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There are a lot of card game fans in the world, especially Hearthstone. Yes, she is really very cool and interesting. But still, any game, even the most popular, can get boring after a while. At the same time, the love for the game genre will remain, which is why you will want to look for something else worth your attention anyway. Therefore, in order to facilitate your searches at times, we decided to show you card games like Hearthstone, which will be no less interesting and exciting.

List of the Best Card Games Like Hearthstone


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It can be unconditionally considered the best of all the best games like Hearthstone that have just been released. For the first time, many heard about it thanks to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. After some time, the studio CD Projekt RED decided to make it a full-fledged game, which deservedly received thousands of fans around the world.

If you know the rules of the hearthstone game, then you really don’t have to swing for a long time at the beginning of a new game. Here, too, the main task is to win 2 out of 3 matches of your opponent. This game can practically simulate real army battles. That is why you definitely need to think over a few steps forward in order to win for sure. In this game like Hearthstone, you can use different strategies for using cards. Obviously, you can immediately go with the “trump cards” in order to immediately become the winner in the first round. But before that, make sure you have some power left over for the next two fights. So if you consider yourself a real strategist and like to win, feel free to download this particular game from all games like Hearthstone for PC or other devices.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

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Many Hearthstone-like games use a standard battlefield. On it, players place their cards to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. But in this game, everything isn’t quite so, which just makes it stand out from the whole heap of card games similar to Hearthstone. There are two separate battle sectors here. Already something new and interesting, isn’t it?

Here you will need to think over everything to the smallest detail. You will have a choice: you can put your cards on an empty sector to deal a direct blow to your opponent, or you can stay to defend your side on the other side of the field. Here’s a quick tip if you want to win. Use the “Prophecy” card. She will give you additional cards from the deck if you lose your points during the same turn. In addition, using the spell, you can transfer all the cards from two fields to one sector and continue the game fighting and defending your territory just like that. If you are looking for great alternatives to Hearthstone, then you will definitely like this game, because it is really special. Try it!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

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Love duels and defeat your friends? Then the only one that has the most games similar to Hearthstone will be it! Compared to the original version, several additional details have been added here: the playing field has decreased, and there are also duplicate cards. Yes, at first glance, this isn’t very useful and wion’t bring much benefit. But all this is done so that the match is much faster here than in other games like Hearthstone on Steam. You will notice during the game how convenient it is.

What else makes her stand out from the rest of the games better than Hearthstone? Here you look not only at the cards and how the health of your opponent is decreasing. You see the unrealistically cool animation of each character, which even more immerses you in the atmosphere of the battle. By the way, this way you can better understand how strong you or your opponent are in order to make the right move. It is unlikely that you will choose some kind of weak card if the White Blue-Eyed Dragon is in front of you.

Hex: Shards of Fate

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Here you get the opportunity to plunge into a special fantastic world of battles of various heroes. This game has the ability to choose a single-player mode, which isn’t available in all games like Hearthstone for iPad. Although, for some, this fact will be really important (after all, this mode allows you to play even without an Internet connection).

In addition, here, instead of everyone’s boring wooden table, there is a real battlefield, which further distinguishes the game from all games like Hearthstone for iPhone. You can also improve each hero from the cards, which will improve his combat abilities, which means that the chances of winning will increase significantly. You will have access to a huge library of various main characters, and in addition, you yourself can create a unique image for yourself. Everything here is very similar to other CCG games like Hearthstone Android, but still, in this game, the priority is to improve the abilities and pumping of the main character. So if you are an amateur to show your friends or other players all your power and ability to think over all the steps correctly, then in this game you can show it in the best possible way.


online card games like hearthstone

In all games like Hearthstone on Android, strategy and thinking ahead are very important. Basically, the main goal is to calculate the possible actions of the enemy and counter them. Here you have even more opportunities to use your cards on the field. In this card game like Hearthstone, where you place your card will play a big role, because of this, its intensity of action may change. That is, if you put a card that is as close as possible to the opponent’s sector, then it will become an easy prey for your opponent and it will be possible to defeat it in one move. That is why the game becomes more intense and many times more interesting.

Here, too, ordinary pictures on the card turn into real warriors. This will take you away from the usual scenario in many of these games. So if you think that you are fluent in logic, you can feel the atmosphere and you want to get used to the role of the conqueror, you definitely need to download it. It is unlikely that you then want to quickly change it to another.

Ascension: Deckbuilding Game

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Another example of the best games like Hearthstone PC. Here you can see the usual strategy for the development of the game, so there is no need to retrain new rules. All matches are played quickly and without unnecessary special features. This will speed up the passage at times, because many don’t want to just watch how long “battles” of cards take place. This is also where you can earn collectible cards by stacking your unique deck. But here you don’t need to buy special decks in order to then get a rare card with incredible abilities. You can get them by winning the match without any problems! This game is a big plus for many players.

During the gameplay, you need to improve your deck as best as possible by adding strong cards to it. As a result, you can get other cards that are many times more powerful. And yes, you can get points instead of battles with the enemy, because the match is won by the player who has the most points. Here you need to be careful and vigilant so as not to lose a catastrophic amount of points in one move, which will affect the final result. So if you are an attentive person and like it when everything is clear and concise in the game, then you will undoubtedly like this option. Download it!

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

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Immerse yourself in an incredible magical world in this game, fighting with your opponent. It is her that should be chosen from all iOS games like Hearthstone if you are a fan of unusual formats, fairy-tale characters and monsters. Here you don’t need to lay out cards to defeat your opponent. You need enemies and treasures in the way of your character. When you draw a new card, it will have a special ability. For example, it can be a barrier or a treasure. So it’s up to you to decide whether he gets the grand prize or whether he’s going to play. The further you go in the game, the stronger and more pumped your game characters become.

And of course, the most interesting part of the game will be the battle with your enemy opposite. It is worth noting that this battle will happen only if all the heroes reach the end, defeating various obstacles on the fetters. And that’s not all that this game is capable of. So download and experience this magic for yourself.

Having reached the end, you have probably already been able to find something interesting for yourself from our list of online card games like Hearthstone. We recommend choosing the best one in your opinion and starting with it. Then keep trying each of the following similar games to Hearthstone. We are sure you won’t regret it and will want to play and compete in them with your friends. Download and enjoy now!

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