what makes a game good

Looking at the variety of games available to us, it is difficult to answer the question of what makes the game good, but many people still ask. We could list a few games that we love, such as Need for Speed or the once-popular Tom Clancy’s trilogy. These are good games. However, the fact that somebody likes these games does not make them good for everybody, nor does it make all the other games bad. First of all, it is a matter of taste.

What Are the Components of a Good Video Game

what makes a good game

However, for people to whom the truth is more important than excuses, it is possible to formulate attributes which each good game should possess.

  • Game design. Usually, when people talk about game design, they mean its specific features, for example, how the game is configured, what is its atmosphere. And it is difficult to disagree with this because the game design includes a story, mechanics, audio, and so on.
  • The gameplay process. It includes all the player’s experience in interaction with game systems. When we meet a new hit of the gaming industry, we want to get new impressions of the gameplay, a detailed world in which everything that comes to your mind will work. The wider and more diverse the gameplay, the more any gamer will like it because it can realize any crazy ideas.
  • Graphics. The ability of developers to make a decent visual picture is what makes a great game. 20 years ago, we could not imagine how far ahead computer games and their graphics. If you remember the first projects, where the graphics were stepping forward, it immediately caused the attraction to the project. Now the variety of graphics is huge. Technologies allow you to create a mind-boggling picture on your monitor. But it is much more important to implement other universes and measurements, where you need not only to implement but also to invent.
  • Game engine. It is a software system designed for computer games and video games. The basic functionality, as properly provided by the game engine, includes a visualization tool for 2D or 3D graphics, sound, script, etc.
  • Character creation and development. Formation of the character – what makes a video game good. Players prefer that the main character has the motivation and internal conflicts that you can feel with him. Players want to see a story that will simply blow their minds and character elaboration should be thorough and original. In the game industry, some characters have already become cult and famous. One of the brightest examples can be Kratos from God of War. The last part completely changed the character but maintained a balance with past history, so do not wonder why this game became the game of the year.

Of course, people have different tastes, and everyone chooses for himself a masterpiece of all time. However, the game must meet market requirements that have already been formed over the years. The most important things that make a game good are that they bring pleasure and emotion.

And if you are a developer or want to become one, we have some tips for you. They will help you understand all the components of a good video game:

what makes a great game
  • Pump your brains out. In addition to reading and watching training videos, you can try to get an education, engage in logic, improve critical and system thinking. Your new hobby can be programming – it will help you train the rapidity of thinking and the elegance of solving a problem.
  • Be purposeful. Having a goal will help you achieve success and create a quality product because you think about it every day and want more than anything else in the world. Do everything from the heart and go to your highest point of dreams. Then your game will be not just a good one, but a legend for many years.
  • Filter the bad. Try to do different kinds of creativity. Don’t be afraid if you can’t do it. When you try new things, you are at the next stage of development. Each new activity can inspire you to create an incredible project. The more hobbies you have, the more sources of inspiration you have.
  • Love your job. It sounds banal, but it is a key aspect of what makes a good game. A person who creates his project with love can become the best game creator in the world. If your work gives you joy and means a lot to you, then success is just a reward for excellent work.
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