Headphones are necessary for gamers because it is not always possible to play with sound in speakers. And immerse in the appropriate atmosphere when using a headset much deeper. But models with a good microphone are not so easy to find.

We made a rating list, in which we compared the best wireless gaming headsets of 2020.

There is a large variety of models, but not all of them are reliable and have a good positioning in games.

We have collected not only wireless headphones on our list because we want our users to have a choice of quality.

Full-Size SteelSeries Arctis 1 Gaming Headphones with a Folding Design

good wireless gaming headset
  • frequency range – from 20 to 20000 Hz;
  • impedance (resistance) – 32 Ohm;
  • sensitivity – 100 dB;
  • removable microphone;
  • volume regulator.

Enclosed-type gaming headset with large speakers. Works with frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Resistance is 32 ohms. This allows you to use headphones even with your phone. The enclosed design provides reliable bass and treble. The large ear cushions press the headset tightly against the ears. The headband is made of high-quality soft material.

It is a model with a good microphone. It is of directional type, with a sensitivity of 38dB. Its operating range is from 100 to 10000 Hz. There is an option to turn off the microphone (adjective button on the body). It can also be disconnected from the headphone at all. There is the volume control. The device is connected to the PC with a 1.5 m cable with a 3.5 mm connector. There is a 2 x mini jack, 3.5 mm extension cord in the kit.

What Do Users Say?

The model with good positioning in games provides high-quality sound. The frequencies are surprisingly correct. Fits f on your head. Even after many hours of gaming, your ears do not get tired. The headset’s flexible microphone produces great sound when communicating online. However, the product is not suitable for music: the stage is not sufficiently developed.


  • quality materials;
  • foldable design;
  • low weight;
  • range – from 20 to 20000 Hz;
  • removable ear cushions;
  • flexible removable type microphone;
  • cable – 1.5 m;
  • microphone sensitivity – 38 dB.


  • Not suitable for music.

Wireless Gaming Headset Razer Nari Essential with Surround Support

good wireless headsets
  • 16 hours of work;
  • ear cushions ventilation;
  • neodymium magnets;
  • radius – 12 m;
  • power – 30 mW.

A wireless headset with an excellent microphone is made of high-quality materials. It features a unique ear cushion ventilation option that ensures that your ears do not sweat during prolonged use. Built-in cones work in the range of 20 – 20000 Hz and have a resistance of 32 ohms. The speakers have a power output of 30 mW. The design includes neodymium magnets to improve sound quality and eliminate interference.

This is a version with surround sound for playing on a computer. The built-in microphone operates in the range of 100 – 6500 Hz and has a sensitivity of 42 dB. Mounting is flexible, allowing you to adjust the location of the microphone. The headset communicates with the PC via the radio channel. The maximum range of action – 12 m. Lithium-ion batteries provide 16 hours of intensive work. The headphone has a volume control.

What Do Users Say?

The best wireless headset, according to many gamers. Virtually no pressure on the ears during prolonged use. However, the sound is not of the same quality as we would like. The autonomy is quite enough. You will have to install a set of proprietary software from Razer for full adjustment of headphones.


  • embouchure ventilation;
  • low weight;
  • flexible, sensitive microphone;
  • range – 12 m;
  • autonomy – 16 hours;
  • radio channel communication;
  • impedance – 32 Ohm;
  • operating range – from 20 to 20000 Hz.


  • poor quality sound.

ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Closed with 7.1 Sound

top wireless headsets
  • Windows Sonic technology;
  • mobile microphone;
  • sensitivity – 40 dB;
  • microphone range – from 50 to 10000 Hz;
  • membrane – 50 mm.

Gaming headset with a wire of 1.3 m – the best in the category up to $60. Its difference from the rest – support multichannel sound 7.1 using Windows Sonic technology. Speakers with a diameter of 50 mm work with frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The impedance is 32 ohms. One of the cones has a volume control. The cable is also attached to only one cup. The acoustic design is closed.

These computer headphones have a microphone with flexible mounting. It is directional, with a sensitivity of 40 dB. There is a special button to turn off the microphone. The complete cable is complemented by an extension cord and a mini-jack 3.5 mm adapter. The headset has a full-size format, which indicates the possibility of stationary use. The weight of the product is 295 g.

