Should I Buy a Curved Monitor

In the modern world, a new movement has recently appeared — curved smartphones, monitors, televisions. Today we will talk about it and tell you what is the benefit of a curved monitor. We are sure that after that you will want to become its proud owner.

What’s the Point of Curved Monitors?

The curved monitor stands out from numerous flat screens precisely because of its unusual design. At the same time, these monitors also received different bending radii for convenient image perception at certain distances. The curved display mimics the field of view of the human eye. This is an arc that faces forward. Thanks to this, we have peripheral vision, since we partially see the picture from the sides. Therefore, the curvature of the monitor screen not only resembles our vision, but also creates the most comfortable viewing conditions. All of this is officially backed by medical research conducted by Harvard Medical School. For example, it was found that curved monitors are four times less likely to cause blur problems than flat-panel displays. Now you definitely understand are curved monitors worth it. We think you answered yes.

The modern curved monitor offers not only enhanced immersion and eye safety, but also added convenience. With its help, you can see what is happening on the sides of the main event. Peripheral vision is turned on, which is revealed precisely thanks to the concave monitors. What are curved monitors good for? They are great for both playing and watching movies, and for work.

Are curved monitors good for gaming? For entertainment and games, curved screens provide an immersive experience. You can enjoy the realistic picture comfortably. And this already guarantees a new level of pleasure. The user won’t be disturbed by annoying glare, since the light is reflected differently from the surface. Yes, it is impossible to completely remove the influence of sunlight or other light sources, but it will still work to reduce the frequency of glare.

Are curved monitors good for work? They fit in the best way. They are more comfortable to see than flat panels. Given this advantage of curved monitors, you can work for a long time without serious fatigue. In 2016, scientists found that flat screens are 33% more uncomfortable than concave displays. In terms of fatigue, flat matrices outperform displays with bends by 10%. With the help of a large field of view, it will be more efficient to use a significant number of open tabs and windows. This also affects work productivity.

Curved Monitor Pros and Cons

Curved Monitor Pros and Cons

We won’t pull the cat for all the details and will tell the intrigued for a long time. So let’s get down to business and consider why are curved monitors better.

Reducing Glare on the Screen

You can’t argue against physics — thanks to the curved surface, the angle of reflection of light rays changes, which in turn significantly reduces the amount of glare. Note that we say it reduces, not completely removes.

Wide Viewing Angle

One of the main advantages of a curved screen is the viewing angles. Sitting right in front of the screen in the middle, you continue to see the edges at about the same angle as the center of the screen. This has a positive effect on the quality of the picture because you see it without color distortion.

The Visual Sense of the Width of the Screen

Interestingly, the curved screen feels wider than the same flat screen. This is primarily due to the geometry of the viewing angle.

It Is Stylish

Yes, it didn’t seem to you — we said stylishly. If (suddenly) it matters to you, then know that the curved TV screen won’t leave anyone indifferent. This is a fairly recent trend so far, so get ready to listen to a lot of enthusiastic exclamations from your friends.

Now let’s see what disadvantages curved screens and monitors have.


Perhaps the main and most important drawback of monitors and curved screen TVs is their high cost. They cost just fabulous money compared to flat screens. And if when buying, for example, a monitor, you want to save money, then you should know that a curved screen won’t allow you to do this.

Ideal Point of View Only in the Middle

The curved screen shows all its charm on one condition: you’re sitting right in front of it. Neither from the side, nor from above, and no, not from below. Namely, in front of him. Therefore, if you like to watch movies with your whole family “who, where and where from,” then you should know that ideal viewing angles will be only when you are in the middle of the screen, for the rest, the viewing angles, on the contrary, will be greatly reduced, and the picture will be distorted:

Curved vs Non-сurved Monitor

Curved vs Non-сurved Monitor

Let’s start to disassemble: are curved monitors better for the classic version. In the case of curved models, their design eliminates all possible image distortion, especially on large surfaces. These include, among other things, uneven lighting, which is often seen in flat panel monitors. As a result, the image may turn out to be of better quality, which, of course, also depends on the individual parameters of the device.

Curved monitors have one big advantage — a wide view. As we mentioned, they adapt to the natural curvature of the eye, giving us the impression that the screen is larger than it actually is. Thanks to this, we can also see more details in the displayed image.

The discussed devices outweigh the flat models also because they are much less exposed to sunlight coming out of the window. All, of course, is because of their bending, which allows you to maintain satisfactory visibility even inactive solar exposure.

Conclusions: Should I Buy a Curved Monitor?

Curved models will prove to be a good choice, especially for players. Most games often look much better on these monitors. This is due to the lack of interference, as well as the ability to see more details. Extended perspective works great in games.

A curved monitor should also be chosen for long office work. Our eyes will suffer less, which can be very important. It is also worth noting the fact that curved monitors are ideal for creating stations consisting of several connected monitors. Models are available on the market with varying degrees of curvature, thanks to which we can create joint structures very efficiently.
We told you that do curved monitors make a difference and proved it. Now, you can definitely decide for yourself whether to buy a curved monitor or not. We will recommend it anyway. At least because of all its advantages and features. Do you agree with our opinion?

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