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League of Legends: Wild Rift is based on the original League of Legends that was released for PC in 2009. This is a multiplayer online combat arena based on a 5v5 strategy and can be confusing for new players unfamiliar with the genre’s concept.

A total of two teams (blue and red) meet and start on opposite sides of the map. The main goal is to destroy the enemy team’s Nexus, and the team that does it first wins the game. To do this, you need to kill minions, dragons, monsters in the jungle and destroy your opponent’s turrets on the corresponding lines.

But this information isn’t enough to understand how to play jungle in League. After all, you need to know at least the basic nuances, and how different processes occur in the game at all. Therefore, we decided to make the difficult learning process easier for you on your own! Next, we will show you an understandable jungle guide of League of Legends, after which you can play and win in peace.

What Is the Play Jungle?

jungle guide lol

Let’s, before going directly to the jungle LoL guide, we will study who the forester is and why he is needed. Sometimes novice players ask themselves the question: “Why do we need a forester at all?” The main reason for choosing a jungler is to increase the total amount of experience and gold for the team. The presence of one forester in the team automatically leads to the fact that on the top lane (most often), instead of two heroes, only one remains. This hero, accordingly, will receive more experience (experience won’t be shared) and he will have the opportunity to finish off all the minions on the lane.

Most likely, this hero will stand against the same lonely enemy, since there is a high probability that the enemy team will also have a forester. To explain the situation in a little more detail, you can take the first wave of minions.

The main role of the jungler is to ensure that the objectives of the map are achieved. Ideally, they should affect the entire map, not one lane, and push the whole team forward. This will help you better understand in League of Legends how to play the jungle. On the lanes, they can increase their power by ganking:

  1. Gank on other lanes and help in different ways (push minions, kill players, take towers).
  2. Providing Map Objectives (Rift Scuttler for review), Drakes (for permanent command buffs), Rift Herald.
  3. Map objectives competition (which means trying to prevent the enemy team from completing such objectives or even steal them with Smite).
  4. Providing utility, damage, engaging, cleaning, or whatever the team may need.
  5. Granting red/blue buffs for mid laners or bot laners from time to time (at least in ideal scenarios this would be the case).

Here’s another small example of what a forester does. This information will also help you more accurately understand how to play jungle League. After finishing off all the minions on 3 lines, the team receives approximately 333 gold (3 melee minions 20 gold, 3 ranged minions 17 gold, and so on 3 lines). If this amount of gold is divided between four heroes, and not five, then each champion will receive more gold. The forester himself is also not deprived of gold, since for a complete clearing of the forest (excluding the Dragon, Crab, and Baron), the forester can get 441 gold. Of course, it will take a forester more time to complete a full cleanup than to clean up one wave of minions, but these figures show how effective it is to have one forester in a team. Of course, the forester helps not only by his absence from the line. It performs many tasks, including maintaining all lines and providing an overview of control points. Now you understand how important it is to understand how to play jungle in LoL because this is really not the last hero in this game.

How to Play Jungle in League of Legends: Easy Jungle Guides

jungle guides

And so, let’s get down to the most interesting part of the article. Below you will find the League jungle guide, in which you will find basic points for a good understanding of the game’s actions, as well as other important nuances, thanks to which you will understand how to play jungle.


While the game is loading, as well as before the buffs appear on the screen, you should definitely look at your matches on the lanes to assess the situation and create your own strategy for this game in order to ultimately win. In the jungle pathing guide, you must understand that the whole game isn’t in minutes, but in seconds. Therefore, during the game, you won’t have time to develop a plan of action, because from the beginning of the game the most interesting and demanding part begins. Also, you need to have a good reaction so that the enemies don’t have time to inflict damage on you and your team. This will make it easier for you to figure out how to play jungle LoL.

First Clear

It is this action that will be with you from the very beginning of your stay in the jungle, until your return home in cases of both victory and defeat. Yes, sometimes death can not be avoided, but this doesn’t mean that if you constantly lose, you will get any process in the game. Therefore, don’t forget to try hard during battles.

In 2020, the developers have made some changes to the game. Now, in a situation where you will clear the camps, you will no longer be able to gank lanes all the time, as it was in the 9th season of the game. Now, here you won’t be able to receive such special protection, which significantly increases the importance of cleaning your camps. And the whole process should be controlled immediately after the first cleaning. It is because of the importance of this process that it takes place in our LoL jungle guide for beginners. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to even the smallest details during the game, as well as monitor your performance and camps, respectively.


This is the last point in the jungle guide LoL, but no less important than the previous ones. Here, during the counter-gank, you should always be on the alert and on the alert. Such an attack can be most effective, especially when your opponent is unable to use some of the abilities (while usually, he thinks that he is in a situation of two against one of you, but doesn’t know that you want to replay the situation and continue the game 2 on 2). You should not be afraid to leave your own camp in the necessary situation, because you may be able to get out from the bottom to the winners. You can finish cleaning your camp at any time, even after this attack. As a result, you can get big rewards.

In addition, you should not forget about the mob of wards, as well as cleaning the enemy’s field of view. After all, thanks to this, you can calmly monitor how your enemies move around the map. Accordingly, you get even more information for the other team and more opportunities to inflict damage.

Thanks for reading! We are confident that thanks to our League of Legends jungle guide, you will quickly learn to play and enjoy the game to the fullest. Good luck!

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