand how cool it looks in the big picture. In addition, there is no such thing anywhere else, only he has it. But this is just a small difficulty because it will be difficult to find the right weapon in style. Still, it is possible to do this, for example, by combining it with Shtuf’s weapons.

Molten Giant Battleplate

horde warrior transmog

There are many interesting examples of sets in Firelands, but still, this horde warrior transmog can be considered the best of these “subspecies”. Surely you will also say so when you see its power and grandeur thanks to the special design of the shoulders and weapons. And, of course, its feature is a fiery kindling glow. It can be combined with other fire sets or weapons without any problems. Especially aesthetically combined with black iron.

Titanic Onslaught Armor

warriors transmog

Yes, this armor is quite old but still relevant and incredibly interesting. And of course, he can be considered the best of the entire Titanic Onslaught, thanks to his thunderous appearance and the bright green light that he also has in his weapon. You can easily combine this green warrior transmog with other similar kits, even if they are without this glow. Just a few details or a sword will be enough for the image to already be unique.

Gravelord’s Direplate

alliance warrior transmog

Well, we left this human warrior transmog for you “for dessert”. You will probably say, as we will, that he clearly stands out from the background of previous contenders. The bones in its appearance are very prominent here. So why not use them in your defense? You can experiment by adding this special shoulder to other sets. You will surely like it.

We are confident that now you can choose the best alliance warrior transmog that will help you achieve great success in the game. We advise you to pay attention to several warriors because this way you will surely get good results that can surprise your friends and other players.

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