What Do Users Say?

It is a good option for gamers for their money. It is distinguished by its quality sound. Multichannel output (7.1) is supported, which makes the headset suitable for Warface. There will be no problems with the setting in any game. If you wear the headset for a long time, your ears will not sweat, and your head will not hurt. The materials are of high quality.


  • surround multi-channel sound;
  • Windows Sonic support;
  • there is a volume control;
  • microphone mute button;
  • extension cord and adapter included;
  • closed design;
  • quality sound;
  • good materials;
  • large ear cushions.


  • not found.

Wireless Gaming Headphones Logitech G533 with Surround Sound

logitech gaming headphones

One of the best wireless gaming headphones with 15 hours of autonomy and work at frequencies from 20 to 20000 Hz. The headphones can operate without an amplifier because of the 32-ohm impedance. It is a full-size model with closed cups and the option to ventilate the ear cushions. The sensitivity of the diffusers is at 107 dB. The whole structure weighs 350g together with the rechargeable batteries.

These wireless gaming headsets are equipped with a movable mount microphone. It works in the frequency range from 100 to 20000 Hz, so it is suitable for streams. It also has a noise reduction option. One of the cups has a button to turn off the microphone. Pairing with your computer is done via the radio channel. The maximum range is 15 meters.

What Do Users Say?

It’s a perfect option for your PC, allowing you to get rid of the wires and not lose sound quality. Sit tight on the head, cups fit the ear totally. A good adapter for wireless communication. The signal is so strong that it can catch it confidently even through 10 meters of concrete walls.


  • runs on batteries for 15 hours;
  • relatively low weight;
  • good fit;
  • the high sensitivity of the microphone;
  • noise suppression option;
  • range of action – 15 m;
  • mute button, volume control;
  • closed design.


  • not found.

Let’s Talk More about How to Choose the Best Wireless Gaming Headset and Consider Important Aspects:

  • With or without cable. The choice depends not only on personal preferences. The advantage of options with cable is that these headsets do not need to be charged, and the battery in them will not run out at the most inappropriate moment. Battery models are heavier than conventional headphones, which is an additional discomfort when wearing the accessory for a long time.
  • Cup shape and type. It is selected only individually. The headphones should be as comfortable as possible, as gamers use them often and for a long period. If the shape is not suitable for a particular person’s ear, there may be various unpleasant feelings, up to and including pain, so before purchasing any model, put it on and make sure that the cups do not press on your ears.
  • Open or closed. We are talking about acoustic design. Closed models better cut off extraneous sounds and produce deeper bass. But in this case, the acoustic pressure on the ear turns out to be decent, and the ears noticeably sweat. The open designs are well ventilated, but the bass is not as good. And people around you will hear a lot of your conversations. The coolest headphones are usually closed, which is something to keep in mind when choosing.
  • Noise reduction. A must-have option for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the game. Such models are produced only by famous brands. Active noise reduction is equipped with the most top options. The dive will be of the highest quality. It is especially important to have such a headset when using virtual reality glasses.
  • Volumetric sound. It is necessary for accurate positioning in games. If there is no volume, you will not be able to determine from the sound where exactly the opponent is hiding (relevant for shooters).
  • The weight of the headset. It is a very important parameter. Before buying, make sure that the headphones do not have a large weight, otherwise, it will be inconvenient to wear them for a long time. Soon the headband will start to put a lot of pressure on the top (even if it is made of soft materials). The weight of such a device should not exceed 300-400 grams, so models with backlighting and other unjustified bonuses are better to exclude.

Let’s Look at the Winners of the Top Once Again:

  • SteelSeries Arctis 1. The model with folding construction and surround sound. Made of high-quality materials, it can sit perfectly on any ears. Provides high-quality sound.
  • Razer Nari Essential. Wireless version with a unique ear cushion ventilation system. It will never sweat your ears. The headphones work long on a single charge and have a good radius of action. But they are not designed for music.
  • ASUS TUF Gaming H3. Able to deliver a 7.1 multi-channel sound. Their features are Windows Sonic technology support and rigorous, classic design. Suitable for games of any genre.

When choosing a gaming headset, follow the recommendations that were given a little higher. The selection of wireless gaming headsets depends on personal preferences.

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