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Many novice players of the computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive face banal errors that can cause discomfort to other players. In this CS:GO beginner guide, we have collected the main mistakes that beginners make and which they should avoid.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Basic Mistakes

csgo beginner guide

Run with the Scope Down

The most common problem for a beginner is running with a sight pointed at the floor. You don’t need to do this because if your opponent appears, you first need to react quickly and aim at the head or the body of your opponent. Your opponent is already on your head, and the shot is more likely will be fatal.

Run to the Enemy

The most popular mistake after the run with the scope down. Beginners can run and simultaneously shoot from a machine gun. You can not do this because of the high recoil during the run. It is better to stop and shoot in the head than shoot without hitting the opponent, even if the sight is aimed exactly at the opponent. This CS:GO basic mechanic is so important for your success.

Make Too Much Noise

Remember this CS:GO tip for beginners. Often novices do not know that you can go by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard, then the steps become quieter, and the opponent can not hear you. There are also cases when beginners shoot at everything: windows, walls, chickens, and vases, thus giving away their location.

Buy Desert Eagle in the Pistol Round

Another common mistake for beginners is that they can buy Deagle and waste money. Better if you use this money to buy grenades, a set of sappers, or armor. Standard USP-S/P2000s can kill a player without a helmet during the pistol round with one shot to the head.

Shoot with the Spray, Not Knowing How to Control It

It is not recommended to shoot at long and medium distances with the spray because bullets will fly in all directions, and you will not hit the enemy. You must shoot with single shots. And it is best to use the spray when the enemy is close to you. Master this Counter-Strike basic as fast as possible, and you will see a lot of kills near your nickname on the scoreboard

Constant Recharges

It often happens that the novice shot and immediately recharged, and lost extra seconds, or even die, as the enemy hears the recharging and can attack without fear.

You don’t need to do this because ten bullets are enough to kill the enemy or even less if the shot goes to the head.

Lack of Info from Allies or Ignoring It, Ignorance of Points on the Map

You may often find that players do not give information with the microphone or do not listen to it at low ranks. Also, there are a lot of situations when the teammates give information, but the player does not listen to it and doesn’t know the points of the map. It is best to memorize dots on the map when playing in single-player mode to understand allies.

Mute the Teammates

Allies may not talk about the game itself in voice chat, and some newcomers immediately give them a mute. It is not worth doing this because the same comrade may say useful information in another round.

Play without Headphones

counter strike basics

You should not use speakers as the main audio source or mute all sound completely. Sound is very important in a game. Even with the worst headphones, you will get more information about the location of the player than without them.

Attached to One Weapon

You should not shoot with one weapon. Imagine if it turns out that you have an AK-47, and you do not know how to shoot? Use different weapons as it is very important in CS:GO for beginners.

Do Not Buy Grenades and Do Not Know the Layouts

It happens that you can easily blind your opponent, but the flash grenade is not at hand. Or you can throw a smoke grenade for a discreet walk, but you also don`t have it. Or the enemy has little health left, and it is better to kill him with a grenade. Grenades are an indispensable part of the CS:GO game, and you should not forget about them.

Use Zeus x27 as a Pistol

You can see that players use the Zeus x27 as a gun in the calibrations, which is not necessary to do. This weapon is similar to a knife but has a higher range.

Do Not Buy a Vest

You will often encounter this phenomenon at low ranks. An armor with a helmet can save by taking some of the damage. However, the helmet is useless against the AK-47. But still, it’s better to buy a bulletproof vest than to die again.

By following our CS:GO new player guide, you can improve your skill and not make frequent mistakes. We hope that you will climb to the highest ranks. We wish you good luck!

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