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Eight years of waiting, several postponements, and an incredibly high level of hype, a hard way to release – what is cyberpunk 2077 about. For CD Projekt RED, this game seems to become the magnum opus, and for the players – the proof that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was not an accident and that the studio can consistently create iconic and very cool projects. This is exactly the kind of game you need at the start of the next console generation. It’s bright, engaging, and multifaceted. A game for which CD Projekt has once again jumped over the top.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Review


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The plot twist is familiar to anyone who has followed the game in any way. The focus is on a mercenary (or mercenary woman) named V, who is trying to make a career for himself in the dystopian metropolis of Night City. At a certain point, an assignment the hero receives from “fixer” Dexter DeShawn goes awry, and V learns some painful lessons from life. He also encounters Johnny Silverhand, an extremely ambiguous individual, with whom he will have to deal throughout the game.

The plot is perfectly written and worth playing, at least for the story (and the way it’s presented!). Even though the story seems a bit corny with “evil corporations do evil things and their leaders are smug bastards”, the story unwinds gradually and you can’t drag your ears away from it anymore. Also, keep in mind that Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG, so your choice and certain moments during the passage depend on how the plot turns. There are several endings in the game (we can’t say exactly how many), and the opening of each one depends on certain circumstances.

Johnny Silverhand and Vee

cyberpunk 2077 rating

It is worth talking about Johnny separately. The character of Keanu Reeves is the real star of the game. This guy is a rocker, a revolutionary and a terrorist, a narcissist, and just a disastrous asshole. He is devilishly charismatic and capable of gracing any scene with himself.

And at the same time, the duet between V and Johnny is excellent. The main character can both ignore the “guest from the past” and constantly engage in a dialogue with him, which turns some scenes into the theater of the absurd. These dialogues come out very lively, and each time they reveal a little bit of Silverhand’s personality to the player, showing him from an unexpected side. When Johnny first appears in the game, he proves to be almost a central villain for V. It is up to you to determine the mood in which Silverhand will arrive at the end of the game, whether he will become your comrade or will remain an unwilling opponent. Such diversity definitely increases the Cyberpunk 2077 rating.

Like Silverhand, V has his own character and personal opinion on many things, but most of the time the player has a choice – what to say, how to act, and so on. A hero’s character is mostly influenced by his choice of origin, so the reaction of a corporate hero and a nomadic hero may differ to the same events, albeit slightly.

V’s ultimate goal is to become the best mercenary in the city and a legend, to put his name on the list of the best. Which way the hero will come to his dream depends only on you.

The World and It’s Content

what is cyberpunk 2077 about

Many open-world games have one disastrous problem – they make this open-world huge to artificially stretch the playthrough time. Another problem with this approach is that sometimes it takes a long time to find interesting content. What type of game is Cyberpunk 2077?

The world of the game is hard to call huge. It is more compact than in the same third Witcher and stuffed with a lot of different content. Story quests, chains of side quests, small adventures, orders from “fixers”, “bandit camps” collectibles – it’s enough, and the game is not shy to drive you around all the areas, so you inadvertently do not miss anything.

Night City is an enormous metropolis, with ultra-modern skyscrapers, holographic advertising streaming into the sky, and semi-abandoned buildings on the outskirts of the city, where they planned to build an elite neighborhood. Each zone is slightly different from the others: while you can mix up the Chinese and Japanese quarters, you can hardly mix up Pacifica and the Northside. Also, the game doesn’t keep you inside the city – you can drive through the suburbs of Night City, where the sun-hot sand and scorched desert await you. But even in such desolate places, there’s plenty to see.

Quests and Pumping

cyberpunk 2077 game review

We continue our Cyberpunk 2077 game review and will talk about quests and pumping. You have to raise levels, improve characteristics, and learn new skills. There are a total of five characteristics, each of which has a specific set of abilities.

In addition to the normal levels, there are also reputation levels and raised for quests, kills, and such. Reputation makes you more famous (which will matter in a few quests), gives access to new guns and implants from merchants, and it grows much faster than the normal level.

The quests are the most interesting. There are a lot of them in the game, they are versatile, and many of them give a completely unique experience. Also, many of them are connected by a common plot and form entire arcs.

Weapons, Transport, and CyberImplants

cyberpunk 2077 gameplay review

In 2077, engineering and technology have advanced, but the conflicts themselves have not changed much. Firearms are still in use, and some have a weakness for nail-tipped baseball bats, switchblades, and katanas. No battle lasers, disintegrating weapons, or anything else futuristic, but the usual firearms here for every taste – from the good old double-barreled shotgun to the huge sniper crossed with an electromagnetic gun.

All firearms are divided into three types: standard weapons, the shells from which can ricochet, “smart” – which is directed at the enemy himself, and electromagnetic, which allows you to accumulate a charge and pierce through the shelter.

The weapons themselves in the game are not very numerous, but to pick something to your liking is quite realistic. Again, no one is forcing you to use these weapons – you’ll have to get them only on the boss segments – the rest can be passed by the unarmed hero.

With implants, however, it’s like this. You can go through the game without installing them at all – except for a couple of plot ones, of course. Cyberdecks with a set of viruses, improved eyes with a scanner, and hands with a ballistic module (that’s the basic set) are enough – the rest are just improvements for the sake of improvements.

Immersion and Directing

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Some players really said a lot about the fact that the first-person view only harms the game. Time has put everything in its place – such a camera in the game is more than appropriate.

CD Projekt managed to do the same thing as BioWare did with the first Mass Effect – the most cinematic role-playing game with an extremely high level of direction. Only now you are watching everything that is happening from the eyes of the character, in the first person – and thus become a direct participant in the events. In Cyberpunk 2077, there are a huge number of scenes where the third-person view would not give even half of the desired effect.

Yes, it is a little unusual at first, but then you get drawn in and do not notice how you are living in a world of not particularly cheerful futures. You wander the streets, sip whiskey in a bar, and argue furiously with other characters who do not hesitate to push their authority, point a gun in your face, or smile merrily.

The directing in the game is, without a joke, superb. This is why the storyline is not the longest (30 to 50 hours of gameplay, it all depends on how you get through). If the same level of staging stretched for a hundred hours, then we would have been waiting for the release of another five years for sure.

Bottom Line

Yes, someone probably imagined Cyberpunk 2077 as a completely different game, but that’s not the developers’ fault. It’s not like you can fantasize about anything and then berate the developers for making it all wrong.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a great immersive RPG with a rich story, awesome staging, and extremely charismatic characters. A game ready to give you more than a dozen hours of adventure in the city of the future. It may not always be perfect (at least in terms of interface) and it doesn’t always fit your personal ideas of what a cyberpunk story should look like, but it’s cool nonetheless.

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