Hearthstone Battlegrounds Strategy

The Hearthstone Battlegrounds guide for beginners can tell you how to get started in this mode if you’ve never played Hearthstone before or returned after a long break. You’ll find general information about the mode, actual heroes for battles, as well as tips and turn-based Hearthstone Battlegrounds strategies.

What Is “Battlegrounds”?

What Is Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds is a unique and challenging Hearthstone game mode. Even though it has been available for over a year, not everyone is playing it right. This also applies to the first 7 moves – for this gap, there is a universal strategy that suits most heroes and situations. In this guide, you’ll learn how to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds and what to do at the very beginning of the game.

The Hearthstone Battlegrounds tips below do not work for all heroes. Even heroes who usually play in a standard style may not do this due to the specific approach of the creatures. Before studying the guide, it is better to familiarize yourself with the Hearthstone Battleground tier list 1–4, as we often mention heroes and their characteristics.

Always Buy a Creature

How to win Hearthstone Battlegrounds? The answer is very simple – always buy a creature first. The best ones are Murloc Tidehunter, Alleycat and Sellemental. If you see these cards, take them regardless of your hero and game plan. Whichever strategy you play in the future, it is important for the moment to take a creature with a token.

If they didn’t come, the Sun-Bacon Relaxer is not so bad. It is unlikely to allow you to win the first two battles, but with 5 coins you can sell it and buy two tier-2 threats, and then buff them with Blood Gems.

If these threats do not come, take the most powerful creature according to the characteristics. After we figured out what is the first step in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, let’s move on to the more difficult part.

Level Up the Tavern

If you do not plan to sell a creature you bought in the first turn next turn (useful if you bought a creature with good characteristics), and now Alleycat, Sellemental or Murloc Tidehunter came along with another good tier-1 creature, freeze the table.

In this turn, it is important to buy 2 creatures, which would require 6 gold. To do this, sell Sellemental or a token summoned by Murloc Tidehunter or Alleycat.

If they only came to this turn (or you froze them earlier), first buy this creature, then sell the excess and buy another creature. You can buy a buffer with weak characteristics, immediately sell it and take a good tier-2 creature.

If you fail to find the token, you can sell the weak 1st drop, which you bought on the 1st turn, to take two powerful creatures of the 2nd level of the tavern. Wrath Weaver and Evolving Chromawing are usually not worth selling because they have high stats. They can only be sold if two very strong tier-2 creatures have arrived.

If you leave the first creature, then this turn you can spend 2 coins to upgrade the tavern: before or after buying the creature, depending on the call. If there is excess gold left, use your hero power. But never play it if you can buy a creature instead.

Buy Two Creatures

In the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tutorial, we want to encourage you to pay attention to synergies and interactions between creatures. Buffers or some kind of situational tier-2 threats can often be helpful.

If by this time you have found a triplet, think about whether to buy it. If you freeze it now, on the next turn you can upgrade the tavern to the 3rd level and you’ll be able to unearth the 4th level threat, not the 3rd one. Or you can freeze the creature for one more turn, take a tier-4 and unearth a tier-5 creature.

If there are only bad creatures in the tavern, upgrade the tavern to tier-3.

How to Get Better at Battlegrounds?

How to Get Better at Battlegrounds

Upgrade the tavern to level 3 and buy a creature. Play the resulting triplets after upgrading the tavern, or freeze them for the future if the hero has high health. By the 6th move and 8 gold, the game becomes much more varied: there are fewer clear actions and rules.

Two creatures are often bought for 8 gold. The remaining 2 gold can be spent on upgrading the tavern or on the hero power. You can also sell one weak creature to get 9 gold and buy three good creatures.

If all is well, the table is full, or you are sure that you can win or not lose too much, upgrade the tavern to level 4. The same can be done if weak creatures arrive after the first update of the tavern.

For 9 gold, it is important to upgrade the tavern to level 4, if you have not already done so, and then buy one creature. If the table is full, you can sell the weakest creature and upgrade the tavern.

If everything is very bad and you have less than 15 health, often for a turn with 9 coins you can stay at level 3 of the tavern and try to strengthen your table as much as possible. Tier-4 then almost always needs to be taken on the next turn.

What to Do Next?

Tier-4 is the minimum level in the current battlegrounds meta, with which you can collect midgame strategies and enter the late game. Almost all heroes and strategies take tier-4 to 9–10 coins, and often raise the tavern and higher up to 5–6 levels, but this is already according to the situation.

It is impossible to delay with increasing levels, because all players have a common pool of creatures. After you have taken the 4th level of the tavern, you can maximize your strength and not take tier-5 for a long time – this is important for the strategy of mechanisms, demons, provocations, in difficult situations, or if you collect a hybrid table, but you have already come from a triplet Lightfang Enforcer or Brann Bronzebeard.

Tavern Level 1 Curve

how to play hearthstone battlegrounds

This curve assumes that you stay at level 1 of the tavern longer than usual. At the same time, you may not have an active hero power at all, or you may not use it from the start. This curve is followed if they are actively looking for top-level 1 tavern creatures.

Bonus Hearthstone Battlegrounds strategy in our in-depth guide:

  • Move with 3 coins – buy a creature.
  • Move with 4 coins – upgrade the tavern in search of the desired creature and buy it
  • Move with 5 coins – buy a creature, and then update the tavern twice. Another option is to buy a creature, sell it immediately, and buy another creature.
  • Move with 6 coins – buy two creatures or buy a creature and upgrade the tavern.
  • Move with 7 coins – if you are still on tier 1, upgrade the tavern twice. To do this, you need to sell one creature or play Deck Swabbie earlier.
  • If you have already taken tier-2, take only tier-3 and upgrade the tavern.
  • Move with 8 coins – upgrade the tavern to Tier 4.
  • Move with 9 coins – upgrade the tavern to tier 5 and collect triplets. Another option is to buy powerful tier-4 threats and take the 5th level later.

The authors of this article have collected all the necessary Hearthstone Battlegrounds tips and tricks for a successful game. Try to use this information wisely and stick to a strategy.

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