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Days Gone is out on PC! The world of this game is full of dangers, about which if warned, then often after the Deacon, the main character, dies. There are no fewer opportunities in it – “Life After” also talks about them, but not right away, so we decided to put together this guide. It contains the main Days Gone secrets that those who have just started playing should be aware of.

Characteristics of The Main Character

Days Gone has a very simple leveling system and it is important to know the best tips and tricks. There is no grind wall in the game, and no one would force you to swing to go further in the story. However, improving your skills can be very beneficial.

In total, the main character has three skills – health, endurance, and concentration. Why it is necessary to pump health, it is clear. Endurance allows you to run with acceleration for longer (this is important when a horde of zombies is chasing you) and to be thrashed in melee with melee weapons. Concentration is the ability of the hero to slow down the time when Deacon shoots for a few seconds, so it is easier to aim and make headshots.

Remember this Days Gone beginner tip – to improve one of these characteristics, you need to find a syringe with a special injection at the Nero checkpoint. One syringe allows you to increase either health, stamina, or concentration once.

Such syringes are always in white containers, and the containers are in one of the de-energized buildings with electronic doors. To return the electricity and open the doors, you need to find a can of gasoline nearby, refuel the generator (also always located at the checkpoint) and turn it on. After that, however, not only the electricity supply would turn on, but the loudspeakers hung around the territory would begin to twist the propaganda of the military, which would attract the attention of enemies. So it is better to cut these loudspeakers beforehand.

Upgrade The Bike of The Protagonist

days gone beginner tips

The next tip to get the best of Days Gone is going to be bike leveling. Deacon’s motorcycle can be pumped in friendly camps with mechanics. At the same time, each camp has its own money, therefore, in order to save up for upgrades, which cost a lot, you must first complete the tasks of the leaders of a particular camp.

The bike can be equipped with a new engine (adds speed), a gas tank (increases its capacity), an exhaust system (reduces the sound that the bike makes), a frame (increases the strength of the bike), and tires (improves acceleration and maneuverability). You can also install nitrous oxide on the motorcycle, which gives significant acceleration, and saddlebags where you can put additional cartridges.

How to Use Quicksave?

It’s very easy to forget about this because the game rarely resembles it, but in Days Gone there is a quick save – you can use it on the bike by holding the triangle on the gamepad. It is only necessary that there are no enemies around. A very useful function – do not forget to use it before story missions (which the hero almost always starts at the bike) or before going to storm a bandit camp.

Hostile Survival Basics

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In Days Gone gameplay, you’ll often bump into ordinary NPCs who are in trouble. It could be a horde of zombies or another trap that threatens the life of the character. If you save a person, then you get a chance to send him to one of the camps. The reward is money or increased confidence in the camp.

It is important to note that each character gives a different reward depending on the camp. All such random activities are marked with a question mark on the game card. Sometimes they can just lead you to loot or into a real ambush with marauders.

How to play Days Gone? Once trapped, don’t be afraid to waste consumables like Molotov cocktails or land mines. There are a lot of such things in the game, as well as the resources that allow you to create them.

Before visiting the zombie nest, be sure to stock up on a couple of explosive bottles in order to burn the nest itself and at once eliminate a pack of freaks who ran out.

If you suddenly did not have cocktails at your disposal, then you can use a can of gasoline to destroy the nest – put it next to it and shoot.

Choosing Skills

Another Days Gone advanced tip – don’t waste your cash on guns mindlessly. You’ll meet the first gunsmith in the Tucker camp. To buy his weapons, you’ll have to collect enough money and influence.

By this point, you are likely to meet other gunsmiths with better value and better deals. For example, a light machine gun at Camp Tucker is not worth buying. After visiting Nero’s first checkpoint, decide which stat to boost – HP, Stamina, or Focus.

Everything is useful to you, but the stamina in Days Gone is most important, as it is spent on acceleration and rolls. The latter is especially useful in battles and allows you to get out of the water without damage. In the course of the passage, you’ll find a lot of injectors, so in the end, all your characteristics would reach their maximum. You just need to decide what to pump first.

Continuing with our Days Gone beginners guide, we want to mention that you would have to unlock abilities. In total, the protagonist has three branches of skills – this is “Melee”, “Shooting” and “Survival”. All skills help the hero survive in one way or another. But among all the abilities, a number of the most useful ones can still be distinguished.

In shooting, pay attention to Focus on Target and Crowd Control. Both skills are tied, in fact, to shooting and allow you to save ammunition. The first skill slows downtime by a few seconds. The second reduces its recharge, which is quite long at first.

Also in hand-to-hand combat, there is the skill “Tumbleweed”. It’ll lower your melee dodge costs. At first, dodging can waste a lot of stamina, but with this skill, you’ll be able to move nimbly among hordes of zombies, like a fish in water.

The Broken Lip skill is in the melee tree. To be surrounded by enemies with a lack of stamina is almost a death sentence and you urgently need to remember Days Gone starting tips. To avoid this, take this skill, which restores stamina after each kill.

“On the go” – shooting skill. At first, Deacon doesn’t know how to reload weapons on the run, but with this ability, he’ll get that opportunity.

Through and Through is another shooting skill. Closer to the middle of the passage of Days Gone, you’ll more and more often encounter hordes of zombies.

Escapist is another useful skill in the melee line. When you fight a crowd of enemies, be sure that they’ll surround you at some point and grab you.

This ability can allow you to immediately finish off the offender who grabbed you. Having freed yourself from the embrace, press the indicated button at a certain time to complete the finishing move.

In Days Gone survival mode tips we found a good gaze skill. It is tied to stealth, which is essential in Days Gone.

By enabling this ability, you’ll see the silhouettes of opponents behind walls, trees, and other obstacles from a distance. This skill is especially helpful in finding hidden snipers.

Tips for Killing Zombies

days gone beginners guide

For a long time, phreakers won’t pose a serious threat to the hero, but over time there will be more of them, and it won’t be so easy to defeat them. Now, here are a few Days Gone tips and tricks that would help you survive in the early stages of the game:

  • use the flashlight more carefully at night, the light attracts the attention of phreakers;
  • do not make noise unnecessarily, leave the motorcycle on the road and walk more often, but do not go far from the bike;
  • do not take care of melee weapons, there are many of them and they are everywhere – use them as often as possible;
  • take care of cartridges, there are few of them;
  • the best tactics against a small group of phreakers are stealth and quick kills from behind;
  • burn phreaker nests – so you can clear the infected areas and open up the possibility of fast movement;
  • always look out for kerosene, a key ingredient in making Molotov cocktails that can burn phreaker nests.

The blog authors have brought you the most useful Days Gone hints and tips. We hope that it was an instructive bastard and thanks to him you at least learned how to get better in Days Gone and be able to hold out for the first hours and not die at the hands of phreakers.

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