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In Borderlands 3, as in previous parts of the series, the player has several characters to choose from. Each of them has its characteristics. In the new part of the shooter, there are 4 of them, each with its unique features. You cannot be mistaken with the choice of Borderlands 3 playable characters – everyone can bring chaos and destruction, but it can be useful to study in detail the features of each hero before playing. In this guide, you’ll find a description of each best Borderlands 3 character and advice on who each of the Vault Seekers is best for.

1. Amara

best borderlands 3 character

Amara is a supernatural siren that is most useful at close to medium range in combat. Her skills focus on dealing damage up close, and among her abilities are grabbing an enemy, hitting an area, and a shot that deals damage to all enemies in front.

Amara’s BL3 best character has three branches of abilities, each of which is designed for different tactical actions in battle:

  • Fight – contains Borderlands 3 Amara character abilities designed for close combat. The main skill of this branch is the Phase Strike skill, in which Amara simply leaps into the air and attacks enemies with all her might, knocking them onto their backs.
  • Mystical Assault – intended for medium-range combat. The main skill of this branch of skills is the Phase Throw skill, where Amara releases a magical projection that burns all enemies, causing damage to them.
  • Fist of Elements – designed to control opponents and inflict damage on them by the power of the elements. The main skill is Phase Grab, where Amara summons a stone fist from the ground, which grabs the selected target and holds it for several seconds. Some opponents may not be able to grab a fist, so they just take damage from the skill.

Due to her skills, Amara always throws herself into the heat of battle and is the strongest Borderlands 3 character. Opponents would often be from all sides and you need to have time to fight back each. The shotgun and pistol are the most suitable weapons for the hero. It should be borne in mind that such an intense strategy requires increased attention and skill to play, and therefore Amara is not recommended for those who play Borderlands for the first time.

Suitable for: lovers of furious fights, those who prefer close combat to battles at long distances.

2. Zane Flint

bl3 best character

The next in our Borderlands 3 character guide is Zane Flint. He is quite an interesting character in the game Borderlands 3, which appeared only in the third part. He is a hired hitman with a bunch of different gimmicks and gimmicks. From him, they created a certain Hitman, who has nothing to do with it. And for example, unlike his fighting friend Amara, who only “Amara is angry, Amara is crushing”, he is aimed at more tactful actions.

Zane is a cyborg mercenary who relies on technology and devices. In battle, Zane uses 3 main skills:

  • Barrier – builds up a small shield that fully protects against damage. People under the dome have a bonus to damage;
  • Drone Guardian – a mini-drone is released, attacking enemies with a machine gun. You can choose a specific target for the attack;
  • Digital clone – the clone stands still and automatically attacks enemies. By pressing a key, you can take control of a clone and use it for a variety of purposes – kamikaze with bombs, a turret, and so on. Also, by controlling a clone, you can raise a player.

It’s also worth noting that Borderlands 3 most popular character Zane works best with grenades. He has more space for tactics than Amara – you can limit yourself to supporting your partners with a shield, clone, and drone, or you can use all skills alone: ​​protecting yourself with a shield, use the clone as a kamikaze, which would burst into the crowd of opponents, distracted by the drone, and throw it into the very center of the grenade. This requires more ingenuity and ingenuity, but there are plenty of ways to play Zane.

Suitable for: If you don’t know which Borderlands 3 character to play, but love support classes, then Zane is for you.

3. Moze 

borderlands 3 all characters

The third place in Borderlands 3 character overview is taken by Moze. This female soldier, whose main ability is to summon the large 15-ton Iron Bear mech. The mech not only possesses a huge expandable stock of weapons but also several additional abilities, including passive ones. For example, for killing enemies with the same weapon, damage and maximum shield capacity increase. At the same time, there is no upper limit for the expansion – the limit for this best class in Borderlands 3 is only in time.

Shield of Retribution

  • During the action of the Full Can of Whoop-Ass skill, Moze herself and all her allies restore their defense with an increased speed when Moze jumps on the Iron Bear.
  • The Force Feedback skill adds the power of the shield when dealing critical damage to enemies. If the player is good at headshots, this skill would be a great help.
  • Phalanx Doctrine is a passive skill that gives several portions of the best character to play in Borderlands 3 buff when killing an enemy. After the next kill of the enemy, the maximum damage of the weapon and the capacity of the shield increases. There is no maximum limit, only the duration, so with this skill, Moze is good at dealing with a lot of enemies.

Demolition Woman

  • Skill Torgue Cross-Promotion gives double damage in the area.
  • The Auto-Bear skill allows Iron Bear to attack enemies on his own after one of the BL3 characters jumps off of him. During the duration of this skill, the Bear would stand still and fight the nearest enemies, and after the timer expires, it’ll self-destruct.
  • Short Fuse allows you to add damage from explosions to weapon damage. While this skill is active, the chance of additional damage from an explosion in the center of a shot from any weapon increases.

Bottomless Mags

  • The Matched Set is a terrific reward for brand loyalty in a weapon manufacturer. While this skill is active, Moze gains an increased magazine size and reduced heat generation when firing from a weapon corresponding to the selected brand.
  • Specialist Bear makes it possible to equip the Iron Bear with two identical types of weapons, increasing their damage.
  • Forge allows Moze to regenerate ammo for the current weapon at an increased rate. If you use a COV pistol and fire measuredly, allowing you to reload, then the ammunition supply can become infinite.

Thanks to their team skills, Moze and her Bear can work well with the rest of the Vault Seekers – in addition to her obvious role as a tank, able to take damage on herself, Moze is also able to apply bonuses to friends while she is inside the robot. But even alone, this pair won’t be lost.

Suitable for: fans of the tank class and powerful large weapons, team players in Borderlands 3.

4. FL4K

borderlands 3 characters ranked

FL4K concludes our Borderlands 3 character list. He is a rather mysterious character in Borderlands 3 that has not appeared before in previous installments. Many at first thought that this was an improved version of the character Zero from the second part, but it turned out not to be so. Yes, there are similarities, although they are still two different characters. And here FL4K is an artificial intelligence that goes through its formation as a wanderer with a pack of faithful companions.

FL4K is a long-range robot. Using ranged weapons, FL4K also unleashes its trained animals on enemies. Not only do kills with hands and teeth of animals count as the player’s kills, the behavior of animals and them, in general, can be improved and provided pets with all sorts of useful functions. Including animals will be able to lift a wounded player.

FL4K pets are an important part of playing like a robot, and it is highly discouraged not to use them. But the gameplay does not end with orders to the animals: sniper rifles in the character’s hands are supplemented with skills for critical damage. Headshots, one-hit kills, and masterful accuracy are highly acclaimed by FL4K. The only drawback is pets – they often like to wander between the player and the target, preventing them from firing a shot.

Suitable for: snipers, well-aimed lovers of long-range combat. The blog authors want to note that in Borderlands 3 all characters are presented for every taste – from a sniper to a tank. Which class do you like best? We hope that we have told you enough about each in our Borderlands 3 character selection and you liked everything!

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