The company Blizzard Entertainment has announced quarantine promotions in its games. Players who are forced to be at home can spend time with the benefit of themselves and their virtual heroes. World of Warcraft will be constantly strengthening “Wind of Wisdom” until April 20. It gives all heroes a 100% experience boost which is summed up with bonuses from hereditary items. This will allow you to get experience much faster for your characters. However, Classic players will not get such support.

The company has published another manual for those who have managed to reach the highest level and do not know what to do next. It tells how to get to new territories and get a new legendary Ashjra’kamas cloak and meet N’Zoth. The fans of Heroes of the Storm should also take a look at the game. Every single hero is completely free and available to everyone until April 2.

Those who play the free version of StarCraft II will live easier until April 2. The limitation on the level of commanders in cooperative scenarios is removed so everyone can try it for free.

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