iphone 11

The Claytons and Heather Hulenkenberg used to dive to the depths of lakes and rivers to clean up lost trash, but they did not expect to find an iPhone 11 there. They were shocked to find that it was OK, but nothing matched his owner’s reply.

Divers in Canada found an iPhone 11 that had been resting on the bottom of a river for 6 months and turned to be working and functioning. The owner got it back in completely normal condition.

After cleaning the device and carrying the SIM card to another machine, the couple found the owner of the iPhone – Patma Goodsey, a Vancouver citizen. It turns out that the iPhone was dropped during a boat ride in September, and also carried photos of it moments before it fell into the water.

The owner had mentioned during the CBC interview that park workers assumed it would be impossible to find the phone at the bottom, so she purchased a new one. When she received the message from her old number, she thought her friends were trying to catch her, but eventually agreed to go and pick up the iPhone.

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