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You’ll be extremely weak without the right and powerful weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Weapons are so common in Night City that you can buy them from vending machines, but sometimes you’ll find special legendary weapons. Legendary weapons have special properties that no other weapon has, and some of them are the best tools in the game.

Legendary weapons are the highest of the five weapon quality levels. Cyberpunk legendary weapons usually have excellent bonuses and a lot of general bonuses.

Where to Find Legendary Weapons?

cyberpunk 2077 unique weapons

Legendary weapons cannot be dropped by random unnamed enemies like other weapons at a lower level. Cyberpunk 2077 legendary weapons can be picked up in certain locations on the map, bought in stores (for a very tidy sum) or found on the bodies of certain boss enemies.

While the weapons found in shops are randomly selected every day, legendary weapons sold would always be available, so shopping in shops is one of the safest ways to get legendary weapons.

Legendary weapons, like other legendary items, can be crafted from blueprints. Why do you need components for improvement? The most interesting are the epic and legendary components for creating the best weapons in the game.

How to Create Legendary Weapons?

cyberpunk 2077 secret weapons

To create Cyberpunk 2077 unique weapons, you need the “Inventor” ability in the Create skill, and the associated characteristic “Technician” must be level 18. The ability Cost Optimization in the Creation skill of the Technique characteristic would also come in handy. In the Engineering skill, it is useful to learn the Scrap Metal ability, which increases the likelihood that when examining robots, drones and cars, you’ll find a modification or attachment for a weapon.

For the components of creation, the ability Transmute is important, which allows you to make high-quality components from low-quality ones. For example, you can get legendary components from epic (purple) ones. Next, let’s take a look at the locations of all the legendary weapons that we have found so far.

Melee Weapon

cyberpunk iconic items


This Cyberpunk iconic item comes in handy in a tough situation. The appropriately named knife can be purchased from an arms dealer in Northside, Watson.


When you have a hammer in your hands, all problems can be hammered into. The Legendary Hammer is a blunt weapon available from the Melee Weapon Vendor in West Wind Realm, Pacific.


Carve your way through the urban jungle. You can pick up the Legendary Longblade Machete from the Weapon Dealer in JapanTown, Westbrook.


Graceful and deadly. The katana can be purchased from Trainer Fred, a melee dealer in Little China, Watson.

Baseball Bat

You can hit the ball, or you can hit the knees. This two-handed baton is available from Watson, an arms dealer in Little China.

Electric Bath “Beta”

The Beta Shock Baton is a legendary one-handed melee weapon that you can get in the south location of Night City from the weapon vendor near the Gas Station Fast Travel Station.

Electric Bath “Gamma”

It closes perfectly. This is a step up from the beta and you can get it from the melee dealer south of the Solar Power Plant in the Wasteland and southeast of Automaster Station.


Not the best weapon, but teeth can be knocked out. Another handy tool with a powerful impact is the wrench. The Legendary Key can be purchased from the Melee Weapon Vendor in Japan Town, Westbrook.


Get on the warpath. This Legendary Tomahawk can be purchased from the Melee Weapon Vendor in West Wind Estate, Pacifica.


cyberpunk 2077 legendary weapon locations

A-22B “PrJSC”

The pistol can be purchased from the arms dealer at Sunset Motel in Wasteland. You can also get this free Cyberpunk legendary item in the Image Recognition mission with the Voodoo gang, Matilda K. Rose can drop it for you. And you can get the pistol at the start of the game. When you first meet the ripper, you’ll see a child playing with him in the alley in front of the entrance. Frighten the child with a shot in the air and he’ll drop him. Take it and it is all yours.

RT-46 “Storm”

Glory to Soviet socialist science! Documentation for creating the legendary revolver can be found in Order: Severance Pay, in Arroyo, Santo Domingo.

DR5 “Nova”

Revolvers would be popular at all times. The legendary DR5 Nova revolver can be purchased from a weapons dealer in Kabuki, Watson.

HJKE-11 “Yukimura”

Don’t waste time aiming. This legendary pistol can only be crafted through the docs, head to the Valentino Alley fast travel point in Haywood, Glen and take out the gang.


It smells like gunpowder and freedom. Legendary weapon Liberty is sold by the weapon dealer in Sunset Motel, and is found on the Cyberpunk map in the Wasteland region.

M-10AF Lexington

God’s gift to those who are ready to defend their right to self-defense. The M-10af Lexington pistol can be purchased from the weapons dealer at Camp Aldecaldo, Wasteland.

M-76E Omaha

The result is important. Size doesn’t matter. Can be picked up from an arms dealer in JapanTown, Westbrook.


For a great start to the day. The Legendary Overture is sold by an arms dealer in Arroyo, Santo Domingo. Can be found in Northside, Watson, near the Coastline (North) fast travel point.


Legendary gear from “Constitutional arms” in Cyberpunk 2077. There are no difficulties with it, it fits comfortably in the hand and, most importantly, does not fail. The Unity Pistol can be purchased from the Little China Weapons Dealer, Watson.


cyberpunk legendary locations

HJSH-18 “Masamune”

Masamune. This you have not seen before. Sold by an arms dealer in Wellspring, Heywood.

D5 Copperhead

A versatile weapon for versatile soldiers. The Legendary Assault Rifle can be purchased from the Weapon Dealer at Camp Aldecaldo, in the Wasteland. You can find the D5 Copperhead crafting blueprint in the Wasteland.

M251S “Ajax”

Withstands any weather. Can be purchased from a weapon dealer at a gas station south of Knight City.

SV32 “Grad”

There is no cover from this weapon. The SV32 Grad is a standard sniper rifle available from an arms dealer in Arroyo, Santo Domingo.


Precision without compromise. Nekomata is one of the best Legendary sniper rifles available from the Cyberpunk 2077 secret weapons vendor in Northside, Watson.


More than a rifle. Can be purchased from the arms dealer (Glen) in Heywood. You can also get the blueprint for the creation from the construction site at Coronado Ranch, Santo Domingo.


Reliability. Stability of the Midnight Arms. You can pick up the SOR-22 rifle from an arms dealer in Wellspring, Heywood.

Submachine Guns

cyberpunk rare weapons

DS1 “Pulsar”

This is how history is made. This standard submachine gun is available from the Northside weapons dealer, Watson.

TKI-21 “Singen”

Nothing can stop you now. You can buy it at the weapons shop in Corporation Square, in the City Center.

Machine Guns

cyberpunk free legendary items


Remember the right to self-defense. This is the only Legendary Light Machine Gun in the game and can be purchased from the weapons dealer in Kabuki, Watson.


cyberpunk legendary weapons map


Bestseller since 2020. You can get the Crusher Shotgun from the Gunshop in Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo.

DB-4 “Palitsa”

Devastating effect at an affordable price. You can obtain it from the Cyberpunk rare weapons vendor in Pacifica.


Able to make a hole even in reality. The Carnage Shotgun can be purchased from an arms dealer in JapanTown, Westbrook.

M2038 “Tactical”

In case someone else is not afraid of you. The shotgun is sold at the Pacifica Armory.

DB-2 “Tester”

Two barrels, double result. Can be purchased from an arms dealer in Glen, Haywood.

The creators of the blog presented you with a list of all legendary weapons, as well as how to find or make them in Cyberpunk 2077. Choose the most convenient legendary weapon to use and complete all missions in Cyberpunk 2077 with pleasure.

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