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Good news from Epic Games Store to all Fortnite Save the World gamers. If you have bought casual loot boxes you possibly might see +1000 V-Bucks (expensive in-game currency) on your game account in the coming days. The movement is a piece of Epic Games’ attempts to establish a class-action lawsuit arranged against it over loot boxes because it was stated by the Superior Court of North Carolina.

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Previously, EGS traded the blind item boxes for Rocket League and Save the World. After the beginning of 2019. Since the moment X-Ray replaced V-Bucks Llamas has vanished this random loot drop (gamers could see what they will get before buying game loot boxes).

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Does It Work for US Gamers Only?

Well, it is supposed to be so but Epic Games stated that this bonus is free to players globally. You even should not take any actions like filing a claim to obtain V-Bucks. applicants have to file one to get benefits from a settlement (Verge noted such statement).

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