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Every year the gaming industry is gaining more and more fans and gambling addicts. In the modern world, people who work at a computer, or just play games, can spend more than 2-3 hours. During this time, the human body can get tired, which is why it is necessary to equip this place as comfortable as possible. It is clear that you need to have a good chair so that your back hurts less. But at the same time, it is important to have a comfortable table. Unlike a chair, choosing a gaming PC desk build can be many times more difficult. That is why we decided to help you with this!

How to Build a Gaming Computer Desk: Use These DIY Gaming PC Desk

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A computer desk can be used for a variety of purposes besides gaming and workflow. Many experienced gamers probably know how important it is to have a quality table. If you choose the right one, then you can feel as comfortable as possible, and it will be even more convenient to play. It is clear that choosing such a table can be expensive. But we still know how to build a gaming desk for almost pennies with any design that suits you. We will now take a look at a few examples of PC desk builds that you should definitely try.

DIY Gamer Desk

Do you have a very large monitor, or are there two? Then this idea will suit you best. The table looks very simple, and its design is very convenient, compact and lightweight. This is due to the fact that not the entire table is made of wood. Its knives can be made of metal or aluminum pipes, which will securely hold everything on the table. You must understand that there should be rubber inserts at the ends of the legs so that the table stands securely and doesn’t slide out. In addition, you need to have quality bolts to secure the metal parts.

A few words about the build gaming desk tree. You can choose any suitable size, thickness, and type of wood, or you can even use chipboard sheets. The main thing is to choose a tree that can support the weight of the computer and other things. Don’t forget to varnish the wood so that the table is nice, and the wood parts don’t bite into your skin. You will also need 3-4 small boards to make shelves for the system unit and other things. If you wish, you can make shelves on top, also securing them to each other with metal parts.

DIY Computer Gaming Desk

It takes a little work to make this table, but you should really like the end result. Also, if you don’t like a lot of shelves, but don’t have enough space to store everything else you need, use this DIY PC gaming desk. The base will, of course, be made of wood, and the place in the middle will be made of glass. A large bedside table will be placed under the glass, in which you can just store the things you need. And the monitor itself is better attached to the wall so that there is less pressure on the glass. Moreover, there will be even more empty space.

If you have space up to about 3 meters from one wall to another, then you don’t need to make legs at all. This way you still have a lot of space for speakers and other equipment. You can simply attach the surface to the wall for an even cooler look. Also, if you like to play at night, you can hook an LED strip to the computer monitor and under the glass surface. It will really look insanely beautiful. In addition, if you don’t know where to put the system unit, you can take out all the “insides” and place them in the shuffle under the glass. It’s just stunning!

Modern Built in Gaming Desk

This desk is a very nice, modern, and easy to PC gaming desk build. Here you need to make bedside tables only on one side, and on the other, there will be unusual legs made of reinforcement or thin metal. But they will be of a special shape. The armature must be bent so that it looks like a parabola. The two ends will need to be attached to the table itself, while the rounded end will be the holder itself. It should also have rubber inserts (if you just stick on a small piece of rubber, this will be enough).

Here you can also choose any tree that you prefer. It must be strong to support the monitor and system unit. It is best to choose a shade as light as possible, so that later you can beautifully varnish. You can use a slightly darker clear lacquer to make everything look very natural and can be combined with many other pieces of furniture in the room. You can also make a small step with empty space at the bottom. This way you can put the monitor up and the keyboard underneath if you need a place to work with papers.

The Most Unusual Solution of All Gamer Desk Ideas

It really sets itself apart from all conventional desks with its incredible epoxy resin design. Already interesting, right? It looks very stylish, while the material will be very durable and can withstand even heavy loads. It is worth considering that in our PC desk DIY there are no shelves and nightstands, but if you wish, you can add them. Also, if you have any interesting hobbies, you can decorate the table on this theme. If you love weapons, you can use cartridges or toy weapons. It will look unusual and beautiful.

The legs can be made with ordinary metal ones, as they are in desks. It is worth noting that if your decor has metal, it should match the color of the legs. You can choose any tree. It will also be cool to use regular boards. In the middle, you need to make a small depression where you can lay the decor details. Then you can cover the table with resin. It can be difficult on your own, but you can ask specialists for help.

Simplest DIY Desk PC

It is worth noting that these DIY gaming desks also lack shelves, but you can put the system unit under the table, and it won’t interfere with you in any way. It has a very simple design and construction, but it still looks unrealistically cool. You won’t need to use a lot of parts, know how to hold it all together to hold it. Everything is extremely simple. You will need three wooden plates: two for the legs, one for the table-top. The width of the legs and the table must be the same. You will also need a few screws or nails, as well as paint or varnish.

You just need to fasten all the wooden parts together at a slight angle. The angle inside the table between the table-top and the leg was greater than 90. That is, the legs should be more outward. Then just cover these parts with a dark varnish. You can also use dark paint (but it is better to secure the top with a transparent top). After the paint is dry, you can sandpaper some areas to create an antique look. If you wish, you can paint the inside of the table white to create a beautiful contrast.

The Best Option to Build a Gaming Desk Yourself

diy gamer desk

This corner table is incredible, and you will definitely love it. Here it is as if two tables are just standing on the corner, but at the same time, they are fixed. This awesome DIY computer desk is perfect if you need a lot of workspaces or if you need two monitors or computers. The side leg on one side should be the same width as the surface. And on the other side of the table, there will be a bedside table or shelves (you can use it as a place for a system unit). In the corner place, you also need to make a small leg at the most extreme point, which is near the wall.

You can skip this and the first leg, but simply attach the countertops to the wall. There will be even more space if you can mount the monitors to the wall, or make small shelves under the monitor. It doesn’t really matter what material you use here (but it should still be reliable). We need to paint all the surfaces except the legs and the bedside table white, and everything else black. Understandably, you can use other colors to match the room.

For each table, you can add any other details that you deem appropriate. Again, we will focus on the fact that the entire structure you make should be as stable and well-fixed as possible, as well as made of durable materials so that expensive equipment cannot be damaged. Don’t be afraid to use more self-tapping screws or rubber inserts, because they won’t stick out too much anyway. Also, don’t forget about the vinyl flooring, because it won’t be very pleasant to show drifts on your hands.

We are sure that you will like at least one idea from our DIY gaming computer desk. You should definitely try it! Feel free to experiment and add your own details, because only you know how your work should look. Still, the main thing in gaming desk build is to choose quality tools and materials so that your desk can last a long time. Also, you must be sure that all the parts are perfectly fixed to each other. And when you do all this yourself, you will realize that you have used gaming desk DIY for a reason. Good luck!

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