computer components and functions

We all know that a computer is a complex computing system that mainly consists of microscopic parts. Although earlier, when computer machines were just beginning to appear, 1 device could occupy an entire room. After several decades, they ceased to take up a lot of space. Do you know parts of a computer and their functions? Perhaps you just know what the main 4 main parts of a computer are called (monitor, system unit, keyboard, and mouse), but the rest of the important parts are unlikely.

But this isn’t a problem at all. Now we will tell you about computer parts and their function, which will help you understand how a personal computer works and what the problem maybe if it doesn’t work properly or other problems. This is where you need to start learning programming or other professions related to information technology. But even for an ordinary person, information about a part of a computer and its function will be very useful.

List of Computer Parts and Functions

computer parts and function

Computer Components and Functions: PC Case

This is where the most important components of the device are located. The developers try to make this place for storing the motherboard, wires, and drives in such a way that all these parts can be easily replaced or repaired without damaging other important “organs”. Many of these cases are so well-made that they look compact and light enough.

The cases themselves can have a variety of shapes so that everyone with a computer can arrange a workplace as conveniently as possible. In addition, some housings are designed so that parts of a computer and their functions can then be easily replaced to suit the needs of the user. This is especially true for gamers who can often change the video card to a more powerful one.

These enclosures also vary in price points. If you want to have ordinary computer parts and function, then you can buy a standard set without buying additional parts, as well as without an ultra-durable metal case. Now there are many interesting plastic options. If you need more computer parts and functions, then you should already take a more professional version with a good case, so that it can reliably fix the most important parts in itself. In addition, if the cabinet will sit on a table, you can choose from a wide variety of designs that will suit any style of room or office.

Parts of Computer and Definition: Motherboard

computer parts and their function

The motherboard is considered the most basic of all computer boards. It is located directly on the computer case and can be easily removed from there. And the rest of the computer hardware parts and functions, such as RAM, hard drives and power locks, are already connected to it, hence its name. These computer parts and the function help the rest of the parts connect to each other for further collaboration.

The board can be of different sizes and with different connection options. This means that you can choose any of them that exactly fit your food. It is clear that if you take a small motherboard, you need to understand that many functions won’t be there. That is why this part of all parts of a computer and their functions should be considered the most important when working. Accordingly, it must always be in working order so that all parts function stably.

Parts of Computer and Definition: Processor

parts of a computer and their functions

The central processor can be considered the “brain” of the entire computer because it is in it that all computational and other processes take place, as well as information is processed. Like other basic details of computer components and their functions, this one interacts with RAM. Here he receives all the information, carries out its processing to solve the tasks set by the computer.

The processor is installed in a socket, which has everything you need to hook the part to the motherboard. This is just the basic way to connect these parts. In addition to it, there is also the use of ZIF, PGA, LGA, BGA. The choice of a suitable connection will depend on the design of the processor, board, and the amount of free space in the case.

If you wish to have better computer parts and functions of the processor, it is worth setting a significantly higher clock speed. Thus, the processor will work many times faster. But along with this, you will need to install a radiator and a fan to cool the processor when the computer is very active.

Computer Parts and Their Function: RAM

4 main parts of a computer

This part of the computer is responsible for storing device data and also helps to quickly read and write incoming information. It is also worth noting that it is important to have a good energy supply during the operation of this component. If the power is turned off (for example, from spontaneous switching off of lights in the whole house or office), then some data may be lost.

In addition, this warehouse computer gives the central processor data for further processing. Also, here, as in the processor, there is a clock frequency that can be increased for better overall computer functioning. It is interesting to know that the market sells RAM immediately with a heat sink. Thus, excess heat is removed from the part, cooling it and the microcircuits so that they can give better performance. This part can also be installed on the motherboard. To do this, use memory types like DDR and SDRAM.

Part of Computer and Their Function: Graphics Card

computer components and their functions

In this part, the information that comes from the motherboard is processed. Ultimately, after processing, all the data is output to the motoring computer. In this case, you need to connect it through some connectors, for example, HDMI/DisplayPort/DVI/VGA.

In addition, the card is responsible for processing all videos that come from the main processor. In this way, the computer can improve the quality of its work. Also, given the high performance of video cards, they assume the presence of fans so that the parts don’t overheat and work stably. Although this GPU is significantly slower than the central one, it does all the basic math that helps when rendering video.

Parts of Computer and Their Functions: Sound Card

computer hardware parts and functions

This sound chip is for sound reproduction. It is often always built into the motherboard. But if the existing sound isn’t enough for you, you can of course improve it. For this it is worth using a sound card. It can be connected to a personal computer via USB, or PCI and PCI Express x 1 slots.

The microcircuit, which processes the sound itself in the card, processes the received sounds. This process isn’t very complicated, therefore the sound processor itself isn’t very powerful and dimensional. In addition, the card can be connected to various audio equipment to expand the capabilities of the sound card. These devices include audio systems that have 1/4″ or RCA connectors.

Computer Hardware Parts and Functions: Hard Drive

computer components list and their functions

The hard drive is one of the most important components of any computer. All data can be stored here that is only processed and sent to the computer and its parts. In addition, it is designed to run an operating system (the “program” that helps you work on your computer), such as Windows, or IOS.

It is also worth noting that this part is very vulnerable and sensitive. Accordingly, when installing or mixing with it, you need to handle it with the utmost care. Otherwise, even the slightest impact could damage the entire drive. There are one/more rotating plates inside the disc itself. Depending on the hard disk model, their rotation can be up to 10,000 revolutions per minute. And the heads that read and write information are 51 micromoles (or 0.002 inches) from the disc. This shows how small and fragile everything is. The areas of the plate represent either 1 or 0 (this is a binary system). The drive head can change its positions with a magnet if necessary.

Thanks for reading our article on the computer components list and their functions. We are sure that the information was as useful and understandable as possible for you. Now you will definitely know more than 4 main parts of a computer. Subscribe to be the first to learn about new and interesting knowledge in this area.

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